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19-06-2011, 10:33
Hey Guys,

I'm making my first list and welcome all constructive criticism. This is NOT meant to be a competitive tourny list in any way. it's just me trying to get into the feel of VC. I'm sure i've made many mistakes so bear with me :confused:

I sort of have a feeling that I might need some more fire ward protection :shifty:

Vamp Lord (lvl 4) - 340
*Cadaverous Cuirass
*Dragonbone Gem
*Dark Alcoylte (upgraded to 3 then boosted to 4)
*Forbidden Lore - Vamps

Vampire (lvl 1) - 165
*Talis of Endurance
*Forbidden Lore - Vamps

01 Wight King BSB (Drakenhof) w/ GW - 235

24 Grave Guard (FC, Barrows, GW) - 387

24 Ghouls (Ghast) - 200

20 Ghouls - 160

25 Skellies (FC, Lanced w/ Shield, Icon of Vengeance) - 270

08 Blood Knights (Kast w/ balefire, BSB Strigois) - 525

01 Necro-Cart (Balefire, Talis of Pres, IoN, Vanhels) - 215

TOTAL: 2497

Thanks for any and all help :)

Jack of Blades
19-06-2011, 10:44
People will disagree but I don't see the point in having a weak secondary vampire caster who eats up even more points due to needing ward save protection. And this was before I saw that you also have a necromancer - but I can accept his presence, however he should have something like a power stone, not a ward save (and I'm not sure if he gets regeneration from sitting on top of the cart - if he doesn't, you could bother with the talisman of endurance I guess). With what you'd save from dropping the vampire you could turn your GG into a proper horde or drop a blood knight to add in a varghulf and some grave guard. I'd also drop the skellies - too small and weak to do anything without a combat hero inside.

On the whole:

- Secondary vampire
- Skellies
- Blood knight
-/+ Talisman of preservation -> power stone & possibly talisman of endurance
-/+ Dark acolyte -> master of the black arts
+ Varghulf
+ Gear on your lord so he can fight properly, since you're not using him for helm duty
+ Grave guard
+ Ghouls with leftover points

That's it from my side ;)