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29-06-2011, 21:16
the dragon templars where created by the dark angels as a successor chapter on the planet of grail, the planet and its inhabitants where much like caliban, medieval castles and
knights believed in honour and valor. They used the ppl on this planet as the first to be turned into the new chapter.Only a handfull of dark angels where left on the planet to
instill the ways of the dark angels and to train and watch over them.At a point lost to records the sector was cut off by a raging warp storm, lost to records by the imperium
and the dark angels chapter the sector was forgotten about and the chapter thought lost.in the 40th millenium the storm subsided and from it a fleet of dragon templar ships
emerged, in a nearby sector distress beacons where being sent, traitor marines and chaos where attacking worlds relentlessly. the inquisiton, sisters of battle, the
ordo malleus and other chapters where being spread thin. Hope was seen lost on the planet of thenor, a hive planet being overun by demons and a traitor marine force, when in one
of the last remaining hive cities captitols the governor and general recieved a vox message "We are the Dragon Templars, we hear your plea, and we have come, through steel and
fire we will purge the enemies of the emperor"The dragon templars descended to the planet immediatly by drop pod and thunderhawks in the most dangerous battlezones, pushing
back the enemies of the imperium.The governor couldnt believe the ferrocity of how they pushed the enimies back, bit by bit little by little they pushed them bak till they
where cut off in the desert,it was then the dragon templars released their most dangerous weapon, The dragon knights, terminator clad warriors, robes red and armour in green
with maces and storm shields, they obliterrated the traitor marines and ended the invasion. After the victory the governor held a ceromony for the dragon templars at the capitol
a large pressesion was held, but only one man turned up, marched down the red carpet in his black and red power armour, the helmet with angelic wings in green.When he reached
the governor he took off his helm and before the governor could say anything he said "Give a message to the imperium,I am artourion chapter Master of the dragon Templars,
We are the dragons, through steel and fire we will purge the enemies of the emperor,we have returned" He turned and walked away back to his awaiting thunderhawk and left the
planet. This message the dragon templars gave to all those they met on planets in the sector, eventualy the inquisition was sent to see who the dragon templars was.
The dragon templars met with the inquistion while battling on a demon infested planet, after seeing how effective they where the inquisition decided against any scrutiny against
the chapter but decided to keep a close eye on them. Eventualy artourion on the Dragons Fury, the lead battle barge of the dragons templars ,landed on the rock and he met
azrael.Upon entering he knelt before azrael and said " we have returned brother, the fallen shall repent, all shall repent who have turned from the emperor, through fire and
steel we will purge the enemies of the emperor, we remember and have not forgotten".

-dragonwing is the riders and pilots of the dragon templars, the elite and who are privy to the full truth of their chapter origins and calliban
are the dragon hunters. dragon wing and vehicles are all in red from top to bottom apart from the dragon hunters who have a bit of green on them
to show their origins and have not forgotten about the fallen but to outsiders it a coalation to dragons colour.

-Dragonguard is the 1st company, clad in terminator armour, the main armour colour is green to once again show their origin chapter and have not
forgotten about the fallen but robes are red. Dragon knights are the elite and have same colour scheme.

i tried to give a glimpse of their attitude and colour schemes to reflect they not the same as dark angels but the higher u go up the inner circle they told more
of the truth and thus the colur scheme is reflected in it, but to outsiders it means a colour to dragons rather then the past of dark angels, wanted it so noone knows they
known to be a successor chapter to dark angels apart from higher up within the chapter and dark angels chapter, so they can have their own rituals, beliefs and be more secretive but
still hunt the fallen.