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17-07-2011, 06:51
Here is my first attempt at my new Bretonnian army. I don't own any models yet so any criticism and advice as to what to change is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

The Glorious Charge

Brandyn Kohorst Slayer of Beasts 263pts
Royal Pegasus
Virtue of Heroism
The Heartwood Lance
Dragon’s Claw

Christine the Beautiful 119pts
Lv. 2 Damsel
Barded Warhorse

Floura the Kind 105pts
Lv. 2 Damsel

Cannon Fodder 282pts
41 Men at Arms
Full Command

Providers of Shade 145pts
20 Peasant Bowmen
Light Armour

The Young 321pts
15 Knights Errant
Full Command

The Restless 321pts
15 Knights Errant
Full Command

The Glorious Charge 264pts
10 Knights of the Realm
Full Command

Trebuchet 90pts

Trebuchet 90pts

Total 2000pts

17-07-2011, 09:20

With Bretonnia you have to play a BSB it is compulsory (that's why the upgrade to BSB is free).
The light armour on the Bowmen is IMO a waste of points.

This is just my personal preference :)
I like to play with 2 units of 20 archers and 2 Trebuchet with no M@A
I would use the points of the M@A to buy the BSB and add more KotR.

And one last sing; I love the the Questing Knights. I mean love them, favorite unit in the army.

18-07-2011, 17:31
I am currently in the process of building a Bret army but haven't had a chance to play them yet. Here is my advice based on what I've read on the forums. Generally Knights Errant are seen an inferior KotR. They're impetuous, and have WS3. If you want Errants, I would probably run just 1 unit with Errantry Banner. I would rather run 2 units of KotR, maybe one at 13 (throw in Lord and damsel for 15) and one at 11 (BSB goes here), 2 trebuchets, 2x20 archers with braziers and stakes, a Lord, BSB and then either 2 damsels or a prophetess. At least on paper I'm a fan of M&A but I will defer to more experienced players until I've gotten some experience playing with them.

Hmmm, it doesn't look like you're getting too many responses. You can try these Bretonnian forums and maybe have some better luck: http://www.roundtable-bretonnia.org/

The Merry Mushroom
28-07-2011, 09:46
not bad for a first try! Few suggestions:

1) The lord on pegasus will die easily to any missile fire your opponent has, and since he is the only guy with a flying horse, he will get shot pretty easily so invest on some more flying horses, or drop the pegasus entirely.

2) As the BSB is obligatory you must either drop: a) M@A squad (btw you have miscalculated the cost, it's really only 232pt. so you still got 50pt. to spend on something) b) drop some of the gear from the lord or c) drop one of the knight squads and buy something nice with the leftover points. (note that this advice depends on your play style, If you want a beautiful charge drop the M@A and buy a bucketfull of knights etc.

3) Bretonnian magic is poor IMO (personally I'd drop one damsel and get a prophetess), and since their magic is mainly supportive, I'd suggest a dispel scroll, or if you have the points you can take 'The Silver Mirror' (pretty pricey but funny).

good luck with your army

28-07-2011, 10:52
A lone peg lord is fine just get him charmed shield instead of that useless claw and a tress of isolde as well and then hide him behind stakes

Trade light armour for braziers on the bowmen

Fit aBSB in there

Damsels could be down graded to level 1, you only want Wyssan's anyways...

One should be on foot with the prayer icon so you ge a wardsave on those peasants!

Otherwise it looks fine drop a few errants for the bsb

28-07-2011, 11:24
Dont put damsels with your knights. Stick on tehir own or with the peasants.

Miscasting when inside a unit of knights will teach you why.

Buy the lord an enchanted shield for that 2+ save, and since he's a monster slayer keep him behind a wood till he can pounce. Going hunting for warmachines is asking for trouble.

That 10-man unit of Kotr. Split it into 2 units of 6 knights to get some maneuverability back. Atm your army is at risk from flanking.

28-07-2011, 11:51
Dont put damsels with your knights. Stick on tehir own or with the peasants.

Miscasting when inside a unit of knights will teach you why.

I agree fully with damsels, but I think prophetesses are another matter. A prophetess will usually get throne of vines with 2+ to ignore miscasts. That and the earthing rod will usually see you right. MR2 is a bit too nifty to not give to the knights IMHO, and in the middle of a lance is the best protection she can have.