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17-07-2011, 16:20
ok so ive got a Skaven off my brother and this is my first attempt at making a list.

Grey Seer, Talisman of 4+ ws, Power scroll
goes in large clan rat unit

Queek headtaker
goes in upgraded stormvermin unit

chieftan bsb, halberd,shield,armor of 4+ws
goes in either clan rats, or stormvermin

plague priest,lvl 1 flail, talisman of 5+ws, potion of toughness
goes with plague monks

warplock engineer, lvl 1,dispell scroll, seed of 6+ regen
goes in either clan rats or stormvermin

Assassian, weeping blades
goes in clan rats


40 clan rats, shields,spears,fc

20 stormvermin(upgraded), sheilds, fc, banner of the under empire

skwell,2 packmasters, 20 giant rats

2packmasters,1 rat ogres masterbred, 2 rat ogres

20 plague monks, fc, plague banner


hellpit abom


2500pts total

17-07-2011, 17:03
needs more rats :p

There's some things I think you should add to complete the army

I don't think a level 1 Plague Priest is all that worth it. I prefer my priest to be mounted on a Furnace, though I do give him the flail. Your BSB shouldn't take a halberd, as that prevents him from getting benefit from his shield. A warplock engineer without the Warp-Energy Condenser shouldn't have magic levels. Either run a lvl 1 with the condenser, or run him without magic levels. My preferred setup is lvl 1, Energy Condenser, and Doomrocket. I don't like assassins, I prefer to use my fighty characters for that.

I'd suggest a second unit of Clanrats, and some weapons teams, mortars or warpfire throwers. I'm not a fan of Rat Ogres or Giant rats. They're decent, but I just don't care for them.

I'm still unsure if Plague Monks without a Furnace are worth it, though 20 aren't worth taking, as you'll lose to many of them due to no armour.

Needs more rares! If somethings worth taking, its worth taking twice! My prefered 2.5k list runs 2 doomwheels and 2 WLC's.

17-07-2011, 17:21
You can really go a lot of ways with Skaven depending on your reasons for playing. Are you doing this for fun with a group of friends where winning isn't the most important thing? Or is it a pretty competitive environment where strong lists are the norm?

I can tell you right now that if you are playing friendly games, 2 doom wheels and 2 WLCs will not make you any friends. However in a more serious environment, you will be on par with most power builds. I would agree with the unit sizes regardless of what playstyle you are after. You need bigger units for rats. 20 monks and stormvermin just won't cut it.

Also, are you limited by your brother's collection? If that is the case, what else did he give you? Skaven get expensive in a hurry, so let us know what all you are working with and we can probably help you tweak the core units a bit.

17-07-2011, 17:35
well ive built the list around what i have, i only have 20 stormvermin and 20 plague monks atm, 1 hell pit, 1 doom wheel, 70 clan rats, 5rat ogres(1 being masterbred) 20 giant rats, screamin bell, and various characters. and its mainly a friendly gaming until i get used to playing them.

Jolly Puggles
17-07-2011, 22:04
Hmm...1st word of advice is that if you're planning on running with Skaven for long, you'll be needing more:

More Stormvermin - 20 Stormvermin is a waste of points. They're one of the most cost-effective infantry units in the game (you get a lot of bang for your buck!), so make the most of it! Queeks 'Vermin are even better, but you pay the price. Stormvermin, backed by a half-decent Chieftain (or BSB), will mow through common infantry like a knife through butter and put up a decent fight against 'elite' infantry, but only if you have the numbers to do it.

More Slaves - You currently have none, so you need to get some! You can field Skavenslaves in units twice the size of most infantry for half the cost (literally) and at little reduction in how well they perform. A unit of 40 Slaves with Spear will do, more or less, the same job as a unit of Clanrats, except you're paying half price and care even less when they run away (at which point, instead of running off the table, they'll take a few more of the enemy with them). Nothing say's "meat-shield" like a line of Slaves and you can happily blast them into oblivion (along with whoever they're fighting at the time) with a Warpfire Thrower, volley of Poisoned Wind Globes, Warp-Lightning blast or magic (like Plague).

On Characters: 1st up, you're Plague Priest already has T:5...does he really need a Potion of Toughness? For a one-shot item, it really is quite expensive. Scrounge some points from elsewhere and switch that Potion for an increase in Wizard Level or a tasty magic weapon or an upgrade to that Ward Save.

Skaven Assassins look quite effective on paper, but I've never had much success with them. They're not very good at character killing due to low strength and don't have enough attacks to justify the points you spend on them against rank-and-file. If you really want the extra character, save some points and get a Chieftain with a tasty sword (like the Sword of Corruption...which is, incidentally, a much better weapon for character killing than a Weeping Blade) or even better, spend some Hero points on your infantry and get yourself a nice tasty Skavenbrew! Skavenbrew can make even Slaves a scary unit!

Warlock Engineers aren't worth armouring (even with a "Seed")...save the points. You don't really need a Dispel Scroll either (if you're that worried about enemy magic, switch out the Grey Seers Power Scroll for it). Spend the points on bumping that Warlock up to Lvl.2 and nab him a Warp-Energy Condenser. The Condenser is a Warlocks best friend; the extra "channeling" dice is nice, but the +2 hits for Warp Lightning is what's really tasty. Don't leave home without one!

