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Grand Warlord
04-04-2006, 00:23
The Planet of Tyronda IV had fallen silent for far too long and this had the Asministratum worried. The planet was the fourth planet in a system located close to the Tau Empire. Tyronda IV was of course the closest with periodic encounters with the Tau Empire's Etheral Caste ... who had tried numerous times to bring the planet into the view of their 'Greater Good' but failed on all attempts.

... except 1.

Currently Aboard Inquisitor Lord Andrews Flagship, Left Hand of the Emperor.

"Master the teams are arriving as scheduled what do you wish for me to do with them?" A cloaked form bowed low before Inquisitor Lord Andrew of the Ordo Hereticus.

"Show them to the commons room and once all of them have arrived bring them straight to the Briefing Room, we do not have much time to spare."

The figure bowed again hands brought to his chest in the form of the Aquilia.
"Yes my master ... the Emperor Protects"

Matching his servants gesture he dismissed him with a nod.

Meanwhile in other parts of the ship Stormtrooper Crews and Teams of Sisters went through the ship actively looking for any traces of heresy, being so close to the Tau Empire he would take no chances. The Black Gaurd of Cadia were steadfast in their devotion as were the sisters, but for this mission he had a higher than wanted number of nercenaries ... and heresy would not be tolerated no matter the excuse.

OOC: Ok, arrive and head into the common rooms and identify yourself and well you know the rest and we ll get started in proper. Good luck!

Tanith Ghost
04-04-2006, 01:21
Mac dropped his things in the locker with his name on it. Another day, another dolar, another dead alien. It's a man's life on the guard.
He found the common room easily, and helped himself to a seat. He was disapointed none of the old guard were around this mission. The more boozehounds the better as far as he cared. It'd be an awful waste if he brought his personal still for nothing.

04-04-2006, 03:35
Kard moved threw the his ship until he reached were his ship Thanatos was docked with Lord Andrew's ship The Emperor's Left Hand. Though Andrew's was much larger it was to flashly for Kard's taste's he thought that the Inqustion should be quiet and sneaky. Like the sniper's bullet cutting off hersey and tratiors at the head. It kept the People in check never knowing when the Inqustion was wacthing. but such blantant display or power such as this well it was un called for as far as he was concered.

He had just recenlty lost his entire retuine in a "accident" so rather then sending one of them he had to come himself to see what scum Andrew had complied for this misson.

Details on the misson were shady at best but it was better then starting form sracth at least they knew the planet they were on. More then he usally had to start off with.

scanning the surface thoughts of some of the crew he could tell that many of them thought of him as a mutant and a wicth. he was one of the two he had kept his hood down and his hands together for if they had seen his face or skin well he didn't want to have to deal with over zealous crew members.

He steped into the common room and looked around only one of the team that Andrew had gathered was here he was allready thinking about booze this could prove to be troublesome or usefull the fates would deiced for him though.

The scent of the room was the same as the rest of the ship but under the surface this place was filled with imperssions a man being killed in that corner. men being given there last meal. fighting for there lives. this room was full of pain and sorrow.

Kard Felt at home

05-04-2006, 22:33
She walked slowly towards the common room, locking eyes with the few people who crossed her path coming the other way. She didn't like this sent to a ship at the request of an Inuqisitor and not being told anything about what was expected to happen, very unlike her superiors.

She arrived at the door to the room and paused for a second, she could hear people already inside and the door was slightly open. She moved silently into the room and walked towards one of the corners after crouching down in the corner her back to the walls she glanced across the room, she had already taken in the others positions and threat levels when she walked in, neither seemed that much of a concern.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 06:36
"An emo and a crazy broad. Great. My still for the gangers I worked with during the 'stealer supresion." Mac muttered. He reached for his flask and took a long swig of rum. "You must be the Inquisitor. Name's Sardan McDonald, but you can call me Mac or scope, whicever suits you." He introduced himself to Kard. "Dunno who you are, but you're not the broad I was hoping for." He said to the girl. "I'd offer you a belt but you don't look like the type who drinks. Or bleeds for that matter." He too another drink. "You got a name, doll?"

06-04-2006, 07:45
Callum had been sitting in his quarters for a number of hours in silent meditation, before finally he heard the call to meet in the briefing room, he put down his sword and turned for the door, it was a short walk to the briefing room. The Inquisitor had warned him that a psyker may be present on this mission, how he hoped that the Inquisitor was wrong, as he looked around the room he tried to notice any that showed the signs of being a witch.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 08:09
And now a crusader. That's just great. There's enough crazy here to get us all killed before we get outa the hagnar, let alone actualy stuck in with the tau. Mac's cynisism went into overdrive when the crusader entered. He fought down the urge to swear out loud in disgust. Instead, he drank until his flask was empty. For a second, he felt buzzed. He missed Jacy and Salic terribly- the rum reminded him of wildsnake. We got so smashed right before we killed that boss bug. Those were some good times. Probably never wouldve made it out of there if they hadn't gone back for me when my metal leg crapped out. Hell, even that inquisition crazy Elena would be better company than these bozos.

Mac opened his secondary flask and took a drink. No sense wishing for the past. He wondered when the broad would pull out a comeback to his 'doll'
quip, or when the crusader would condenm him for being somewhat tipsy for the breifing.

06-04-2006, 12:22
Callum looked over at one of the people already seated, before a breifing for the emperors duties and he was drinking, he fought the urge to say something, instead he just glared at the flask. How could people be so careless when so much was at stake was beyond him

06-04-2006, 16:35
What a pathetic fool, he does he think he is.. Serenity kept her eyes fixed on the speaker before glancing away as the crusader walked in, she gave him the slighest of nods as he glanced in her direction

Grand Warlord
06-04-2006, 17:30
"Gentleman and Ladies please follow me into the Breifing Room of Inquisitor Lord Andrew ... right this way please."

A cloaked figured bowed to them all one final time before heading off into the breifing room motioning them in without entering himself ... as the final person entered the room the door closed behind them and everyone sat down as Inquisitor Lord and his bodyguard ogryn entered the room.

"Thank you for answering my call everyone please ... sit down."

He waited for everyone to sit down before continuing rubbing his eyes, he seemed tired from exhaustion.

