View Full Version : 2500 WoC, Undivided

Leth Von Lucifuge
04-07-2011, 17:20
I got a tourney coming up at my FLGS and lately the DE and VC aint cutting it. WoC are my big guns but my usual style of piling on the tzeench and frenzy has gotten a bit stale, so i decided to bring on something different. C&C is welcome and encouraged. The only real rules I've got as far as theme are "lotsa warriors" and "no marks."
This is what I got so far...

Sorcerer Lord w/
lvl 4 (Heavens)
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Might
Power Familiar

Exalted Hero w/
Biting Blade

Exalted Hero w/
Armor of Morrslieb

Exalted Hero w/
Sword of Swift Slaying

Sorcerer w/
Lvl 2 (Death)
Dispel Scroll

18 Warriors w/ Halberds, FC 318
18 Warriors w/ Shields, FC 318
5 Horsemen w/ Shield, Flails, Musician 86 x2
5 Warhounds 30 x2

5 Knights w/ Musician 210
15 Chosen w/ Halberds, Shields, FC, Favour of the Gods, Standard of Discipline 370
Chariot 120

The two extra exalteds will body guard my lord and bsb as an extra buffer for challenges, but also they help make my non marked units a bit more killy. The lord goes with the chosen for the +1 Ld, and the bsb goes in whichever unit makes tactical sense (ie which ever of the two warrior units or chosen I put in the middle of my army). The extra sorc is a floater mainly there to use LoD to kill wizards and monsters.

Any advice on how to wield this army or on how to improve the list is welcome.