View Full Version : Figuring out the charge-

22-06-2011, 18:21
I assume this would be a failed charge but not sure -

I have a chariot on the flank of a of and unengaged unit.

I have successfully rolled the distance for the charge however there is a unit that would cause for me to make two wheels to get to the flank.

However it would only take me one wheel to hit the front.

Would this count as reaching the unit for the charge or a failed because I couldn't hit the flank from the original arc.

Feel like it would be a failed charge.

22-06-2011, 18:37
If the obstructing unit was there at the time you declared the charge, then you couldn't declare the charge. If the obstructing unit moved there as a result of other charge declarations or other charge moves, then it's a failed charge; you can only charge the arc of the target that you're in at the start of the movement phase.