View Full Version : Dubble re-roll to hit?

18-06-2011, 22:38
I run Dark Elves and my question is I have a 20 man Black Guard unit with the Banner that grants always strikes first. Since the rule grants them a re-roll if I beat their In does it also stack with their Eternal Hatred rule?

The bearded one
18-06-2011, 22:47
They have:
- Warrior elite (rerolls to hit)
- Eternal hatred (rerolls to hit)
- Always strike first + higher initiative (rerolls to hit)

but the general rule of thumb is you can't reroll a reroll (BRB page 7, "re-roll") :) In fact you don't really need the ASF banner on the black guard. They already have rerolls each round and a very high initiative. You're better off with a banner like the armourpiercing banner (I love that one).

18-06-2011, 22:49
Oh hehe forgot about the Warrior Elite rule. Okay so that would probably be better for a banner.