"I have asked you all here on a mission of great importance, the lives of over a billion faithful are in your hands and should the situation get any worse I will be forced to order an Exterminatus. Now if you will look at the Holo-Globe in front of you ..."

In the middle of the table a Hologram of the planet in blur slowly becoming mostly red appeared on the map ... titled 'Tyronda IV' ... also on the map were city locations Imperial bases, arbites precincts, etc.

"... the remaining blue on the map is the current locations of all known Imperial Citizens still loyal to the Allfather and are currently being taken off the city into my fleet transport ships. The red are those who have fallen over into the 'Greater Good' of the Tau Conclave ... more importantly the Farsight Enclave led by a Renegade Commander known as O'Shovah."

O'Shovah's face ... titled "O'Shovah" appears on another Holo-Globe.

"While the main objective of this mission is to discover the strengths and current locations of Tau Forces on the planet, a secondary goal would be the location and head of this O'Shovah. We are preparing to bring these fallen worls back into the emperors light and to recolonize them, damn Abbadon and his thriced cursed black crusade."

Looking to the assembled he took a headcount and noticed someone was missing.

"Hmm ... we are missing 2 mercenaries ... a jhonas and a marx. Oh well its less money I have to spend. Any questions before I ordered the mission into order?"

He sat back and ordered some refreshments and light food for his guests ... as the Ogryn watched with a bemused expression.

06-04-2006, 19:50
"But sah," rumbled Dak, "Ain't we gonna duff 'im up good?" The big Ogryn looked rather confused, his mind working overtime, his BONE'ead implants working overtime. Dak was confused, as Ogryns are apt to get. All this talk of planets this and conquest that and enclaves and crusades, it was a wonder he was following along at all. "Wha'bout da Emperah, sah, he be fightin' wid us?"

Dak had his Ripper shotgun slung around his back, the wooden stock lovingly (roughly) carved with the name "Betty," the large scattershot rounds on a bandolier aroun his barrel chest. He had large iron plates crudely welded together as shoulder pads, knee pads, bootcaps, and his fatigues were old, stained, yet patched with loving pride.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 20:03
Mac nodded to the ogryn. "Everything the boss just said is a fancy way of sayin kill the tau. We're gonna duff em up good. Tau got good guns, but tau are still just blue midgets." As for the question about the emperor, he wracked his brain on what the schola training taugh him. "The Emperor is always with us, even if ya can't see him. He always knows if you did your job good."

06-04-2006, 20:17
The mountainous Ogryn nodded, the stormtroopers response satisfying his curiousity. "I like dah Emperah, he be proud of me when I does my work." Dak did not know the Emperor was confined to the Golden Throne. For all intents and purposes, He was still upon the Great Crusade, physically smiting down his foes like a vengeful, living god.

06-04-2006, 21:43
Upon entering the briefing room Serenity had backed off into another corner and listened to what was being said. She always found ogryns to be rather amusing with their slightly warped idea of the galaxy, least of all the thought that the Emperor would waste his time with such a fools errand had he not been confined to the golden throne. To send so few of the Emperors forces against an entire sector was suicide, especially in such a frontal attack, this would clearly not be a stealth assasination or reconisance..

She stretched slightly loosening her muscles she hated being on space craft, they always seemed like death traps to her and the revelation that they were going to a Tau controlled area of space did nothing to settle her unease.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 21:50
"Cowering in the corner already? We didn't even get there yet." Mac said over his shoulder. "You just better pull your weight. Remember, the Emperor is watching you." He said. "You could learn from Dak. His faith is the kind that wins crusades."

06-04-2006, 21:55
Her eyes locked on his and in a flurry of movement sent a knife flying into the drinking flask the contents starting to leak out all over him. She crouched down low in the corner and reached for another blade waiting for his reaction

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 22:01
"Anyone ever tell you to shoot for the source?" Mac asked, taping up the flask. "Thanks for the knife though." He added, clipping the thrown knife to his boot. "You just go back to rocking back and forth in the corner. It'd be a cryin shame if you had to be shot before the mission started." He turned to the ogryn. "Ignore her. She's not as tough as we are."

06-04-2006, 22:09
The stormtrooper had noticed Dak start to gape at the knife, and headed off any possibilities of a misunderstanding with such a simple person. "But sah! Is you all right sah?" he clambered over to Mac, to inspect for himself. It was quite amusing, if not for the tension in the room, the Ogryn's childish ways seeming out of place. A child who could tear your arms from their sockets, sure, but still.

He glared at the female in the corner. "Dis 'ere guy knows the Emperah! He said 'ed be proud of me, and dat I win Crusades! 'Es right, I gots faith and as long as the Emperah is happy we's gonna win! You dun' need to gets all mean-like!" he told her with a glower.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 22:14
"I'll live." He said to Dak, giving the Ogryn a thumbs up.. To the woman in the corner he said "You heard him. You don't gotta be so mean. We're all on the same side here."

06-04-2006, 22:17
"your kidding right?" she smirked, "ignorance is not faith and anyone who entertains you with it is not your friend and is only making the emperor shed his tears more so for all the fallen. If you are too naive to see this then I pity you" she glanced at the now half flattened storm trooper. "I would truely love to see you try and shoot me, I really would and you should be thanking me, now your odor matches your state of mind." She smirked getting to her feet while keeping one hand discretly inside her robes and walked towards the pair. As she neared them she smiled "your right we are on the same side, we just have different ways of achieving the same objective it seems."

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 22:27
"See what I mean Dak? She don't beleive in the Emperor as much as us. She's not as brave." Mac said. To the girl he just said "I'd rather smell like 175 proof rum than chicken any day. You can poke fun at me all you like. Get on Dak's case though, and you've got only yourself to blame. He take his job a lot more serious than me." He took a drink from the taped flask. "The Emperor likes us better than her, Dak. She's afraid of the tau."

