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10-07-2011, 17:09
Just came up with this in another thread and it's got the old synapses firing....

Basically the idea works like this.
There are a number of different Invulnerable saves (the initial thought is 4) Each of them works as an Invulnerable save does currently but they have a distinct category (Daemonic/Wargear/Dodge/Aura).
These Categories then each have their own exceptions, things and situations that bypass them so, for example, A model with a Dodge Invulnerable save wouldn't expect to get it if a template or blast hits them, A Daemonic save would be bypassed by any psychically based attack (like Force weapons) and a Wargear save would be nixed by special ammo and the such like. Aura would be the catch all does everything Inv save that we currently have.

Could be fun, no?

Rhana Dandra
10-07-2011, 17:26
I could see something like this being brought into 6ed and I don't see why not. In my opinion, the more complex a game is and the less it's down to chance etc., the better it is.

Drakcore Bloodtear
10-07-2011, 17:39
I remember MvS made advanced apocalypse rules, which incorporated saves similar to that. In the apocalypse game I played with the rules, it sort of slowed the game down however due to certain weapons being able to bypass such saves, it did make for some interesting moments and characters.

10-07-2011, 18:56
The Dodge save in 2nd ed (like Ragnaar's) moved the model out from under the template. But the save from a displacement field did not work if it did not displace the model far enough to get away from the template.

10-07-2011, 19:05
I reckon stuff like this might well come in 6th, though I'm not sure it's really too needed. Could be a fun extra dimension though, and add depth to characters :)