View Full Version : 2500 trying to field 2 khorne chariots

07-07-2011, 13:14
So I'd love to field two khorne chariots that I've recently scratch built. problem is letter blocks must have heralds and if i want to use crushers they really should have a herald as well. that means 3 heralds already plus the two extra I'd like to field, there is simply no room for 5 hero choices. As I really don't like greater daemons theres plenty room in lords alas thats not an option.

O.K. so I have to lessen the number of heroes then.
If I use fiends and not crushers thats one less hero choice. If I deathstar the letters I could lose another hero choice. Problem is the number of letters I'd have to field in one block seems excessive. That means i either go with 4 hero choices all naked for 2 reasonable sized daemon blocks or go over the top with one unwieldly single block.

The last option is to just not use HoKs in the letter blocks at all which means they lose hatred for that first round. Of course if I do that Im back down to two heros and I know I have room for a third. So a third hero? Bet I could fit in a HoT w/ MoS and wings. The HoT also could be a BSB w/o a special banner.

O.K. so 2 HoKs w/ firestorm blade and soul hunger plus a HoT w/ wings,MoS, and BSB.

The letter blocks won't get hatred but with LoLight the buffs my HoT can give them should make up for the loss.

I'll also need Fiends for the chariots to hide behind because warmachines are retarded and I'd rather not lose both chariots top of turn1 to unfair cannon sniping. God I HATE empire.

Speaking of cannons Furies are a must to get riid of those completely ridiculous models.

So theres most of the list made now what to fill in the rest with?

2 x HoK chariots - Firestorm Blade, Soul Hunger
HoT w/ Wings, MoS - LoLight, BSB

2 x 30 letters
2 x 5 Furies

6 Fiends

-2 x 6 flamers
or - 2 x 8 hounds or 1 big 16 man hound block