06-04-2006, 22:32
"Think what you like, but my faith is absolute and I am the living proof that this is so." she smiled as she stopped next to him, "think of it this way, I am on this mission by specific request from Inquisitor Lord Andrew, why would he waste his time procuring my services if I truely was chicken, ever think that I may not trust an alchaholic guardsmen or our psyker friend" She glanced over her shoulder at some pretend threat then feinted and retrieved the knife from his boot. She took a step back and waited for his retaliation

06-04-2006, 22:34
"Das right, there's a dif'rence between faith an' inger...igner...wha'ver you said." he growled. "I gots faith. Long as da Emperah trusts in me, I's happy." His face furrowed in concentration. "I's don' like you, mean lady. You's speak of makin' the Emperah sad, but I fink tha' you make 'im sad. We's strong!" he shouted with glee, his paw-like fist knocking one of the stools accidentally halfway across the room.

06-04-2006, 22:39
"you are confused my large friend, I make the emperor happy with faith and killing in his name, I also know truely what state the Emperor is in I dont entertain your childish belief that he still fights among us"

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 22:45
"Our Lord the Emperor could be standing right behind you and you'd never know it." Mac said. "In case you forgot, the Emperor's a god. He can do anything. You don't please him. You throw knives at his soldiers, and talk down to them. What's worse, you have no faith in our lord the Emperor.
He was the stronger warrior ever to live, he is an invincible god, and there isn't a foe in the galaxy he can't defeat. He always fights for us. Always."
Mac finished. "Don't listen to her Dak. She's got no faith. All she got is ignorance. Ignorance is what happens when somone don't have faith."

06-04-2006, 22:55
Oh please, whos to say I was not acting with the Emperors intent, maybe he wanted me to stop you from drinking. You are right the Emperor is a god, He can do anything he likes when he chooses too, Whos to say im not pleasing him, you are no priest, you are not divine servant of the emperor, you are a guardsmen a part of the Emperors army. You have no idea of the faith I have in the Emperor, I have far more than any mere guardsman could ever hope to." She took a more relaxed stance when it seemed all this fool wanted to do was talk, she bounced back onto her back leg. "He is an invincible god now, when he was in mortal form he took a mortal wound for us all" she glanced at the ogryn at this to guage his response then carried on "He does fight with us, he fights through us." She looked again at the ogryn "I have nothing to proove to you, I am only telling you what you need to hear believe whatever you like, but he has it slightly backward, I have faith he is the ignorant one, ask any of the assembeled warriors here. The two inquisitors the highest authority second only to the Emperor, the crusader a divine warrior whos faith over shadows even my own. Take your pick dont just take my word for this."

06-04-2006, 23:02
With each verbal barb, Dak's face got darker and darker. "S'not true," he growled quietly. "The Emperah fights, an' you can stuff it." His fists flexed reflexively, the cords in his bull-like neck beginning to stand out. This was a very perterbed Ogryn indeed, and none but the most self-capable or stupid of the Emperor's servents deigned push an Ogryn to full blown rage.

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 23:08
Mac nodded. "He's right. You put is where the sun don't shine and half the sector's been." He said. Mac look pretty annoyed himself. "Take it easy Dak.
I know you wana punch her. So do I. But we can't. Save it for the enemy.
The Emperor wouldn't want us to get thrown in jail."

06-04-2006, 23:23
She smiled at this, "I like how you never seem to finish an argument you start nor show any backing for what your trying to convey and now you resort to petty insults, then again what did I expect from a drunk." She looked to the ogryn "He is right about one thing, you should take it easy, there is no point in you getting annoyed with what I say when all im trying to do is tell you what you need to hear".

"You are welcome to try and punch me, but the Inquisitor might get slightly annoyed if our sniper was to lose the use of his arm. I also think given the Tau's reluctance for close range fighting punching me will be the last thing they try to do, shoot at me, possibly."

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 23:29
"The truth hurts, don't it? And news flash doll, I'm the team sniper. You're the
pain in the ass." Mac said. "Don't you have a street corner to work?"
He turned his back, indicating he was done talking to her.
To Dak he said "The Tau are chicken. They're afraid of fighting up close.
If you can get close enough to punch em, we'll win."

06-04-2006, 23:37
"The truth hurts?, why would the truth hurt me? I have just informed you of the truth yet you say it hurts me.. can you not hear what I say?" She smirked, "you are correct you are the teams sniper, I am the teams insurance policy, make of that what you will and you still percist with the personal insults, then again what should I expect from one of your calibre. We are on a ship, where exactly would I find a street corner to 'work' on.." she smiled as he turned his back. "You are more a fool than I thought" she hissed, "you should never turn your back on an advasery, least of all an assassin." She laughed at what he said next, "Yes the Tau are chicken they fight at long range so they wont have to die and as you run towards them you get shot down, that may be cowardly but it is brutally effective."

OOC/I think you might have actually misread my previous post, as that is the only way I can see what you said making sense.

Tanith Ghost
07-04-2006, 05:27
ooc//Given that there's no godmodding, I can turn my back on whomever I wish. Not that you obey such rules. You can't even be bothered to type in a legible manner.

"Go back to the whorehouse, assasin. I don't care what you call yourself, all you are is a little dead weight around to get in my way." Mac said in a matter of fact tone. "See Dak? She's no good at all. She ignorant, and a coward.
The tau can try to shoot us, but they're aliens. The Emperor won't let them win. If she had more faith, she'd know that."

Grand Warlord
07-04-2006, 06:12
"Both of you shut up."

An unseen command was given and suddenly arbites in full riot gear rushed into the room the 1st rank with shield and baton the 2nd with executioner shelled shotguns.

"Sit down ... now."

Doing as ordered he motioned for the Ogryn to stand by his side.

"Everyone prepare for the mission ... we live in 5 hours... get out of my sight. Kard keep your charges in order or I will ..."

The ships were preparing for launch even as the soldiers exited the room the mission hadn't even begun and already threads of deciet were amongst them.

OOC: OK everyone please check my latest post in the OOC thread and I will continue this tommorrow please post as you want ... this continues in the morning.

Tanith Ghost
07-04-2006, 06:25
Mac did as he was told. "Yes sir." He knew when to put a lid on the chatter.
"See you on the dropship." He said to the Ogryn. He made the sign of the aquilla to him. 'The Emperor protects, Dak." Mac made a mental note to
stay on Dak's good side. They hadn't even got off the ground so to speak, and Dak had already proved to be one of the most worthy and honorable compatriots he'd ever served with. He missed the gangers more than ever now. Dak would've gotten along great with Salic and Jacy.

