View Full Version : [500 PTS] Skaven list, skyre heavy

16-06-2011, 14:58
hi all,

yet another skaven list, this list will be buffed up to 750->1000->1500->2000->2400 over the upcomming month(s)
The list will be skyre heavy (so expect alot of machinery in it)

Warlock Engineer: 45

24x Clanrats: 155
music, ratling gun
(5x5 with chieftain)

25x Clanrats: 159
music, ratling gun

25x slaves: 50

Warplightning cannon: 90

total 499

16-06-2011, 18:17
Ratings guns are the worst weapons team quite easily in my opinion, were much better before when they didn't have to roll to hit and years ago when they couldn't be targeted. I'd invest in warpfire throwers, stronger and more potential despite its horribe misfire chart. As your army expands i'd go for another cannon over the weapons teams, anyone who knows how to play skaven tends to pick them off quite eary on plus there incredibly unreliable in my experience at least. One Skyre unit I do really like is globadiers, i'd field them if the models were cheaper to purchase lol. My advise for this anyway woud be take warpfire throwers over the ratling guns or mortors. The warlocks fine for 500 points. As the army grows making him level 1 with a warp energy condesors a smart move. Hope this helps

16-06-2011, 18:39
I'm not a big fan of the Doomrocket as its always been pretty inaccurate and in a small 500 pts game, there is a lot less for it to hit (although I suppose if it does hit anything :evilgrin:).

I'd do what Skaven-1989 suggested and take him lv 1 with warp-energy condensor. I would also take standard bearers for the clanrat units as 8pts for combat resolution is dead cheap compared to something such as War Banner. I don't think Ratling guns are that bad, it just depends who you're fighting (I wouldn't mind seeing what one could do to my mates unit of Swordsmasters of Hoeth :evilgrin:)

16-06-2011, 19:22
just played a game against my brother's gobbo's

here some things ive noticed:
- ratling guns : extreme fun to play with but dont shoot more then 4 times with it
- Warplightining: didnt have a chance to get a good shot with it, this time (got picked of the 1st turn)
- doomrocket: responsible for a horrible death of my bro's shammy, a deffo stayer :D

as points increase im planning on making a second engineer and give that one a level 1 (or even 2) condensator

Also all the rats will be expanded to at least 40

Globadiers will be fun, thinking of converting some IoB mortar team models for it

13-07-2011, 13:59
ok so ive update my list to 1000pts -skipping the 750 mark-

here it goes comments and crits always welcome :P

Warlock Engineer: 100
Doomrocket, level I, rathound

Warlock Engineer: 120
level II, Condenser

29x Clanrats: 175
music, ratling gun
(6x5 with Engineer)

29x Clanrats: 175
music, ratling gun
(6x5 with other engineer)

40x slaves: 80

5x jezzails: 100

Hellpit abonimation: 250

total: 1000pts flat out

on a side note:
- Rathound: had 5 points to spare so thought why not
- Ratling guns: still in love with those guns, they took out a nice portion of my brothers amy last few times
- slaves: you never can have enough slaves imo
- jezzails: not sure about these yet still have to play test them
- hellpit: this bloke was a borrow from gw the last time i played with it and took out not only a highelf dragon which never was beaten but also severely wounded a manticore

and a quick question about my ratling teams:
Suppose i roll a [4] on determening the amout of shots fired with it, do i have to roll 4 times my BS or just once?? seems logical to me that i only need to roll it once

13-07-2011, 22:19
Well, it looks pretty competitive for 1000pts (barring the rattling guns)

I prefer wind mortars, and you do get one in the island of blood box. Perhaps one of each?

You probably need to swap the "8x5" on the slaves too 5x8.

You have to roll each time for every shot with the rattling gun. Hence, there lameness IMO.


14-07-2011, 08:05
cool thx for the tips:

just wondering where to steal 20 point from -needed for my wind mortars-

option 1: the simple one sacrafice 10 slaves
option 2: loose the rathound and the warpstone spikes

any thoughts??

14-07-2011, 12:44
Id go for option two.