View Full Version : Will there be new DE models in the near future?

Death Korp
16-07-2011, 13:27
Hey all,

I was looking around the forum to see if a thread like this had already been done, but the last Rumor Round up for Dark Elves was a while back with news of the newly released DE Black Dragon.

Butm I digress. Now, straight to the point, is there going to be some new Dark Elf plastics/finecast models coming up soon, mainly the elites such as the BG, Executioners and Witch Elves, as I don't want to buy any just to find out they've been redone in Plastic/Finecast.
Also, is there going to be plastic Dark Riders/Chariots anytime soon?



16-07-2011, 13:33
Nobody knows.

There is something of a spanner in the works of the rumour mill, called GW clamming up. Make of that what you will, but it kind of prevents anyone knowing anything with any accuracy.

16-07-2011, 14:39
You got a bunch of stuff a week ago, it's not quite time yet to start moaning about a lack of releases :P

That said there is supposedly another batch of finecast coming sometime in the next month or so. What it consists of i have no idea, and i doubt any formal announcement will arrive until the week before its rerelease.

16-07-2011, 20:05
A calculated guess would be that it's mainly storm related stuff, though, so don't get too excited waiting for those chariots...

16-07-2011, 22:48
I just used 2 HE chariots and a box of CoK's.
The Lions from the chariot, can be used in SoM.aswell.

DE could certainly use some new plastics, but don't be fooled into thinking it will save us a penny.

17-07-2011, 11:15
More models brotha ......best way to go =] bigger collection and fun to model . I believe the more models u have means u WIN !!!!!! well..... in life ;]