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15-07-2011, 17:05
I just decided to switch from VC after many years to Orcs and Goblins. My friends and I have decided to start off with 1000 points, so we can all afford to buy our armies. Here's my first crack at an army. let me know what you think.

Orc Big Boss (General)
+1 to hit
5+ Ward save

Orc Shaman

Night Goblin Shaman

11 Blorcs

20 Orc Boyz
full command

30 Night Gobbos
3 fanatics

Orc Boar Chariot

x3 Spear Chukka

Goblin Doomdiver catapult

Plan to use gobbo's and Orcs to take on charges while I flank with chariot and black orcs (which will have my general with it). All the while firing spears and doomdivers to soften them, and possibly get a couple spells off.

I want to get a decent army concept down before I start buying pieces so be honest please. Thank you in advance.

15-07-2011, 17:14
i think that at 1000 points you have far to many characters.

id take a cheap lord with a good leadership, and a hero with the battle standard bearer. then add a cheap lvl1 ngoblin shaman for some magic.

maybe drop the fanatics which frees you up 75 points.
take a rock lobba instead .

infact id be tempted to make the 30 ngoblins archers. and have them near your warmachines to spin about and shoot

15-07-2011, 17:21
That is actually a Night Goblin Shaman, forgot to mention that. So you're suggesting dropping the Orc Shaman and possibly the fanatics?

What would your Lord/Heroes suggestions be, I'm kind of struggling with that.

Would the tactic then be to sit back and bomb with artillery and wait for them to get to me and engage?

The reason I didn't really want to count on the Rock Lobba was that with 1000 pts, the possibility of me missing will be greater since there will be less models on the field. Also, WoC will be one of my opponents which means even less since they're so expensive. That's why i thought fanatics would have a better chance of getting their points back.

15-07-2011, 18:22
id grab a black orc big boss, and give him some nice items, whatever you fancy, but keep him cheap.

he can sit in the orc unit and stop anaimosity.

then the black orcs can wander about , give them the +ld banner so they are ld 9

then take a big boss with the battle standard and the 4+ wardsave .

id have the orcs run forward, and get into combat with units, the black orcs are a small unit so maybe find points to beef them up, or choose another unit. black orcs are good, but in smaller points they eat alot of points.

maybe try savage orcs instead?

17-07-2011, 14:09
YAWLAalways always always take nets on your N. Goblin blocks.

18-07-2011, 05:37
Never take nets on a unit of n. gobbos under 30, they're aren't going to win fights anyhow; speaking of the gobbos, I agree with the archers angle, but if you try that, then keep the fanatics, they're great for countering a charge, just be willing to lose friends as the trade off.