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19-06-2011, 19:22
Any Warhammer Fantasy players or clubs in Kent, South east UK?

I'm a rela beginner learning to play with the start box set battle for skull pass. I've always wanted to get into Warhammer since I was very young (For my birthday about 11 years old I got Warhammer, found it too diffucuilt and let it collect dust).

Really enjoying what I've learnt so far, more than I expected hence I want to try find fellow players or beginners to learn together?

After awhile.. plaing with one self can get a tad boring.. and a little crazy..................................

19-06-2011, 21:42
If you follow this link;
and type in your various details + tick the box for gaming clubs you might find something quite close
Hope that helps and good on you for enjoying the hobby! :cool:

19-06-2011, 23:06
I live in Kent too, supposedly there's a games club near me on Wednesdays (In Gravesend), but I've never been.

13-09-2011, 15:00
There is a club that meets in the Three Daws in gravesned. I went once but everyone seemed busy playing and i didnt find it paticular welcoming for new players, but that may be just my experience. Im collecting a Dwarf army for warhammer if anyone fancys a game and lives close to Gravesend.

The Clairvoyant
13-09-2011, 16:00
There's a club in Canterbury, assuming you're over 16, which has just become GCN registered.
Meets at Spring Lane Community Centre on Tuesdays.

Varied games get played and if you're a beginner, someone will help you out.
If you need more info, drop me a line.

edit: and brigger1972, that name sounds familiar... ;)

13-09-2011, 17:48
There's also the Hydra Club in T Wells. They meet in High Brooms Working Mens Club.

13-09-2011, 21:50
What's the club in Canterbury like? Do they play multiple systems or just fantasy?


The Clairvoyant
14-09-2011, 07:22
Canterbury is 40k, fantasy and a smattering of malifaux most weeks.
In the past few weeks we've also run a big Inquisitor game and quite a few games of BFG. Several people also have Uncharted Seas and this year we've also run campaigns for 40k, fantasy and Necromunda.
There's even some Warhammer Quest going on in a couple of weeks and plans for a Blood Bowl tournament at some point.
If you're after intro games, people are always happy to give them.

14-09-2011, 12:01
Depends where you are and how far you are able to travel.