07-04-2006, 09:09
OOC/Learn how to read, if you cant understand what I type you need help with basic English. I am also being serious that you never seem to be able to carry a disscussion and always end up resorting to insults, its amusing I must say.

Serenity nodded in the Inquisitors direction and backed off to stand beside the crusader.

OOC/Just to add,
ooc//Given that there's no godmodding, I can turn my back on whomever I wish. Not that you obey such rules. You can't even be bothered to type in a legible manner. How on earth am I godmodding. I am playing an assassin how they should be played, we were arguing you turned your back on me, God Character or not I could easily have killed you, with the aside that there is no point killing another players character. I just thought I would comment on your stupidity.

07-04-2006, 11:48
Kard stood next to Andrew a small grim smile came to his face. He loved the tension in the room this would allow him to get the most out of them. these fools may have there passion miss placed but at least they had passion and that could be quite usefull.

"you out did your self Andrew this group is surely top notch" he said as he slaped his old friend in the back

"I'll keep them in line one way or another"

OoC/Sorry was sick the last few days./OoC

Tanith Ghost
07-04-2006, 20:59
Dak made a clusy attempt to mirror the sign of the aquila Mac showed him. "tha Emperor wil prot...pro..keeps you safe too." Dak replied and his friend left to get his equipment. He made a nasty face at the lady that tired to stab Mac. She was bad, he knew. He was sure that she was making fun of his faith in the Emperor. She must be ha word that means no faith that started with an 'i' that Mac said. That could only mean one thing-Mac was right, and the mean lady was wrong. The Emperor's gonna be prouda me, cause I figured that out myself and no one had to tell me.

Grand Warlord
08-04-2006, 00:45
RPG DEAD. People already pulling out ARGH... sorry all.

Grand Warlord
18-04-2006, 15:24
OOC: Ok this will get going again, all players still wanting to do this please post from getting prepared to drop into orbit.

Tanith Ghost
19-04-2006, 03:54
Mac strapped in to his place on the dropship. "All set here." He reported.
You ok over there Dak?" He asked the ogryn, who appeared to be having a harder time getting set for the drop. "When we hit the ground, look around for enemies. The tau are tricksy aliens."

Grand Warlord
20-04-2006, 17:07
+Inquisitor Andrew opened a vox to the team+

Okay, everyone prepare for launch and I will join you when you have established a safe perimeter. Be prepared I believe there are Tau spies within the free sector of the planet trying to convert the remaining faithful to their 'greater good' propoganda. Everyone be careful and be resolute in your faith ... The Emperor Protects ... dismissed. But rememer if something goes awry the Inquisition was never involved ... and you are all expendable ... but I don't intend to let that happen.

+As the team loaded up into their transports they could see squards of the Black Guard of Cadia, Andrews personal troops, loading up into their own ships awaiting battle. The bay doors slid open slowly as everyone cleared the decks and readied the shuttle for launch.+

GM: Ok, everyone get back into the swing of things and get ready for some action. More on this later or tommorow depending on posting.

20-04-2006, 22:53
Kard pulled out his force axe he knew this group was hanging on by a thread it didn't matter either way Kard would be able to use this group one way or another.

Kard thought of some things as he slide is figure across the edge of the axe pressing in on it and causeing his finger to bleed as it bleed across the axe it filled in the different markings on it. He had found that when his axe was filled with his blood it was even more deadly and worked allmost as a extenison of his own body. the chain that it was attached to was wrapped all over his body under his simple brown robe.

"Andrew so easy to say expendable are we? Just don't send a cyclone tail gateing the shuttle for me let me have a little fun before we blow this place to all four corners of the warp"

Kard turned to the members of the team. He could have made a better team by picking the worst of a hive world, and he had. But he didn't have a choice Andrew had picked the team and Kard was the best when it came to the Tau. Though much of the damcoles crusade had been a horrabile failure it had allowed Kard much time to observe the Tau and he had been on the for front of fighting back Tau cells on imperial worlds.

"The Tau are sneaky scum ladies and gentlemen not only for there techno gadgets that they had but aslo for how there human subjects can creep into society. Trust no one. Follow my orders to the letter and we shall have no proplems."

21-04-2006, 00:52
The claustrophobic interior of the drop ship scared Dak. It was small, and it was dark, and he was afraid. Plus, his bulky frame didn't nearly come close to fitting inside the grav-couches to prepare him for the drop. He would up looping his combat webbing around the edges of the seats, for he took up two spots in the seating, and held on with his eyes shut.

Tanith Ghost
21-04-2006, 03:29
"Courage, Dak. We'll be outa this deathtrap soon enough. Just hang on and pray to the Emperor." Mac said reasuringly. He began to sing he favorite pre-battle hymm, reflecting the last time he'd sung it, he was in the schola and participation was madatory.

22-04-2006, 21:24
Salic Was not happy that the transport that brought him here had been late and given him little time to prepaire for the mission he had been called in to do. He bored the transport that was waiting to take off and took an empty spot. Once his gear was squared away he pulled out a cigar and lit it.

Tanith Ghost
23-04-2006, 03:47
Mac stopped singing abruptly when he saw the next arrival. No way...Emperor's grace it is him! He recognized Salic. "Yo, Salic, over here!" He called. He pulled the flask from his belt, and offered it to him.
"Long time no see, man. I thought you were a goner when that stealer nest went bats on us. I thought they got everyone but me."

23-04-2006, 09:19
Salic's eyes widened when he saw Mac. "By the emperor himself!" He walked over to Mac and took a swig from the flask and handed it back to him. "Ya, I figured I was the only one that made it outa there too!" He pulled another cig out and offered it to him. "good to see ya made it." He took another slow drag from his own cig.

23-04-2006, 13:19
Dart got off of the transport after Salic. "Damn transport system is slow," he muttered darkly, looking at Mac. "Seems you know each other then," he said.
The Deathworlder looked around. "And where's this Inquisitor that hired me?" He asked.

Grand Warlord
23-04-2006, 19:28
The Inquisitor Lord stepped out into the area with a clipboard making some final inspections of sorts. He motioned to Salic to stand before him.

