View Full Version : 2400 warriors of chaos is it competitive?

16-06-2011, 22:10
Hi there I've recently started a warriors of chaos army i made a lust based off what models I have and what I like but I don't want to use any hellcannons but the people I've spoken to have said that you can't have a competitive warriors army without one is this true well here's the list I have done c+c welcomed please.

Sorcerer lord=385
lvl4,tzeench,enchanted shield,infernal puppet,talisman of preservation.

Exalted hero=194
Bsb,tzeench,collar of khorne,shield,xhw,sword of swift slaying

Exalted hero=220
tzeench,disc,book of secrets,golden eye of tzeench,stream of corruption

lvl2,dispel scroll,third eye of tzeench,shadow magic

39xchaos marauders=245
full command,khorne,great weapons

39xchaos marauders=245
full command,khorne,flails

6xmarauder horsemen=126

15xchaos warriors=325
full command,tzeench,xhw,banner of rage

15xchaos warriors=340
full command,khorne,halberds,blasted standard


Well thanks for looking at my list and any c+c is welcomed.

16-06-2011, 22:21
You can have a competative warriors army without hellcannons. Warshrines are equally as good, if not better.

Off the bat, I would drop the horsemen for anouther warshrine. Horsmen are expensive in comparison to dogs.

Secondly, I'd condense the hero section. I'd drop your current Bsb build. I'd give your bsb book of secrets, collar of khorne, tzeentch, shield. I'd then stick your Mage on disc as it is w. Stream of corruption.

Any points you save use to make one of those warrior units 5 bigger and chosen w. MOT, Halberds, Shields, wailing banner and favor of the gods. With the two warshrines, it will own.

If you've got any points left over after that, bump the warriors up to 18 for extra attacks.

And get 2-3 units of chaos hounds. Great for dep. delay.


16-06-2011, 22:43
It's not my type of list, but thesherriff has given you really good advice on that type of build, it looks solid.
I don't run any Hellcannons and have won every tournament I've entered since last fall, including Ardboyz prelims, semi-finals and qualified for Throne of Skulls. Hard as nails infantry is the key, along with the proper support.

17-06-2011, 14:52
What thesheriff said, but I'd even drop the level two sorcerer. All you really need in the character section when you want to be competitive is a sorcerer lord and the BSB. Use the saved points to get more marauders, warriors and some units of Chaos Hounds. The dogs are invaluable in a competitive list.

17-06-2011, 17:05
Off the bat, I would drop the horsemen for anouther warshrine. Horsmen are expensive in comparison to dogs.

Mostly they have a different use.

I would suggest keep the horsemen (give them axes and flails if you didn't, MoK isn't that necessary) and take 10 dogs as well.