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22-06-2011, 16:28
Vampire Lord: Master of the Dark Arts, Forbidden Lore (Fire, Staff of Damnation, Charmed Shield, Helm of Commandment, General, gets bunkered in the skeles 365

Vampire Lord: Red Fury, Forbidden Lore (Death, Sword of Bloodshed, The Flayed Haubrek, goes with a unit of ghouls. 375

Wight Lord: Battle Standard Bearer, Drakenhof Banner, goes with the graveguard. (edit) 225

Vampire: Forbidden Lore (Vampires), Lord of the Dead, Armor of Silvered Steel, Biting Blade, goes with the other unit of ghouls to add some combat punch. 200

30 Crypt Ghouls with ghast 248

30 Crypt Ghouls with ghast 248

12 Skeletons with banner 104

21 Zombies with Banner 92

20 Zombies with Banner 88

40 Graveguard with Command, Banner of the Barrows, and great weapons 595

4 Fellbats 80

4 Fellbats 80

6 Cairn Wraiths 300

Banners are there for blood and glory. Champs are there in all cases to eat challenges that I don't want to answer. Zombies provide me with a powerdice battery from purple sun. Fellbats go warmachine hunting and the Wraiths give me a flank protector/secondary target with the helm.

What do ya think?

23-06-2011, 15:17
Looks pretty solid. Your opponent is going to hate it when you turn purple sun on your own zombies, but what can you do.
You seem to have forgotten to add the BSB cost to the Wight Lord. He should be 225.
Is it just personal preference to not include a banshee in the cairn wraiths. I would drop a wraith and upgrade 1 to a banshee and then the other 25 points could go to the Wight Lord BSB. That way they are not just an ethereal holding unit but can also hunt down or harrass magically armed units as well.

23-06-2011, 17:02
So it seems I did my math right when writing my list but not when writing it down. The 225 point cost was added properly in the overall cost of the army.

It is a personal preferance not to include the Banshee. I don't like to make a 300 point unit try to do too many things on the table top. As it is the Wraiths will be busy being a flanking unit or if my opponent has not taken a combat unit with magic weapons, winning me a watch tower senario or two. While the Banshee does provide them with a bit of flexibility I feel she detracts from their primary objective too much with only 5 of them on the table. I would give her a go if I were to make a unit of 6 or more.