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13-07-2011, 11:24
Just wondering what people think of this themed and fluffy list for an upcoming no comp tournament?. Glory to Tzeentch.

Lord - Sorceror Lord - MOT, Level 4, Disc, Earthing Rod, Golden Eye, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might.

Heroes - Chaos Sorceror - MOT, Level 2, Disc, Third Eye, Charmed Shield

Heroes - Exalted Hero - MOT, BSB, Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon

Core - 40x Chaos Marauders - MOT, Shields, Full Command

Core - 20x Chaos Warriors - MOT, Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer

Special - 30x Chosen - MOT, Shields, Halberds, Full Command, Favour, Wailing Banner

Rare - Warshrine - MOT

Rare - Warshrine - MOT

It's themed cuz everything is Tzeencth, in case you didn't notice ;).
Just because it's themed doesn't mean it has to be soft.

General idea is points denial, everything in the army being dead hard to kill, with the Wizards zooming around and zapping things.

Get the 3++ on the Chosen and push them forward, I doubt much will get through that unit.

BSB goes in the Marauders, that unit should hold up anything all year.

Warriors are for Watchtower and general Warriorness.

Warshrines in case Chosen don't get 3++ on the initial roll, the other can then either make the Chosen even harder or buff something else.

Not to shabby at blood and glory either.

Basically wanted it to be a bit different to the Khorne GW Marauder and Hellcannon spam army everyone and there dogs runs. Couldn't help myself with the Chosen.


14-07-2011, 06:36
Oh man, can't believe this almost dropped out of the front page.
This is such a nice list!
It's really easy to do a themed Tzeentch list, now I know that.
I believe this is is really up to it and honestly, I have an itch to try it myself lol x)
Wailing Banner on the Chosen is an interesting option, too.

Lord Inquisitor
14-07-2011, 06:54
This looks like a top-tier tournament build. It has the standard Chosenstar with the mandatory Tzeentch warshrines. Level 4 on a disc with a 3+ Ward. Tzeentch warriors with shields, yep, see them as a standard unit too. The only real concession to theme are the MoT marauders and the fact that the Tzeentch warriors don't have the Banner of Wrath or the Rapturous Standard.

It is a nice, competitive tournament list, it is indeed nice to see a mono-god list and it is themed ... but please don't try to pass it off as "fluffy". :( It is about as fluffy as a morning star with extra spikes. :p

What do you want in terms of feedback? I can give you a few suggestions to make it even spikier (within the constraints of mono-godness), if sheer competitiveness is what you're looking for?

14-07-2011, 08:24
One suggestion - and I hope you take it with a grain of salt. Drop the Sword of Might and Earthing rod, to pay to for the Infernal Puppet - the reason I say this is purely you have him built to avoid combat - so um, yeah drop the stupid sword and get an "Earthing rod" that works all the time. Make your miscast better and your opponent's worse =] Im sure most would agree.

14-07-2011, 09:04
I'd defiantly get the blasted standard on the warriors. Its just too good on a tzeentch warrior unit.

I think your lv2 needs puppet also.

But, nice list.


14-07-2011, 11:14
Thanks for the suggestions guys, Lord Inquisitor, the claims of being Fluffy were a fair bit tongue-in-cheek! :P I would like the puppet, but I think Level 4's need the earthing rod, and as for the level 2 and a standard on the Warriors, were do you think I could drop the points?

Oh and Lord Inquisitor, feel free to share the suggestions, I'm open to change as long as it doesn't anger Tzeentch! Here's looking at Nurgle :shifty:, some of us remember back before the cosmic tea party :D.

And Bloodmire, sword was on him in case of wraiths, but I suppose Flickering Fire could deal with them easily enough.

14-07-2011, 18:23
Grr looks like you stole my 3k list and distilled it down to 2400. Get out of my head! Now I have to post my 3k list....

Looks great though. I agree that the puppet is much more effective and threatening then the earthing rod and therefore more usefull.

I'm not sure I would mount the level 2 as he doesn't have the same level of survivability that the lord does. Droping him in the chosen star would be a rather large deterent for people trying to come to grips with him and his attacks aren't much worse then a base chosen warriors.