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18-06-2011, 12:37
I am tinkering with a 2500 list for Winter GT to defend best Skaven player!!!! (In all seriousness there weren't many people at the april GT so it isn't that good.) I am a bit over points for the tournament which is 2400 and don't really know what to drop:

Greyseer, Skalm, 2 Tokens, Power Scroll. 330 (goes in slaves in range of BSB)

Warlord, Warlitter, Shield, Warpstone Armour, Sword of Might, Skavenbrew 228 ( goes in Stormvermin & gives them Skavenbrew)

Cheiftan, BSB, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone 115 (In Stormvermin)

Warlock Engineer, Lvl 1, Dispel Scroll 90

Warlock Engineer, Brass orb 65

38 Stormvermin, FC, Stormbanner, Warpfire Thrower, 411

25 Clanrats, FC, Shields, Warpfire Thrower. 202.5

25 Clanrats, FC, Shields, Warpfire Thrower. 202.5

50 Slaves 100

50 Slaves 100

20 Slaves 40 (Watch Tower)

Hellpit, Spikes 250

Hellpit, Spikes 250

Total 2419

18-06-2011, 16:03
The rocket engineer is only 45 :)

I'd drop the the warlord, the second level on the engineer (get condenser instead) and the spikes on at least one HPA. I'd also swap the brass orb for the death globe, or lose him entirely.

For these points I'd get some GR and a cannon or two if you can manage.

18-06-2011, 16:08
Buts it seems like too many eggs in one basket, with the prevalence of power spells just seems like sitting duck. its 540 if your seer has 100pts of equipment.
He does have a 2+ ward save against most of those spells...

18-06-2011, 22:22
He does have a 2+ ward save against most of those spells...

What can I say not convinced... Just seems like a massive points sink for what it is.

The rocket engineer is only 45

Thanks, will edit.

I'd drop the the warlord, the second level on the engineer (get condenser instead) and the spikes on at least one HPA. I'd also swap the brass orb for the death globe, or lose him entirely.

I am experimenting with the warlord, but I think he will be a valuable addition, providing a more stable general as well as allowing the storm vermin to pack a punch. When playing with my Skaven I have found that very little of the army actually kills stuff. normally you will break whatever you are fighting after holding and positioning a flank charge to break them. HPA's are the only thing in my army at least which seem to kill stuff in combat and then move on. So I suppose I want another unit that can kill stuff on its own rather than having to wait for a hellpit to come in and win the combat.

I think I will just drop the second level on the Warlock engineer.

As for the death globe guy I think for 65 points he provides an effective counter for issues such as a steam tank (2 are possible in 2400pts), screaming bells, war altars, plague furnaces, treemen etc.. Even in worst case he ends up throwing it into a unit as part of a stand and shoot I think he would make back his 65 points. Could probably drop the doom rocket guy though, but he always does really well as well.

For these points I'd get some GR and a cannon or two if you can manage.

GR is gutter runners not giant rats? and I am trying to cut to 2400 so at the moment it is about removing stuff rather than replacing. But I think I might look into some gutter runners as warmachine hunters.

I will edit the list above to reflect the changes.


19-06-2011, 09:25
Yeah, I meant Gutter runners, sorry for the ambiguousness . These guys are golden, I never leave home without two units at 2000+ points.
At a 2400 pts tournament you'll face a lot of war machines, and skaven really dislike those templates. the stormbanner helps, but your lucky if it lasts for more than one enemy turn.
They're also great for putting some hurt on monsters and light armoured elites like Swordmasters. They never fail me :)

In order for this list to get below, you can drop one of the spikes, or both for that matter. 6+ against magical wounds isn't great, and you've got enough magic, magical weapons and WFTs to deal with pesky ethereal creatures anyways.
If you like them, keep one and lose a clawleader, I don't find them worth four slaves. The only use I see for them is taking challenges you don't want to face, and your chracters are elsewhere.

Speaking of which, why do you put the seer with the slaves?
The slaves are meant to be in combat as fast as possible, and you don't want him there with them. They also lose their expendable rule. You know this of course, I'm just curious on how you intend to use him.
I'd rather put him in one of the clanrat units, safer, away from combats :)

19-06-2011, 13:49
Hmm, im not a fan of this list. If your looking to drop points then drop them on the characters, i'd drop the skavenbrew and and power scroll. Skalm is a bad chocie unless you have a ward save, it should really only ever be used in conjunction with a ward not in place of one. WL engineers beg for warp energy condensors not only to channel extra spells but if there level 1 you get the powered up warp lightning spell. You say you don't wanna replace, but i think another big weakness here is your weapons teams, dropping 2 WF throwers buys you a cannon and you save points, and the cannon is far better without a horrible misfire chart. I'm not a fan of this list but if your simply trying to trim it to make it 2400 there are a lot of obvious choice to drop on your characters, or do the obvious thing which is make your slave units 45 each and your at 2399, at that size though i'd consider giving them a musician

Grim Tuesday
19-06-2011, 14:25
Get rid of the brass orb engineer, and replace the warlords various magical stuff with the fellblade. Drops some points and you can still take care of Stanks, or indeed, pretty much anything...

Also, the warlitter is four bases (?) so you could drop a few of the stormvermin which will just be standing at the back, assuming you were going to horde them with the warlord and BSB?

19-06-2011, 19:18
So far with about 30 games using Skaven in 8th ive never had any luck winning fights using infantry as a damage dealer.

Imho stormvermin are best left at home. The one thing i havent tried is a huge unit in horde formation with brew and stubborn warlord. I dont think it works tho because Ld is so ****** (horde= less ranks for SiN and steadfast).

If you wanna hit stuff, large hw/shield units backed by censers and HPAs might work. Censers been doing a good job for me lately, but they always die in the end.

4+ ward, skalm and earthing rod on seer if you are spamming 13th is good.

Naked engineers and 5+1 giant rats are nice "redirectors"

20-06-2011, 12:22
what is watch tower?

20-06-2011, 17:06
what is watch tower? Its a unit of 20 to occupy the watchtower should I get it, which should hold until I can swap it out for the stormvermin.