View Full Version : 500 pts High Elves - Mage or Noble?

Gunless Ganger
16-06-2011, 20:34
Starting an escalation league with 500 (well technically 550) points. Looking for some tips at building a High Elf force at such a low level.

Whatever I include here I must keep or expand in later point levels. I have two lists I'm trying to choose between one led by a noble, and one by a L2 Mage

1x Noble - Reaver Bow (3 S5 shots) - 125 points
1x Level 2 mage - 135 points

Rest of List
13x Spearmen - Standard (only get the Standard if I take the Noble)
10x Archers
1x Tiranoc Chariot
1x Bolt Thrower
Total = 547 points

Strategy - pretty boring I suppose - Just plink away and hope the enemy units will be small enough that the Spearmen and Chariot can finish them off. If I take the noble with the S5 bow, I have enough points for a Standard bearer on the Spearmen. If I take the Mage I'll probably go for Beasts to buff Spearmen to S4, T4.

Any suggestions would be great - thanks!

~ GG

17-06-2011, 23:33
Mate, there is no strategy at 500pts! Well, not enough to be concerned about!

I'd go Mage w. Lore of beasts.


18-06-2011, 18:20
Hmmmm... Why Spears and Archers?

One of the things about low point games is to make the few things you can take versatile since you will likely only have a couple units.

Instead you could take 18 Lothern Sea Guard. The Chariot and RBT fullfill the 3 unit requirement. Now what you have is 14 shots at range and 18 spear attacks in close instead of 10 and 13.