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28-06-2011, 16:30
Immortal Fury, Armour of Khorne


Herald of Khorne BSB
Armour of Khorne, Firestorm Blade

30 Bloodletters
Full command, Icon of Endless War

30 Bloodletters
Full command, Icon of Endless War

5 Flesh Hounds

5 Flesh Hounds


Quite a compact, bijou list for 2,000pts. Obviously completely lacks a magic or shooting phase, but hey, that's the kicks with Khorne.

I've had a suggestion of potentially switching out the 'Thirster for:

6 Bloodcrushers
Full command

...as it would offer an additional 7 wounds, be able to break ranks (so long as one doesn't get killed first), and be more hitty against large units.

Any suggestions from the Warseer community? Bearing in mind the extremely restrictive overall theme? ;)

Dante blackfur
28-06-2011, 16:47
I would either drop them entirely or combine the hounds so they can break ranks and actually do something. :) just my 2c

28-06-2011, 17:28
So tired to write that :)

Banners are magic items you can't duplicate them (it's in the FAQ)

I would also take a herald of Khorne instead of the Skulltaker.

28-06-2011, 17:29
Hounds really arnt that good. I would drop them.

Both your bloodletter units need heralds for the hatred. Prehaps the points saved from the ounds could be invested in an extra herald.

I would swap the bloodthirster for 5 bloodcrushers (+Jugger herald). Mine never does much.

any left over points invest in some more bloodletters. They will take casualties on the way there.


28-06-2011, 18:11
Quite surprised by the dislike of the Flesh Hounds - they've been pretty effective in my games with the list so far! Quick, manueverable, dangerous enough to give my opponent pause and pretty tough for a small unit. A bit expensive for warmachine stroke character hunters/flankers, of course, but nevertheless!

May as well drop them altogether rather than combine in a single unit - after all, lose just one and they'd be unable to break ranks anyway!

I expected the recommendation to ditch the 500pt point sink that is the 'Thirster. The Juggers (especially with Herald) do seem like an appealing alternative.

Any thoughts on a Khorne Herald on chariot? I'm thinking without the Thirster, a bit of extra maneuverability couldn't go amiss!

Thanks for the note on the Icons. Good job they've not been called into play in my recent games then! ;-)

28-06-2011, 21:34
Fleshounds are solid - the Blood Letters tie down units while the hounds flank them!

And against a normal rank and file unit you'll be able to win combats - especially if you flank - so hounds are still amazing! Infact they are essential for a pure Khorne army as they are able to threat any disposable units that run forwards to tie down the enemy!

I would add Furies though somewhere - they are great at warmachine hunting and also act as a nice screen - providing hard cover to anyone behind them!

For my Thirster I like the 2D6 + 2 attacks - it's more random but it can be deadly! I add the immortal fury and armor of Khorne - but this takes up valuable points!

As for Crushers - yes they are good but they are so fragile! They get taken down too easy for their high points value - and so I prefer the Bloodthirster simply as he's more versatile!

Khorne Herald on chariot is ok - but not in a small points game - you need your heralds in the blood letter units to make those things effective

Not sure about the whole 'its magic items and been FAQ'd for the icons/gifts as they are specifically NOT magic items - and are not affected by anything that would nullify the effects of magic items.

You will have to double check that one.

28-06-2011, 22:30
Yeah, that how my hounds have been working so far. Chase down small units, characters or war machines, and flank a unit the Bloodletters are hitting. with 10 wounds and 10 attacks they're effectively 2 ranks of fast, mobile 'Letters.

I've checked the FAQ, the point above is absolutely correct. Daemonic Icons are Magic Standards, so only one of each per army.

I could of course switch them out for a Standard of Sundering or similar on the BSB.

At 2K points I only have 50 points for Thirster gifts, so no Dark Insanity for me I'm afraid. Considering Spell Breaker - between that and SoS, if I manage to cancel out even the first magic phase my daemons should hopefully be in range to start swinging turn two...

With regards to the Juggers - one unit of 6 or two units of 3? The larger unit should obviously stick around longer, but again lose one and no rank breaking. 2 units might be easier to pick off, but would give me more maneuverability (and my opponents more fast targets to worry about!)

