View Full Version : 2K Cult of Slaanesh

Mr. Shadowsun
05-04-2006, 13:33
cult of slaanesh army based around fast moving units, with one little(!) surprise.

Druchii anointed with great weapon, steed of slaanesh, quickening blood, sporific musk, avatar of slaanesh.

Lv.2 sorcores with MoS and tome of furion

20 devoted of slaanesh with musician, standard bearer and mistress with speed of slaanesh

12 daemonettes

6 shades with MoS

5 cold one knights with full command and MoS

5 mounted daemonettes

5 dark riders with repeater crossbows and MoS

2 repeater bolt throwers with MoS



05-04-2006, 15:26
I would take the mark of slaanesh off the dark riders, and off the shades (how do you expect them to run? and add more shades. I would get rid of the musician on the cold one knights, and toss out the giant (does not fit in the theme anyways) lower the devoted to 16, get another unit of dark riders and then get some furies, or better yet some DE spearmen!

05-04-2006, 19:37
I think you're quite weak against magic, tho you're immune to psyc mostly, it's still going to damage you, especially because only the CoK have saves against it, (is annointed a mage? i think so but i forget) no scrolls could be lethal if they do get 1 SUPER spell off, IMO take at least 1 on ur sorceress.

but yea, MoS on shades and Dark riders should go, and a mus on the adrk riders, id consider 18 devoted (6 by 3).