"Salic ... ganger from the .... Orlocks is it? I've dealt with them before they were nice people ... as far as gangers go. I'm sorry to hear you are the last of your gang. Be sure to take it out on the Tau planet side. Bring me some bodies and I will pay you for them ... I think its past time we find out what makes these Tau tick. Ok, dismissed load up and prepare for hell. The Tau are in the majority on the planet ... and plenty of auxiliary traitor guardsmen ..."

While Salic and Andrew chatted, a single satyr boarded the transport ship as well, a strange creature but friendly enough.

As the remaining members of the Inquisitor Team loaded up and prepared final launch preps. Andrew gave them all one final salute and went back to loading up his Black Guard troops.

"This is Falcon I requesting premission to dedock and commense drop procedure 0001."

"This is Left Hand of the Emperor permission granted escorts en route."

"The Emperor Protects."

"Happy hunting and give them hell."

"Will do."

The transport ship fired its main thrusters and the team were pushed back into their seats and the ship cleared the self made oxygen bubble on the dock their valkerie fighters joining with them in a close formation heading planet side.

Over the vox system there were discussions on current Tau movement in the vicintity of the drop off location and the escorts headed in to clear out the area. Suddenly the vox was loud and active as the escorts started dissapearing in seccession, skyraider units had taken them out with there long range missile batteries.

"Falcon 1 to Left Hand we are under fire advise?"

"Protection being dispatch as we speak be safe and continue on course."

Mack was the first to notice the smoke trail of the incoming missiles just before the radars went haywire...

GM: Tee Hee enjoy ... welcome to chronicles enjoy your stay. :)

24-04-2006, 03:05
Kard felt the missile hit the drop ship. Soon they would crash unless they acted fast.

Kard grabed his force axe and grabbed with one had a part of the ship with the other he swung at the hull of the drop ship that had already been weakened by the missile blast. He chopped at it until the speed of the ship caused it to rip open.

rather then attempt to yell over the roar of the air and engines Kard simple sent out a broad psychic message.

"grab the grav-chutes in the back of the cabin then out the door" with that Kard threw his grav-chute onto his back and lept out the door


Kard laughed as he made his way down to the ground.

24-04-2006, 04:06
Salic nodded. "yes sir" he went back to his conversation with Mac until they got hit by the missle. "Damn! Time to jumpship budy" he grabbed a chute for himself and one for Mac and handed it to him. "Lets go!"

Tanith Ghost
24-04-2006, 08:16
Before the lander is fired on

"You missed workin with one of the most terrific people from Necromunda."
Mac was saying to Dart. "A real doll named Jacy. She could fight like a commisar, and she could hold her wildsnake good enough to drink me
under the table. I'll never forgive the damn tyranids for her death. The big guy there is Dak. Not the brightest flashlight in the armor, but his heart's in the right place. Dak, this is Salic and Dart. You can trust these guys."
He indicated his friends.

When the missle hit

Mac put the chut on with no trouble. The schola trained him for this stuff.
"Help Dak with his chute!" He yelled over the roar of the craft going down.
"He might not be able to figure out himself!" He handed the Ogryn the chute.
"Put this thing on your back! Don't worry, ol buddy, the Emperor won't let us die here! Keep calm and hold still while I get an extra chute on you."

24-04-2006, 21:24
"Jacy, eh? Escher? I've heard of her. Used to be part of some Black Falcons or something. I met her sister Jalla, a few years back, along with a Rogue Trader, Kal. He was her lover, and he smooth," muttered the Deathworlder. "Still, it's good to meet you Mac," he added, as an after thought.

Then the missile struck. The Deathworld immediately rolled from his seat to the grav-pack arrey and slung one over his back, not bothering to fasten it, before running to Dak and helping him with his own grav-pack, before stepping back and adjusting his own.
"Damn missile. Aren't they meant to miss?" He growled, his hands fingering one of his many daggers, impatiently.

Tanith Ghost
24-04-2006, 22:36
"Bastards must've called it a rocket launcher." Mac replied. "Jump Dak! You gotta jump to live!" He roared at the orgryn. He couldn't be sure how much longer the craft would last. He gave Salic an encouraging push out the door.
"You next Dak! Jump!"

25-04-2006, 17:00
Lurrdain sat hunched beneath waxy torch-light, upon sweating wooden flooring - the decor of mutants and Scavvenging scum-niks. His breaths came loud and laboured in the humid, musky air, as he listened to the raucous braying of a fervid crowd - of Gangers, and Skumniks, and Wastrels, and the wealthier species of malcontent the Fiend would come to know as off-world Pirateers.
"Pssh... h'rr theer, boy..." a dry, ragged voice rasping from his left, as out of the dark scruffled one such scum-kin, cowled in worn cloth, it's single right eye squinting closely, the other sealed, un-formed.
"Are y' here f'rr th' fight, or the feeed, privvy..?" as the wretch scrabbled for something beneath it's clothing. "I c'mme f'r th' feeding.. f'rr th' grox orr th' slivvers, th' leave bits be-hind, an' y' c'nn take th'mm - it's goood f'rr feed..." The Skaav produced a small bottle, aslosh with cloudy liquid, and proffered it to Lurrdain.
"Y'rr wan' s'mme millk, privvy..?" as the skum licked his hair-lip.
"It'ss good, it's groxx.. an' b'sides..." he slurred "Y'rr mi' not gett ann'ver chancce..."
A distant gong hushed the crowd, somewhat, before the amplified yowling of an announcer could be heard, declaiming the forthcoming spectacle of blood - in which Lurrdain knew he was to take part.
Gritting his sharpened teeth, snorting the air, Lurrdain rose awkwardly to his polysteel shod hooves, one clawed hand extending to grip the shaft of his berdiche, it's great blade an arcing M of cold steel, the tool of a butcher, as he knew his opponent would be taking up sword, or axe, or club, or studded mace at that very moment.

