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Not a word to the elf.
21-06-2011, 20:58
"You have a go" says Cassius as he tosses the flight simulater key to Jeremy. Jeremy catches the key and flashes a smile with "Watch me show you up" written all over it. Entering the Simulator he inserts the key into the hole marked Thunderbolt after checking the simulation log. "Lightning, typical Cassius" Jeremy muttered to himself. As the simulator opens Jeremy grips the controls of a thunderbolt and revs the engine, taking off with his wing of planes he flies for around 4 hours and nothing happens.Then a red dot appears on his auspex and he recieves orders to pull up. Pushing the lever away from him he dives and crashed into the ground. "Why the hell did those ******** from the ******* mechanicus put the damn controls reverse on this heap of Emporer damned s***. As he pushed the door open he saw the last sight of his life: a commisar emptying a bolt pistol into his face. "Never use the Emporer or his holy administrators names in vain, you scum from the lowest places of the ******* emporer's galaxy, is that clear" The commisar barked as servitors cleaned what was left of Jeremy up. "Next"

First of hopefully many stories in this log. Hoped you liked it.
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