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05-07-2011, 05:56
Hi all, I kept trying to resist the call. But, it seems I have failed. Not only did I failed to not start, but in my desire to "only get one or two things to paint" I have started an army with elites and not a battleforce.

So, I need your help.

I own a Succubus, Urien, 2 other Haemos, 3 Grotesques, 1 Raider, 1 Ravanger, 5 Wracks, and 5 Incubi.
I have 12 old Dark Age Harpies with their wings clipped to act as Wyches that will fit in with a Haemo style list.

How do I expand this to make a GOOD 1-1.5k list?
Is it possible to do so for only 1 to 2 hundred dollars?
Should I now get everyone rides or should I buy the battleforce I should have started with?

Help please!

05-07-2011, 06:33
well it looks like your doing a coven list rather than the 3xblasterborn (or 2x blasterborn 1x incubi) so thats cool

the first thing is to work out weather you want to do WWP (semi foot sloging) or mech

considnering what you have and money constraints I'd do the WWP. either give it to a Haemos ( or buy 2 and give them both one) and then join them to wracks in raiders and zoom forward and then deploy WWP and then your reserves can come in from there (the rest of the list)

the other option is convert the Succubus to an archon (as seccubus can't take WWP) and give him shadow field, PGL, aganiser and a WWP and stick him in venom with the incubi

the other thing is you might need some anti tank- in a coven list there is 2 options- either squads of scourages with haywire or heat lances or talos/chronos and get them in close combat- your S6 grotesks can help with that to (if your taking Urien)

05-07-2011, 14:12
No matter what I'd get a battleforce to help round out your list. All the units in it are useful and you'll have a lot more options going forward.

From there, you could either get a second battleforce for a strong fast list. You could get 2 venoms and another ravager to finish off what you have or you could get a talos instead of the ravager to further commit to the webway portal list.

No matter what though, I think you should look at the battleforce for a first purchase and if in the future you ever decide you need a raider, warriors, or wyches you should get a second battleforce to really round out what you have.

Beyond that you could go one of multiple directions with your list with what you have.

05-07-2011, 15:13
For all intents and purposes, Wracks are essentially Troops, especially considering you already have a Haemonculus.

The battleforce seems to be geared towards a Sliscus list (lots o' drugs yet no Hellions, single Warrior squad, one Raider). The only thing you'll probably use out of the whole thing is the one Kabalite you equip with the Blaster, and maybe the Raider. The Battleforce doesn't get you very far at all, especially if you want a good list. It's fine for an alright list, but a good DE list involves a crapton of Venoms, a crapton more Blaster Kabalite Trueborn, and 3 Tri-lance Ravagers. Your scoring units will basically consist of 5 Warriors on a double-cannon Venom, spammed as desired. Battleforces are incredibly inefficient at building this list. Based on what you've got already, you might want to go for a coven list instead. Don't worry so much about maxing out your units because you'll mostly be fielding 5-strong squads anyway.

I'm sort of in the same boat as the OP. My only DE models to date are 2x Razorwings, 5 Hellions (including the Baron conversion), and a Raider. I plan to do a Kabal/Wych hybrid roughly conforming to the fluff of the Slashed Eye Kabal. The Battleforce caters to me because I'm planning a list with an even split between Kabalites and Wyches, while Reavers compliment my Hellions with their anti-tank abilities. I don't plan to use any coven units at all, barring the odd Haemonculus here or there.

Generally speaking, for every Battleforce you get, buy a Raider as well. That way, you'll be able to mechanize everything you own. Even if mech gets nerfed, having a Raider for every squad will still be better than having your super-frail units sitting out in the breeze waiting to get pounded off the table.

06-07-2011, 01:36
I've bought 2 boxes of Scourges to help with anti-tank and I think my buy next month will be the battleforce. Thanks for all your advice about building the army. I will go for a WWP army because thinking it over I can't justify paying 33 bucks for every one of my units to get a paper plane for an army I haven't trained with yet.

07-07-2011, 01:08
So, I have written up a list for my new force. Please offer any feedback you can.