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Lord Solar Plexus
05-07-2011, 14:23
Hi all, I visited a small tournament (1k, no single model over 150 points). This was my first tourny ever, and I played three games against three armies I've never encountered before. The goal was to capture a Dwarf cart with some ale or magic formula which moved randomly at the start of each player turn. I will add some pictures as soon as I get them.

My List

Captasus, Sword of Fate, FP, Shield
L2 Shadow
10 Knights w/ lances, Standard, Musician, Banner of Arcane Warding
8 Knights w/ Hammers, Standard, Musician, BotEF
12 X-Bows
7 Outriders

Game 1 vs WoC

A nice guy, just my sense of humour, although not that firm with the basic rules but that hardly mattered. He had

42 Marauders with HW/shield + L2 Fire
30 Marauders w/ MoT + L2 Fire
5 Hounds
6 Trolls



Turn 1 saw me advancing slowly and killing 10 Marauders from the big block with shooting. Trolls fail stupidity, nothing advanced since he didn't want to break up his line. I thought that was a bad idea considering my firepower and his CC prowes but hey. In the magic phase, he killed two Outriders with a fireball and they promptly fled off the table (mistakenly, because I rolled an 8 and my General was around).

My Captasus then charged into the big block of Marauders with his L2/General and killed him. The Pegasus himself did three more wounds. Three ranks + standard were not enough to cancel my 5 wounds + charge. He picked up the dice and promptly rolled a 9, and the big block was run down.

Magic was uneventful for some time until I charged my lances into the Trolls and dropped their T down to 2. Despite saving like his life depended on it, I won two rounds and the Trolls fled as well. His Spawn hit my Hammer knights and was killed by them. They overran into the second Marauder block (actually trying to reach the Trolls, as their flaming attacks were best employed here) but were rear charged by the Hounds and soundly beaten due to a lot of fumbles on the part of the knights. Turn 4 only saw some reshuffling and reforming, and then we were already out of time - and no-one controlled the Dwarf wagon! Had it gone on for one more turn, I believe I could have captured it with my superior mobility and I think I could have killed his remaining Marauders too (Knights in the rear, Peggie in the front or some such).

Result: Tie (despite a solid Imperial dominance in terms of fighting power)

Game 2 vs VC
He had

a simple Vampire (L1 or 2, I don't remember) in a small Ghoul bunker (20)
medium block of Grave Guard
5 Grave Knights (?)
another block of Ghouls (30 I think)

---------------------Ghoul bunker
---Horde of Ghouls-GG---Knights

Peggie-Outriders-Hammers-X-Bows on hill-Lancers

I had again first turn. Magic saw me killing 2 (!) GG with Pit hitting them full on and 7 Ghouls with shooting. The Captasus advanced on my left, way into his DZ, facing his Vampire bunker's flank, the Hammer Knights advanced left centre and the lance knights held on the right (opposite his Knights). On his turn, he raised his losses back up and advanced a bit. Turn 2 saw my Hammers charging his large Ghoul block and the Captasus charging the bunker. The Captain slew the champion he wisely threw my way and the Knights + horses butchered around 8 Ghouls + crumble while taking only one casualty themselves. Magic was uneventful with few dice and shooting again killed those 7 GG. For some reason, he couldn't raise his champion again (whether he didn't meet the value or I dispelled, I don't remember), so on turn 3 I was free to fight his Vampire, who's blows glanced off my Captain's armour. The captain whiffed his attacks but the Pegasus did three wounds - and that was a very dead Vampire. Crumble saw two of his knights, a few GG and many Ghouls die.

The combat between the remaining Ghouls and my Hammers went pear-shaped when his GG flank-charged me and wiped them out. Both units overran 12" to the far left though, nearly leaving the table and completely out of position. His Ghouls in combat with my Captain finally died as well. My lancers decided it was time to get rid of his remaining knights. No casualties were caused on either side (I managed 2 wounds out of 10 attacks) but with the charge and standard, I easily ran them down. Finally, my wizard left the crossbows and got hold of the Dwarf wagon, and that was that.

Result: Victory for the Empire (and a massacre as well)

Game 3 vs DoC
He had

29 Bloodletters + Herold with S6 and hatred
6 Flamers
8 Horrors with L2 Death
5 Bats
some kind of Slaneesh beast

Horde of Letters-Flamers-Horrors w/ Wiz-Bats-Beastie

Hammers-Outriders-Peggie-X-Bows w/Wiz-Lances

Turn 1 saw his Flamers capture the Dwarf cart and his mage taking off two wounds of my Captasus with the Toughness spell. His bats circled around my flank, out of charge and shoot arc. I advanced cautiously, not wanting to risk a charge from his large unit. 4 Letters died to Outriders.

On turn 2, his bats flank charged my crossbows - I had forgotten to move my wizard out - and broke them to never rally again. I killed another four Letters with shooting. The Captasus rushed forward and charged his horrors, easily slaying his wizard in turn - so much for a magic phase (the Horrors couldn't use their missile in CC)!

Turn three saw my Captain slay many horrors and more crumble. He proceeded to rear charge my Outriders and killed a whopping five of them (5 attacks, four hits, four wounds, no passed saves) and overran into the Hammer Knights, who killed two but the Bats stayed in the fight with snake eyes. My lance knights were chasing the beast on the other flank and trying to avoid the big block of Killing Blow Letters. My Captasus killed the last Horror and here I made another mistake - instead of reforming to charge the Flamers with the Cart, he reformed to charge the beast (which by now threatened the rear of my knights but that really didn't matter, as capturing the cart was the only victory condition). At least he slew it with ease.

During the end-game, he charged his Letters into my Hammer Knights (still engaged with two Gargoyles/Bats) and killed them to a man. My lancers then failed an absymally long and late charge on the Flamers and my Captasus was finally slain while valiantly trying to hold his big block up with a flank charge.

Result: Loss for the Empire (the forces were IMO relatively evenly matched, and any differences in deployment or the Dwarf cart moving into my direction on turn 1 could have easily changed the outcome).

All in all, those were three great games with three great opponents. The other participants were another VC player, a nasty Skaven force w/ Doomrocket, WLC, Gutter Runners and Doomwheel, and Dwarfs (the only army with a BSB and a Lord choice btw). I was very very happy with the way my list played, and especially with my Captasus. When I made it, I did not expect much but decided to stick to the patrol force theme. With some help from his steed, the Captasus killed the general in all three games, and that general happened to be a wizard in all three instances and single-handedly (well, after a failed LD test and some crumbling) defeated 32 Marauders, 8 Horrors and 20 Ghouls. Despite the chance of a hit from a WLC (which I was happy to avoid playing against), the Trolls vomit and some KB's, the Knights' superior armour really paid off.

07-07-2011, 11:32
nice reps and an interesting army. Bloodletters are a handfull though

07-07-2011, 23:42
Hey cool batreps. Where exactly was that tourney? It wasn't listed on this site (http://www.tabletopturniere.de/index.php), was it?
If it would've been, I'm almost positive I would've been there.

Gabacho Mk.II
08-07-2011, 06:21
Good thread!

Thanks for posting. :)

Lord Solar Plexus
08-07-2011, 07:52
You're welcome!

Gargobot, no, it wasn't listed there. It was the summer tournament of the Rhein-Erft-League, which in fact is just a fancy name for their gaming group.