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04-07-2011, 02:42
Post pretty much says it all--I'm starting Fantasy, and while I keep on tweaking my list, I was hoping for some feedback on the list I liked best:

-Tomb King 221
Armour of Fortune, Dragonhelm, Great Weapon, Shield

-Liche High Priest 255
Level 4, Talisman of Preservation

-35 Warriors 150
Standard Bearer

-35 Warriors 150
Standard Bearer

-Chariots 175
3, Standard Bearer

-Archers 66

-Tomb Guard 339
29, Standard Bearer, Musician/Captain (undecided atm)

-Warsphinx 210

-Necro Knights 205
3, Standard Bearer

-Casket of Souls 135

-Screaming Skull Catapult 90

Total: 1999

The Tomb King joins with the Guard so that they benefit from MWbD, and the Liche hangs back with the Archers while casting spells. Preferably, the Catapult and Casket deploy in corners away from each other, to both split up enemy fire and try to minimize damage from the Casket's explosion (should it happen). Feedback, please?

04-07-2011, 20:01
2 blocks of skellies with no prince in either is a bit excessive IMHO. I would drop unit to buy a prince and light armour for the remaining unit

04-07-2011, 20:19
Your starting on a pretty steep learning curve if TK is your first army in WFB, so try not to get too discouraged early on if things start out a little rough.
mowser has a point about the skeletons, they wont be able to do much in themselves without a character to suppourt them except crumble astonishingly fast. You might get more out of them if one or both of your big units was archers, so you could at least whittle down some of the opposition as they come at you.
Actually, if your TG have halberds, just put your king in one of the big skellie units instead, that way you have two viable combat infantry units, TG can handle themselve fairly well against a lot of units without a character in them, far better than skeletons anyway.

04-07-2011, 21:03
I don't agree with the above posters, at 2000 points that looks like an completely viable list. Adding more characters to that list will make it top heavy and that is really not the way to go with TK armies in 8:th edition. The fact that the two units of Warriors are just 300 points together is great since it means that you can lose both of them and don't break a sweat. Remember that they suck an they will serve you well. I would definitely not remove the king from the TG unit, TG without an king is nothing to write home about. If you are running the king it might be worth trying to find the points for an deathmask but that is really up to you!

04-07-2011, 21:34
The Warriors aren't there to be killy, but to stall: deployed 7x5, they can hold up other units in combat, most likely remain steadfast, and give the actual killy units a chance to counter-charge/flank.

@Maoriboy007: I'm not that fond of the archers, as it does seem to take a very large unit (which is 1.5 times as expensive as the warriors) to do anything effective. I only have archers in the list to A) Give the LHP a guard, and B) Fill out the minimum for my 25% Core units.

@Lilike: Wow, I'd never really thought through what the Deathmask did. That's nice, albeit expensive.

Leth Von Lucifuge
04-07-2011, 23:43
You seem to be under the impression steadfast does something for undead. It doesnt, you just crumble. Lilike has the right idea, use em for the weight of numbers and as tar pits for units that dont kill fast enough.

05-07-2011, 02:11
Oh, that's true. I had forgotten about that. Would then be better to field slightly larger units (perhaps around 40) then horde them up? Or will it not make a difference?