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Awilla the Hun
07-07-2011, 20:25

A series of fantasy short stories trying to drag me back into creative writing after a long, uni induced absence. Takes a lot from the Warhammers (both of them), A Song of Ice and Fire, and Solomon Kane. An Inquisitor, and her henchman, roam the world in a series of short stories. (The first is part way done.) They fight various beasties that go bump in the night.

Title: The Inquisitor and her Mouthman

Length, Draft and Language: The first part of a series of short stories. Circa 6,000 words thus far. First draft, English language. Told from the first person.

Brief Summary: A wondering singer arrives at a trade fair, with a mission on his exceptionally leak prone mind: to find out exactly where he is, and make money. An Inquisitor arrives with a rather different mission. Their paths cross, and hell starts to break loose...

Sub Genre & Keywords - Fantasy, short story, witch hunting, medieval

Known Issues - Some of the terminology sounds like a double entendre. It was not supposed to. Writing may also be a bit bland at times. And this first part is building up to the action, which will soon be unleashed.

Critique Requested - Feedback: As rigorous as possible.

Critique Tolerance - Constructive Criticism. Flaming would not be appreciated.

Experience & Goals - Have been writing on fictionpress for several years, and intend to get back into the creative writing 'groove'. Short stories seemed a good way in which to do it, before returning to anything longer and more sophisticated.

Method of Communication - Follow the link, and review on the site. That would suffice perfectly well.

Anything else?-Nothing, in particular. I hope you enjoy it.