28-06-2011, 23:21
I prefer blocks of juggers. 3x2 is good, with a herald gives me 14 S6 attacks and 3 S5.

My flesh hounds never do much. I find once you lose one or two, they become useless. I could see a bigger unit working (I did run a single rank of 8 for a while with some success)

Crushers are more durable than an equal number of flesh hounds, just not an equal points value. Although, they are very deadly with a herald.

I've got 3 chariot heralds built up at home. I planned to run them all in storm of magic for a giggle. I think you would need two to hurt.

28-06-2011, 23:50
Thought as much re. the chariot. Doubling a herald (or Skulltaker's) wounds and making them extra mobile sounds nice... up until you realise they're a big ol' target.

The Jugger block sounds nasty, and with or without a Herald it sounds like it will hit harder and be more resiliant than a Bloodthirster.

See this is one of the reasons I like this list. 1,500pts plus a 500pt Thirster, or a 500pt Juggerblock. It's almost modular! ;-)

29-06-2011, 08:35
It is indeed! I find with my mono-Khorne Daemons it's just plain safer and easier to play 4000 point games and NOT HAVE TO WORRY about lists as I'll just take the entire model collection!

One of the few times the Fleshound Bus comes into play! (20 Fleshounds, 5 by 4!)

Shame about the icons now being magic standards

29-06-2011, 10:37
i cant see the thirster being worth the points, hes nearly a full 25% of your points allocation, and he will get caught up very easily doing nothing.

it just needs to get stuck against somthing steadfast and it will be gone for 2-3 turns.

and with so few units on the table, your opponent will more than likely be able to out manouvre you to flank aswell.

id go with 2 units of 3 blood crushers instead, fast, movable and great for flanking once the letters get into combat

30-06-2011, 09:03
The 'Thirster has died once and come close once in the three games I've played so far... 500pts on a single model does seem to represent a big risk, even if 90% of the time he should be whaling away on someone by turn 2.

So the Bloodcrusher unit - and up to 12 wounds for a similar price - is starting to look very attractive.

But I'm also thinking of getting mean and nasty.

OK, this is a Khorne-themed Daemons list. But I'm giving up a shooting phase AND a magic phase. And MR + Ward aside, magic defense isn't spectacular.

So how about (fluff-wise) - having a Chaos Sorcerer Daemonologist as general. A sorcerer dedicated to Daemonic Lore and the summoning and manipulation of Daemons?

Obviously represented in game terms by

Herald of Tzeentch
with Master of Sorcery (Lore of Life), plus either Spell Breaker or Flames of Tzeentch.

He can block enemy spellcasting, summon more Daemons into the fray, buffs their toughness, and if things get painful can open a direct, one-way portal into the Realms of Chaos underneath an enemy unit...

Gah. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I need to wash my hands.

30-06-2011, 09:17
its one of those great combos. 1 deamon has MR bonuses, the other is a heavy magic caster.
but remember that he cannot join the blood letters. so id consider a chariot or a disk

30-06-2011, 18:15
No, No, No total kop out, you want 100% Khorne then stick to your principles.

You don't see me taking a Black Orc WarBoss in my night Goblin list do ya, eh, eh.

30-06-2011, 22:11
It is a washout. My khorne daemons don't do too bad in normal games with no spellcasters.

But, and this may be side tracking, SOM is on the horizon. And I do think that the tzeentch sorcerer lord does look like a tzeentch bloodletter.

I plan to buy a couple of him and put them in my khorne army. With a suitably violent lore, such as fire, death or beasts.

01-07-2011, 13:51
Yeah, I've been pleasantly surprised by the way the Khorne daemons have performed so far even without magic and shooting.

I was uncertain about the 'letters to start with, with only one attack each, but hatred plus steadfast certainly helps them hold their own. I haven't lost many models to instability so far.

But I AM liking the idea of the army being led by a mortal Daemonoligist... like a Daemonic equvalent of an undead horde lead by a Necromancer...

@ ASHEY: You just don't want your new-fangled Night Goblin horde getting Dweller'ed. Besides, it's not as though you haven't given ME grief with Throne of Vines before, is it?