Lurrdain awoke to consciousness, head aching, limbs stiff, and breathed carefully.
Opening his left eye a fraction, he perceived a dark, vaulted chamber, arched beams of metal glinting in the flickering volt-candle light.
Raising himself painfully into a sitting position, the Lubber-Fiend hugged his aching abdomen, his guts sore from the drink of the previous night.
A deep rumble, as of an earth-tremor, resonated through the metal floor-plating, and a low roar and groan of creaking metal echoed.
He was... aboard a transport? He had been taken? Or rather... he had taken himself there... to sleep off the excesses of his brief leave: the cheap amsec, the stimm-spore, the... women? No... no, for there had been no such luxury on board the battleship at the time.
The Battle Ship! That, and the transport, where he had sought to wait...
Reason returned.
Battle was drawn.
A groggy nod to a polychrome aquila ikon, glinting in the gloom.
He slouched to a rack, whereon hung a bulging grav-chute pack: to be strapped and buckled over and around the shoulders, a chain to be pulled in the fury of free-fall, to inflate the great grav-dragging balloon, lashed by chains, to slow descent into survivability - so he savvied.
Gathering up shield, shot-gun side arm, trusty power-blade, he lurched down a winding corridor, out of the niche wherein he had slumbered for the last twenty hours.
Did Lord Andru know he was on board?
Of course - for his Lordship was a psykomancer, a mind-mage... he would have percieved Lurrdain's entry to the transport, if not literally, then at some point, in his mind's eye. He would know.
Lurrdain observed his reflection in a shiny wall-plate, his ear and nose-rings, lip and ear-studs shining - he stroked at his green tailing brows, at the sea-weed of his handle-bar moustache with a polycobalt comb.
Standing under an arched bulkhead, murky green braids of hair and beard whipped by the whistling atmospheric breeze, the Lubber-fiend, produced the looping, metallic war-horn clipped to his steely breast-plate with a magnetic strip, raised it to his mouth and sounded a single piercing note - keening, screaming, echoed by the metal shell of the transports' cabins and corridors, on and on, as if in duel with the screaming of the high-altitude winds.
Finally subsiding, receding, he lowered the horn, re-clipped it to his high baldrick, and charged thorugh the bulkhead, out into the roar of the drop-chamber...

Grand Warlord
27-04-2006, 15:28
Dak wasn't sure exactly how he got tossed out into the open air with a grav-shute but he sure as hell wasn't going to let that kill him... unless the emperor willed it ... which he didnt. The team made their way down as fast and silent as they could. Mac nearly broke his arms pushing him but well he wasn't going to boast.

The first missile hit the left engine of the transport ship and sent the ship spiraling towards the ground, the 2nd and 3rd missile finished it off. As they team looked down they saw something moving towards them. They were a small group of tau (5 with the standard pulse rifle, 4 with the pulse carbine (may or may not cause pinning)) and they were rapidly advancing towards the floating team.

"Falcon 1 this is Left Hand are you there ... do you copy?"

Everyone could hear the flagship over the vox-unit.

As the team landed luckily they had managed to land near some rocky terrain atleast they had cover. Then the vox-unit opened up again.

"This is the PDF unit 004 of the Tyrion IV capital city. Are their any survivors?"

The gates of the captial city (where you all were going to anyway) opened up and 4 chimeras headed out at full speed to the general area hoping someone was still alive unknowning of the tau ambush unit.

27-04-2006, 19:37
Lurrdain had squeezed his eyes tight against the bright flash as the transport went up - then down, spectacularly, over several distant hectares.
Teeth still gritted against the scouring winds, fur slicked and spiked from the lofty rain drops, Lurrdain now swooped low over the ground, stony and scrubby with undernourished vegetation, and half-heard the familiar scratch of the comm-linked report from the 'tongue-box' clipped to his belt - before his ovoid grav-chute 'loon deflated and 'pressurised with a squealing thbbbbbwwwwwdd, like the flatulence of a giant 'saurian.
He scraped and skidded to a halt, head-over-hooves into alien shrubbery as the balloon flopped mightily, reduced to a 'saurians' leathery tongue, crashing the through spidery trees of weed.
The Lubber-fiend unsnapped safety catches hurriedly, unsnaring himself from the drag of the 'chute, and rolled into a crouch alertly.

27-04-2006, 21:03
Kard quickly threw the Grav chute to the ground and swung his axe at it. it's use was over. Kard pressed on the vox bead that was implanted in his thorat.

"The Inqustion has landed trooper we are a rocky outcropping ****!"
Kard ducked down behind a rock the tau had begun to fire on him. He hoped the trooper got the message.

"MAINTAIN A DEFENSIVE POSITION UNTIL SUPPORT ARRIVES!" Kard didn't have a ranged weapon on him except for his mind. Which was far better then any lasgun or bolter.

Kard stood up a nimbus of fire begun to to form around him he was chanting once he had gained enough force in the nimbus he would begin to pelt the tau with the fire from his soul.

28-04-2006, 04:09
Salic finnaly hit land. he had used grav-chutes before back home so he landed well. He drew his arbites shotgun and smiled as he pumped the first exicutioner round into place. "Time for some fun!"

Tanith Ghost
28-04-2006, 09:08
"Emperor's flying monekys!" Mac exclaimed as he hit ground and promptly fell over. If he lived to see thirty, he's never get used to grav chutes.
Still with the Tau inbound, there wan't time for a bon mot session.
"Dak, get behind the big rocks, quick!" He shouted at the Ogryn. He got up to a one knee crouch and took a bead on an approaching tau. A ccarbine weilding tau dropped like a sack of potatoes, a smoking hole in it's helemt.
"That's one!" Mac declared proudly, scutling into cover near Salic. "Fancy bashing your liver to death in memory of a good friend? We get to the city in one peice, we ought to drink a shot of wildsnake each for every one of these blue freaks Jacy woulda capped if she was here."

28-04-2006, 14:24
Dart snapped off the grav-pack as soon as he started hovering above the ground, and hit the ground, legs spread, one arm resting on the ground, his hand pulling one of his daggers from it's sheath. "Let's have some fun..." he muttered, and flung the dagger underarm from his position, dropping a Tau to the ground, the dagger sticking out of it's helmeted head. Dart's hand found his sword in it's sheath, and he drew it, along with another dagger, and he rose, slowly, so as not to draw as much fire as the others, waiting to get close... Tau would fall in close combat... easily...

29-04-2006, 02:27
Salic took aim with his shotgun and pulled the trigger. He smiled as the back of the tau's head exploded from the exicutioner round. "HAHA Got me one!" he quickly ducked as return fire came his way.

