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12-07-2011, 15:22
I ended up going 2-2-1

Round 1
Ben Cone's Goblins - Drew
Right before the end of the game I got curse of the bad mooned randomly onto I and it took out a whole unit of Saurus:( Also lost a unit of krox on the last turn by failing every armor save:( One save would have got me the win. It was a great game though and a great opponent. I just had a hard time eating through so many gobbos in the time allotted:)

Round 2
Sean Jusquaith's WoC - Loss
This was one of those games where my luck was abysmal. I broke concentration a couple of times not even being stingy on the dice. I threw 4 dice at boosted Pha's, so only needed a 12-4 for my general is an 8 and I rolled 3-1s and a 2:( Also, I used my cupped hands on his sorcerer with death to give him a dimensional cascade, which he failed his test, but then rerolled it into a pass. It would have been great if he didn't as he purple sunned a whole krox unit of the board the next turn. Ouch! He kicked my ass like a gentleman though.

Round 3
Kent Rector's WoC - Loss
This was one of they guys I was staying wtih, so we had a great time, but somehow I loss. I can't remember the last time Kent beat me, but I had been on a winnning streak, so I guess it was just his time. This is another game where I sent my cupped hands dimensional cascade across the table and he failed but rerolled and saved his wizard. This wizard also gatewayed my one saurus unit with 12 S7 hits and wounded them all. He might as well have rolled the 11 or 12:) Kent is also the only guy to get my slann due to me charging into a few khorne warriors with a full krox unit where I assumed it would be safe to park by slann behind, but I whiffed magic phasse and my attacks and he got a ton of his, so I broke and he overran into my slann and worked him the next round. I got mot of his units down to way under half and got his hellcannon, but I needed to drop a couple more full units:( A great fun game though. Kent got a little butt sore on my comp score for his army, but I told him if he had another HC I would have given him a one. He did get full sports and my best game, so he can quit whining. Also, I didn't rap his nuts with my nuckles when we came back to the room after drinking and found him all spread eagle on the bed, but his brother did.

Round 4
Steve's Beastmen
This was my first game against beastmen in 8th, so I was kind of excited for it even though I was feeling real rough from the night before. I stayed up too late and drank way too much and ate a massive amount of fish and chips as well, so when I finally did go to sleep I was not able to actually sleep. Anyway, Steve was a great guy and we had a good game. It started a little rough with me when early in the game I declared 3 charges on his big horde. My two krox made it, but my spears failed. I really wanted one krox and the spears, I think the spears needed a 7 one, krox needed a 6 and the othe needed an 8. So then my magic phase comes around and I got no spells off. I wasn't real happy about that as he had wyssans on the horde, so I lose combat, but I stick around. Then in his turn I break and he gets one of my krox units, but I then charge into them with my spears and get off Speed of Light, Pha's Protection, Light of Battle and Briona's Timewarp on them and I go to work and run that unit down, which gave me the game. I kind of wish we had one more turn as I think I could have got a few more points depending on what he did and also some of the objective pts. It really didn't matter though as neith of us were in the running for winning or anything.

Round 5
Robert Elmer's Chaos Dwarves
Another army I had never faced before. It was a good game for me as Robert's rolls were pretty abysmal and I had good magic phases for most of the game which kept most of my troops from dying. The game ended with a big scrap in the middle. I had only lost one unit of krox and I got one of his war machines, bull centaurs, level 4, hobgoblins and blunderbuss. The krox were a nice counter to the blunderbuss as he only got six shots against them and they have a good T and AS.

It was a great fun weekend. Good work Grant and the rest of the TO's. I will try to make it back next year.