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30-06-2011, 07:10
Daemon prince, level 3 wizard, mark of tzeentch, tendrils of tzeentch 495

Exalted hero, mark of khorne, axe of khorne, favour of Gods shield 180
Chaos sorcerer, level 2 wizzard, mark of tzeentch, book of secrets, spell familiar, 180

50 marauders, great weapons, mark of khorne, full command 300
50 marauders, great weapons, mark of tzeentch, full command 290
20warriors, hand weapon, shield, mark of tzeentch,full command, blasted standard 410
5 marauder horsemen, mark of tzeentch, flails, full command 125


please let me know what you think :)

30-06-2011, 09:50
you are all over the place imo. I dont think a level 3 is going to cut it in todays meta game. I would say drop tendrils and get level 4 or drop the prince and get a sorc lord on a disk with enchanted shield talismen of preservation and infernal puppet (410)

You need a bsb in you army. and for that i would say go with your mark of khorne guy on a chaos steed. Level 2 can be cut completely.

with those horsement MoT is worthless give them MoK instead, and I would give the MoT marauders shield and handweapon instead or give them MoK.

And i would add some more warriors. Like 12 with MoK and halberds if you have the points

30-06-2011, 10:30
i do want to fit the daemon prince in the list at 2000 points is there a better loads out?

and i can try the the 2 sets of 50 marauders with full command and MoK
would it be worth dropping the marauder hosemen in favour of a bsb? but what banner do i take?

30-06-2011, 20:03
Demon princes for WoC I don't think should ever be used for magic.. If you're using one I'd say give it the 4+ ward and magic resistance gift. Maybe -d3 to ranged strength.. And mark of khorne.. But I'd strongly suggest scorcerer lord.. U get so much more for your points.. A Bsb is needed but no point giving it any magic so you can keep your magicitems..

I'd also change the tzeentch Marauders to khorne also.. With 50 of them you don't need the defence and the damage output of Marauders is awesome.

Just my 2 cents