29-04-2006, 10:55
Amidst the crack and clatter of minor arms fire, Lurrdain sat back in a tangled bush, his round shield raised as protective cover, and unholstered his fore-sawn, pump-acted shooter - a grox-gun, so the drawled patois of Gigeroff Hive where he had acquired it put it.
Mirror-visored Arbites termed their own cherished weapons 'Executors' - which apparently meant largely the same thing.
The beast now unsheathed his broad-bladed epee, clicking a nodule on the jawless-skull hilt to energise the weapon.
A drawled pump of whh-klunk, and he stood, warhorn in his left shield-hand, epee in his right, and with a deep breath sounded a note: a piercing blast of sonant sound, an ear-aching clarion of battle.
Re-clipping the horn to his belt, he grasped his primed grox-gun and hurled himself with a roar full pelt out into the fray, charging through the night-air as his horn had sliced into it - death-white beams of light sliced over his head, and he ducked, flinging himself down and rolling towards... hunched figures, in bulky, crab-like armour of a sickly mustard yellow colouring, with angular guns...
He crouched, he loosed a shot at one, head-high: the solid round imploding an alien eye, cracking through shell-armour in the back of a helm, felling a mustard-crab.
His epee whined with leashed energy, as he swished through gunsmoke - he swung at a tube-gun with the strength of six superior humans.
Sparks flew, shell splintered, Lurrdain flung himself back as fire bloomed towards the night sky - a boiling crab screamed...

Grand Warlord
01-05-2006, 02:43
The Tau fanned out after the initial volley they retreated to safer spots and peppered the rocks with pulse rounds. It appeared they were keeping the team surrounded and trapped but were not actively attacking them.

"Imperials ... I am a hunt leader for this mission and I have orders from my commander to offer you a chance to join our empire and to help the greater good. If you accept you will be given new armor and weapons and proper training and a place within the caste. If you do not accept we will destroy you and all the rest of the human waste on this planet."

GM: Some of you will have minor pulse burns but nothing too serious they are trying to recruit you after all. Dak seems to be getting more fire than anyone it is awfully hard to hide an Ogryn... keep this going for a little bit longer and I will do a proper post. TY

Vox Traffic...

"Imperial Response inbound hold them off for 1 more hour!"

Aboard the Left Hand of the Emperor...

"Inquisitor Lord you are free to deploy ... god speed and happy hunting ... the emperor protects."

"That he does."

With nothing more said Transports supporting the 101st Black Guard of Cadia and the Inquisitor Lord headed for the city unaware of the current plight of the Kill Team.

Meanwhile the team was hard pressed with the more accurate Tau.

01-05-2006, 05:08
Dak tried in vain to duck behind rubble, yet he could still feel the periodic scorch of a near-miss with a pulse round. He was angry. Abandon the Emperor? Who would dare do such a thing? He roared like a grox as a pulse round took him square in the chest, searing through half his armor plate, charring the flesh beneath. The stink of cooked Ogryn meat filled the air around the kill team. However, this was a minor wound for someone built like an Ogryn.

Dak bellowed "For da' Emp'rah!" and launched out of his hiding place. He saw the tiny Xenos, such small things really, firing at him. He instinctively weaved while running at them, and many of the rounds went astray. He cut loose with Betty, her mechanisms chattering with a buzz-saw like noise, the Ripper shotgun absolutely tearing three Tau apart in a hail of fully automatic scattershot. He reached the Tau line, and picked one up by the throat, and with one fluid gesture he snapped its spine with one hand. Turning at the other Tau backing up terrified, he clubbed it to death with the body of its heathen brethren.

Tanith Ghost
01-05-2006, 05:43
Mac watched Dak tear up the tau as he roared into them. "Follow Dak! For the Emperor!" He shouted, breaking cover and charging. Shots kicked up furrows next to him as he dropped to one knee and took a shot. A Tau's head snapped back fountaining blood. Mac hadn't felt this charged in a long time, not since his progenum days. Dak's piety was aparently contagious. At the rate the ogryn was going, he was headed for sainthood, or martyrdom if the tau got more accurate. It was inspiring, even, like a commisar's speech or a preist's oratory. This display of courage motivated Mac to move toward the enemy, with no cover to speak of and enemy fire hitting all around him. He took another shot, and roared in triumph as anther tau fell, a bloody hole in the neck.

02-05-2006, 15:03
Kard jumped high in the air like a comet a firy trail followed him. holding his force axe tightly it begun to glow with a blue and red light. he then landed one of the tau breaking its suti of armour. fire extended out form him creeping into the tau through the cracks of his armour burning the tau inside of the armour alive.

"Dak you sure know how to start a party!"

Kard ducked below a pulse round but he wasn't quick enough for it shoot him in the shoulder. the blood felt warm in his hand. he quickly grabbed his force axe and pressed it against the wound. it burned his skin but it stopped the bleeding.

Kard grabed his axe in one hand ran towards a Tau faster then the soilder could react he grabbed the tau's helment and then brought the axe down on the tau's toros cutting it allmost in two.

this was why he fought. not for the glory of anyone but for the pure rage and hatred he could put apone his foes.

02-05-2006, 17:54
Back on his hooves once more, the flash of death-light dying somewhat, Lurrdain watched the flame-haired mage as he tailed the Ogre, his axe a-crackle with spirit-fire.
Was the man a witch, such as he had been taught could be branded or blinded into the Impire's fold, as the Lubber-fiend himself had been?
Or could the black-clad figure be another fell Inquisitor, no mere 'mancer but a knowing-one, kin to Lord 'Dru himself?
Thoughts returning, Lurrdain sheathed his power-blade, shouldered it along with his round, studded shield, holstered his grox-gun.
Unclipping his horn once more, he raised his mossy-maned head skyward and sounded a victory call, a sharply vibrant piccolo whine into the night.
Half crouching, he sprang, leaping eight feet into the air, somersaulting as he did so, crimson leather loin-cloth fluttering like a pennant, a victory roll, before landing in a crouch again. The mutated Lubber-fiend - the lazing beast, in Giger' slang, lingo of the agricultural 'city of beasts' - had a hind quarter musculature many times that of his Humen superiors, bone strength and joint flexibility likewise. His genetic abherration behind his plasteel shod hooves, he could kick through solid metal, snapping chains, unhinging blast-doors, wrenching locks irrepairably.
He could shatter bone, severing limbs or heads, the same.
Presently, he combed his green locks and braids of beard, ending in rune-etched nuts and bolts, with a polycobalt comb of vicious teeth, and surveyed, for the first time, his fellow cohorts.

