View Full Version : Characters on second rank & Challenge support!

23-06-2011, 18:02
Hey guys,

1. i am a little confused about characters on second rank (or farther). Make way! works only on the first turn. If a character then refuses a challenge, he must move at the back of the unit (or whatever, not engaged).

Now... normally, a character MUST get back to the front rank ASAP. So, does it mean it has a free move, or must the unit do a combat reform? This could mean, in the case of a negative CR, that he could fail the combat reform and then stay on 2nd rank?

2. Ok, 2 characters in rank and file units. Both characters are in a challenge against each other. Can the model behind the character attack enemy models in base contact with the character, even if the character isn't actually fighting them?

What do you guys think?

23-06-2011, 18:09
1. Character must move to the front rank. The FAQ would seem to indicate it's a free move when something would otherwise cause the character not to be in the front rank when there is room for him to be. Also, there's an argument as to whether Make Way! works in subsequent turns. I'm sure you can search for that topic.

2. Character is still in base to base despite being in a challenge, so supporting attacks can still be used.