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18-07-2011, 00:28
Hi, I've started Grey Knights, and want to equip my Dreadnought with 2 twin linked autocannons.
now I've heard/red that you can only order these upgrades from forgeworld

Problem 1: on Forgeworld I can only find the right arm one, where's the left arm one?

Problem 2: will these arms fit on the normal GW Dreadnought? As the description says: "Twin linked Autocannon right arm for a MK IV Dreadnought. Master Model by Will Hayes"

I don't want to order a forgeworld Dreadnought as it costs too much (and the overall model will be to breakable).

So can I fit the TW Autocannon on a GW Dreadnougth??


18-07-2011, 00:34
For 1, it should be on page 2 of the Dreadnought section IIRC. As for 2, it should do, but I don't actually know.

Edit: Just checked the Forgeworld site, and you're right, they seem to be missing the Mk IV Left Arm Autocannon, though they do have the Mk V Left Arm one. Strange, I'm not sure what that's about, may just be a mistake due to the new releases added to that section.

18-07-2011, 00:39
yeah, that makes sense, but I couldn't find it??

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The Mark V Dreadnought is Games Workshop's plastic model, so the Mark V weapons I've linked to will fit on a GW kit (allegedly). The Mark IV is the Forgeworld (Resin) Dreadnought Body, which is slightly different with different-sized weapon mounts.

18-07-2011, 01:57
The Mark V arms fit the GW kit, I have used a few of them myself.

The Marshel
18-07-2011, 08:01
its not really that difficult to convert your own autocannon arms. I dont know it it is necessarily cheaper once you have gathered the bits, but if you are not confident in the fw option for whatever reason, its a very simple route.

4 Guard heavy weapon team autocannon and a standard plain gw dread are all you need. simply take the lascannon arm and cut off most the lascannons. replace with autocannons. for the missile launcher arm, try to remove the missile with a file or something and then place the two autocannons there. finally add the ammo cartritges and you're done.

there are plenty of tutorials on the web, just google rilfemen dread conversion.

18-07-2011, 08:25
Also, the MKIV arms do fit the normal GW Dread. I've got the MK IV and V autocannon arms on a venerable dread.
A half-decent conversion I've seen is to use the autocannons from the Bastion terrain piece.

Bob Hunk
18-07-2011, 12:30
Also, the MKIV arms do fit the normal GW Dread. I've got the MK IV and V autocannon arms on a venerable dread.
A half-decent conversion I've seen is to use the autocannons from the Bastion terrain piece.

Indeed. The cheapest way to do it is to buy the Aegis defense line (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod20006a) and use the included quad autocannons with a plastic Dreadnought, like this (http://http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5336060&postcount=480). ;)

18-07-2011, 16:15
I now make mine with the Aegis guns, very simple conversion and cheap using a Black reach Dread. I simply pin mine in place.

18-07-2011, 19:15
Magnets work quite well.

Mk IV is nearly the same as Mk V, the main differences are that the IV is a tad thinner, has a concave curve vs a straight shoulder, and has the torso mount storm bolter instead of it mounted to the arm itself.

19-07-2011, 04:26
does anyone know if the forge world dreadnought, comes with a base?

Colonel Kolm
19-07-2011, 04:34
ive bought several forgeworld dreadnoughts and all of them have come with bases thus far, so i would think that it should

19-07-2011, 07:24
They come with a 60mm round base, not the textured dreadnought one, but yes, they come with a base.