03-05-2006, 14:33
Dart had struck at the Tau's side while the Ogryn had started ripping them apart, and grinned, his blade flashing, crunching armour heavily under it, and killing the Tau underneath.
"Surprise," he whispered to the Tau as it sagged to the ground. "And goodnight."
He crushed it's head under his foot as he advanced further, his blade whirling, before it decapitated another Tau, caving it's helmet it. "Destroy..." said Dart, his eyes flashing with menace, as his blade rose again, and his dagger flew from his hand into a Tau's foot, pinning him there, before Dart's blade came down again, carving him head to groin.

Tanith Ghost
03-05-2006, 18:18
Mac got up from where he was sniping, and ran to join the brutal assault taking place in the main tau line. The tau would break and run soon at this rate. He charged into a tau with a roar, pistol and knife out, his rifle slung over his back. He ended up stabbing the tau in the gut, and beating on it with the pistol. The tau managed to get up and stagger back as Mac pulled the knife out, and began to stagger away, holding it's stomach. Another tau followed suit. "That's right! Run!" Mac jeered at the fleeing tau.

Grand Warlord
05-05-2006, 15:23
"This is Inquisitor Lord Andrew of the Ordo Hereticus, please withdrawal from you positions immediately bomber and fighter support is inbound. Area will be 'hot' very soon ... so start running boys and girls."

The Tau obviously hadn't bugged the Inquisitor's Vox lines shortly after the transmission a devilfish troop carrier arrived to the battle scene disembarking a full squad of Fire Warriors who quickly brought their superior firepower to bare forcing the stout team to retreat to the rocky defenses once more. Atleast this time they werent alone... Imperial Guardsmen in Urban Camo gear with '004' etched on ther shoulders were firing behind the retreating Inquisitor Team only trying to secure a retreat.

"This is PDF Captain Krue, please make your way to the Chimeras for the extraction."

Overhead the Transports of Inquisitor Lord Andrew and his Black Guard could be seen ... which meant the bombers werent far behind.

A fighter group of valkeries straffed the Skyray destroying it before it could fire off its remaining missiles. Behind the PDF troops were the 4 chimeras 2 empty for the Team and a Large open-topped truck for Dak, with something resembaling a Twin-Linked Autocannon.

06-05-2006, 20:24
Salic was about to charge in with the rest of the team when he heard the orders to fall back. "Ok ladies you heard the man, time to pull outa here!" He gave covering fire to the team as best he could until it was safe enough for him to fallow them out.

07-05-2006, 14:32
Lurrdain grunted reverentially, an acknowledgement of the voice of Lord Andru from his tongue-box - this as a pot-bellied xeno-craft, a-bristle with cylindrical tube-guns, hoved into view, it's glossy crimson surface aglow with spectral light.
Was this an alien transport, about to disgorge more crab-creatures like a shelled scuttler to a surrogate sea?
Aye... mustard armour glinted, tube-gunners scurried hither and thither in the shrubbery.
But now came the flash and fade and flash of death-lights, this time of a human, Imperial stripe - lightning zigg-zagging on the starry sky.
Lurrdain klicked - re-loaded.
The shrill scream of sky-engines: and distant metal-wings tore the distant clouds, shining hulls and ruddy-red vapour tails visible high, high above, as las-light strobed the battle-scene on a lower trajectory, as great ceramite-cinders from the blown transport scattered far an' wide - a spark-shower on the black horizon.
From up ahead now there came the rumble of tanks - great luggers, such as might 'sport a panic-squad of Arbite long-barrels, emerging through the scraggle of atrophied bush, cracking the flinty low-ground.
The rail-thin dagger-man cried... to flee?
Lurrdain 'gized his power-epee in reply.

Tanith Ghost
07-05-2006, 17:23
"Good greif, and we're back to my favorite part of the mission-running for our lives." mac quipped as he double-timed it for the waiting APC. "Dak, get a move on. The navy's bombing this whole place! We gotta go or we get bombed too! Bombs can't tell sides!" Mac stopped a few yards from the chimera, going for a parting shot on the tau. A fire warrior crumpled off in the distance. "One more for the road." He commented to no-one in particular.
"Ok troops, and whatever you are, let's get the hell outa here."

11-05-2006, 19:36
Lurrdain shouldered his shield on to his back and loped stridently through the long alien grass in the direction of the great tracked luggers, his mossy green locks trailing in the breeze.
As the flash and crack of armsfire continued behind him, he detoured on to the enormous pebbles strewn in piles over the sickly terrain, bounding from one stone to another on to the higher ground.
Might the Guardsmen mistake his blurred green figure for an enemy, some mutant or even xenoid critter, striding in their direction?
He had better move fast.
Holstering his primed grox-gun, laminated double Purity tassels a-flutter on his shield, the Lubber-fiend raced across the giant pebbles overlooking the Chimeras and, with a mighty muscular thrust, spring-heeled forth to leap five, ten, fifthteen, twenty, twenty-six feet through the night air, to land loudly on the hollow metal roof of a roaring gun-lugger, before he spied a much more amenable vehicle over a speed-blurred tread - a rickety, open-topped troop-truck mounted with a long-barreled auto-blaster, as it ambled fiercely along on the Chimera's left.
In his second wind, Lurrdain bounded upwards into the air once more, over the tanks' speeding track, across the scrubby ground rushing past, and down with a resounding crash straight into the open-topped autocarriage.
Thrusting forth the Imperial Insignia on his Purity-tasseled shield, the Beast snarl-drawled to the stunned and terrified gunman and his driving comrade:
"Th' Emperor Protects..!"

14-05-2006, 13:56
OutOfCharacter: May I assume this Thread is no longer with us, and start beating it around introducing Welsh Squats, Charles Hawtrey-Grots etc?

Grand Warlord
14-05-2006, 19:38
GM: Yeah no one else is really posting so I am just gonna close it. Thanks for playing everyone. Sorry if it was going to slow I just wanted to get everyone a chance to post before I continued it ... I just cant win with these RPGs lol.