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15-07-2011, 16:15
Hi all,

I've been using an Empire character on a pegasus for quite a while now and enjoy the freedom of movement you get using it.

So I've been having a think about going back to one of my first ever armies, Bretonnians, but going for something a bit different - lots of Pegasi. I know this was a build seen in 7th ed but wanted to see it in 8th.

I'm not too bothered about WAACing but would be interested in getting some feedback and I'm not sure I've got the best virtues/items on my characters (but have put down an idea of what I'd like to use them for).

Bretonnian Lord (Character Assassin)
Royal Pegasus
Gauntlet of the Duel
Charmed Shield
Lance of Artois
Virtue of Purity

Prophetess of the Lady
Level 4 Heavens
Dispel Scroll
Ironcurse Icon
Lords 490pts

Paladin BSB (Support)
Barded Warhorse
Dragon's Claw
Ruby Ring of Rhuin

Paladin (Monster Hunter)
Royal Pegasus
Virtue of Heroism
Potion of Foolhardiness

Paladin (Warmachine Hunter)
Royal Pegasus
Armour of Agilulf
Heroes 439pts

10 Knights of the Realm
Full Command
Standard of Discipline

10 Peasant Bowmen
Stakes, Braziers
Standard, Musician

10 Peasant Bowmen
Stakes, Braziers
Standard, Musician

10 Peasant Bowmen
Stakes, Musician

10 Peasant Bowmen
Stakes, Musician
Core 569pts

4 Pegasus Knights

4 Pegasus Knights
Special 440pts

Field Trebuchet

TOTAL 2028pts

You can see the flavour/style I'm going for here - a mini 'castle' of archers, treb and knights with the pegasi tearing around the board.

The idea is to have concentration of force, either through missile fire & magic or through combi-charges by the pegasi. Oh and what's the current ruling on Pegasus characters joining Pegasus knight units? Is is still a no-no?

Thoughts, comments and contributions will all be welcome (except if they are "you need to drop the whole point of this army idea and take big blocks of men-at-arms" because if I want that I'll go and use my Empire state troops instead.

Pip pip!

15-07-2011, 17:11
Welcome back to this side of the Grey Mountains sir!

A few points. Ironcurse icon is useless considering the blessing, ward saves (with the exception of Magic Resistance and Tzeentch) don't stack, and we get a 6+/5+ ward anyway. Virtue of Duty is something of a must on a BSB, give him that and either a warbanner (we get it cheap) or the Dragonhelm.

Take Life on the prophetess, it's better and you have plenty of heroes to heal up.

You want a proper glass cannon character assassin?
Gauntlet of the Duel- 10 pts, they can't reject challenges
Virtue of Confidence- 25 pts, you re-roll all failed rolls to hit and wound in challenges
Sword of the Quest- 50 pts bypass armour saves
Other Trickster's shard- 15 pts, they re-roll successful ward saves
Sure better hope they're dead at the end of it though! ;)

I think the Terrifying Mask of EEE! is one to consider for your paladins, as is the Virtue of the Ideal, considering they won't be around friendly troops.

We all love bowmen!

Another Treb would be nice, as would Yeomen to deal with warmachines and let your pegs handle units. A lot of groups play around 2400-2500 point games now, which would give you a bit more space.

The RAF list took a lot of bashing in previous editions. With steadfast, it's a hard tool to use properly, almost Elven in style. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it!