Finally, we come to the Grey Seer. The Grey Seer is a relatively expensive Wizard that is incredibly vulnerable unless you are willing to fork out for a Bell. Grey Seers have a nasty (and well deserved!) reputation and will be targeted. Giving him that Power Scroll is just making your opponents job easier by, effectively, guaranteeing a Miscast. Putting him in a unit of Clanrats, whilst protecting him from missiles, will also put him in danger of being slap-bang in the middle of a combat he could do without being in! Even common infantry can knobble a Grey Seer without undue effort and a small 'strike-team' of knights or skirmishers will make short work of him, even if they lose the combat as a whole. The Grey Seer doesn't need LoS for a lot of his spells, so keep him lurking out of sight at the back like a real Skaven leader!

18-07-2011, 20:30
cheers for the advice, i think il lose the plague monks and priest and beef up the storm vermin, and engineer. i still think the assassain and bsb in the clanrats can protect the greyseer and having the chance to kill the biggest hardest unit with 13th spell on any double wld be so nice

Jolly Puggles
18-07-2011, 22:42
cheers for the advice, i think il lose the plague monks and priest and beef up the storm vermin, and engineer. i still think the assassain and bsb in the clanrats can protect the greyseer and having the chance to kill the biggest hardest unit with 13th spell on any double wld be so nice

One of the frustrating things about 8th ed. is that you can't protect a character in the front rank, so unless you're going to field your Clanrats in a narrow frontage formation with the Assassin not Hidden (so you have the Seer in the 2nd rank), they won't be able (barring wiping out whatever unit you're in combat with before they can get any attacks in) to protect the Seer. If your opponent is dim enough to Challenge you, you can quite happily refuse it with your Seer and send him to the rear using Verminous Valour, but unless he does your Seer will still be vulnerable.

I'm not saying ditch the Seer, I'm just advising against putting him in with the Clanrats. I speak from experience when I say that putting a Seer on foot in one of your Infantry blocks is tantamount to dooming him to die. Hide him and hide him well. If your opponent can't get LoS to him, he can't be charged or shot (though DD spells and artillery can still knobble him, but being in a unit won't really help against them anyway) and that's easier if he's lurking behind ranks of cannon fodder.

On Spells for your Seer, consider carefully before immediately snapping up that Power Scroll and Dreaded 13th...if you are dead set on putting him in your Clanrats, the Miscast from that Scroll may well detonate that unit into oblivion (another reason to go Independant with the Seer). Also, if you don't roll Skitterleap (which you likely won't; Lore of Plague is far superior to Ruin IMO and at most I suggest only one, maybe two, spell from Ruin and then only if you're dead set on getting Death Frenzy...bear in mind the your Warlock will have Ruin spells too) it is a very handy spell to have...you only need one dice spare to cast it, it let's you perform "pop-up" attacks (Move into LoS, Zap, Skitterleap out of sight) and it has saved my Seers life on more than one occasion!

20-07-2011, 05:34
I'm new to Skaven (and Fantasy) myself but their is a problem with your army:
Your not fielding the minimum % of Core Troops

Unless you have Throt the Unclean One in your army, the Giant Rats don't count towards your minimum requirement, and Rat Ogres can't be taken as Core Troops either. As the others have you'll need more of a few things, Vermin and Slaves to make up your core definitely.

Also, your Queek StormVermin atm come to 280 points not 290.

20-07-2011, 15:24
yeah ive just seen that >.< il rethink the list, im thinking of losing the plaguemonks and priest and replacing them with a unit of clan rats and some slaves

20-07-2011, 16:05
I would also change your Grey Seer's equipment, the Power Scroll on your best caster is asking for trouble, and for the cost of the Power Scroll you could have an extra 2 WarpStone Tokens which added with the D3 Tokens you start off with would in theory give you more then the 1 chance of IF, and consider Skalm, insta wound recovery for 30 points = win.

And I agree on the Warlock Engineer suggestion of Lv 2 and Condenser, it means you only need to roll a 3 on 1 dice in order to get Warp Lightning's minimum casting and means you can free up more of your Power Dice to your Grey Seer, and its 120 points for the Engineer.

If you do drop the Plagues, take 2 units of 40 slaves with Musicians and a Weapon's Team for either the Clanrats or more StormVermin for Queek's Guard probably would be good.

25-07-2011, 01:09
Assassins aren't all bad.. I'd consider potion of strength and weeping blade for hero killing.. Nothing like a small rat taking out a tooled up khorne lord:-). Or take an obsidian amulet and run him as a solo scout for solo wizard killing.

I think this little guy is under-estimated. If you are rolling for battle scenarios he could invaluable in blood and glory.. That's only one scenario though. I often run two in my lists.. One with the potion of str. And weeping blade in my unit of clanrats 5 wide.. When he reveals himself.. He displaces my thanquol to the second rank because I fit my bsb in the same unit.

My second assassin joins a group of gutter runners with warpstone stars or obsidian amulet for warmachine hunting and wizard sniping.

Enjoy these marrow unaware:-)