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06-04-2006, 12:31
Just for the sillyness of it, gnoblar being the last thing I'd ever expect to face, I made up a 500pts list using the stats in my trusty Army Builder. I think the official rules can be found in WD#310, #304 and so on.

1 Gnoblar Honcho - Tha bosss (LA,Ench. Sh, Flail ) 36pts
24 Gnoblar Fighters(LA, Sh, Std, Mus) 108pts
24 Gnoblar Fighters(LA, Sh, FC) 112pts
25 Lucky Gits(Sh, FC) 166pts
13 Gnoblar Flingers 39pts
13 Gnoblar Flingers 39pts

Yup, that's an even 500pts and 100(!) models. All legal AFAIK.
Should be interesting seeing my opponents face when (s)he put up one or two units of minial size and some funky lowgrade character. Then I plonk down unit after unit with 4+ ranks....:evilgrin:....Let's face it though, Gnoblars suck in individual combat, they're only real chance of winning lies in deception and tactics. One unit may be sacrificed in order to gain a flankcharge or simply put the pursuing unit out of the game for a turn. Only exception might be the Lucky Gits, rerolling ANY(?) dice should make them marginally better than most infantry. Just being able to reroll that 4+ save in CC makes them save 3/4 of all damage(unless modifiers apply). Hitting is still troublesome as they have the fantastic warrior training that all Gnoblars recieve( yes, that's nil, zero, none:p ), but then again with a reroll they should hit fairly often.

No, I think numbers, static combat resolution from ranks, is going to win this one. Still it could be fun. If I find it satifying enough to field Gnoblars I might even move up to 1000pts...200 models! Swarm my pretties, swarm!:D Nah, I'll probably add some Pigback Riders( Gnoblar kniggits!) and a Scraplauncha, maybe even field Manbiters and Gnoblar Trappers.
The funny thing is that all would probably fit within 500 extra points.....:evilgrin:

06-04-2006, 14:05
I think that is the greatest list I've ever seen.

06-04-2006, 15:16
I've got a slight update, seeing as Flails happen to be 2-handed the Honcho won't be needing that fancy shield anyway. This is the new black:

1 Honcho(LA, Flail) 26pts
1 Honcho(LA, Sh) 24pts
25 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,Sh,Std,Mu) 112pts
25 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,xhw,Std,Mu) 112pts
25 Lucky Gits(Sh,FC) 166pts
10 Gnoblar Flingers 30pts
10 Gnoblar Flingers 30pts

97 models now, with a little variation( xhw on one of the unit of Fighters) and another character. Heck, 80+ models and 2 Characters doesn't really find its way into Elven lists until 1000pts+:p
Still a bit flimsy, Ld6 will see them running 21/36(~0.5833) of the time. Just got to make sure they don't have to take that many tests then. And win combat. Considering that the Flingers and 'Sharp stuff' rule makes 8" around them littered with projectiles they just might do ok. If you manage to manouver them into getting a volley off at the opponent before charging in then you can actually do some damage. 20 shots from the flingers + 75 shots from the rest(ideal situation) should cause some 45 hits. Unless you're facing T5 or Sv3+ opponents that should put a real dent in their numbers. If you feel like going all out and sneak up on your enemy, firing at <8" with multiple shots, you can dish out a 190 shots(:eek:!), though they will be hitting on 5+ = ~63 hits. Ouch. Might be fun to do just for the satisfaction of rolling all those dice:D

09-04-2006, 11:30
cool list i like it:) good luck with it

09-04-2006, 12:29
The only thing the list really lacks is magic, both defence and offensive capabilities. Then again at 500pts there isn't going to be all that magic to defend against I guess. I'm just afraid of what a spell like Flames of the Pheonix can do to the troops, hitting all 25 Gnoblars at once with a S3 hit is going to hurt loads and will most likely destroy them. Practically anything that can cause a panic-test( magically induced or otherwise) would be nasty against this army. There exists some nice items for Gnoblars that would give them a slight edge but I don't think it's worth it at 500pts.

The only reassuring factor is that if the enemy decides to spend the points and effort on getting on of the Gnoblar units to flee then there is some redundancy. One unit can be destroyed without making the whole army crippled, something a for example HE army with a mage, archers and some spearmen wouldn't cope with. Or at least they wouldn't cope with it as well as hordes of Gnoblars. "Hurrah! You managed to kill my 40pts or so unit, do you want another one just for the heck of it?" - definately an annoying question to ask to your opponent during the game...:p

If anyone feels otherwise, want to argue for a stronger magic defence, or more specialised and elite units instead of row after row of rabble, feel free to speak up.

Oh, and I just remembered that my rant about how many tiny sharp things you can throw at your opponent is heavily dependant on the units formation. Keeping the Gnoblars in standard infantry formation with ranks would limit it to be able to use the front rank(or is it any model which can draw an unhindered line of sight to the target?) to throw sharp stuff.

18-04-2006, 11:44
Updated list:
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Flail) 26
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh) 24
24 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,Sh,FC) 112
24 Gnoblar Fighters(xhw,FC) 88
25 Lucky Gits(FC,Sh) 166
14 Gnoblar Flingers 42
14 Gnoblar Flingers 42
500 pts, 103 models

Relised that Light Armour on the xhw-Gnoblars wouldn't do much, those points where needed elsewhere. At least the unit with shields and LA will have a decent save. Lucky gits are insanely overpowered, reroll EVERY dice? They fill that role of elite ifantry very well, hitting 3/4 of the time and saving 3/4 in CC. Not many Elites out there can match this. then again they are still S2 and run at the first sign of trouble. Pretty impressive rule, Lucky, MR(2) and wardsaves aren't usually this cheap.

18-04-2006, 21:23
My bret 500 point list consisted of 11men or something stupidly small... yours has 100men, amazing what a difference there can be, this looks very fragile but very fun to play with, good luck to yee!

18-04-2006, 21:35
be sure to keep them apart tho. a chain panic across you lines is the last thing you need

19-04-2006, 15:35
be sure to keep them apart tho. a chain panic across you lines is the last thing you need

Well, one of the good things about Gnoblars is that they don't react to fleeing friendlies the way Skaven does. They just point and laugh, 'Largely Insignificant' it is called. Wonderful rule. Otherwise the Gnoblar would have been screwed by shooting and magic.
The good thing about having 3 units of infantry is that you can actually afford to sacrifice one. If you have a pumped up 12 man Chargeorama of mounted knights you can feel pretty sure you will win the fight. Only when you've won and the Gnoblar unit is destroyed you have two at your flanks. Tactics. Terrorcausing units will still kick Gnoblar butt of course, you can only do so much with Ld5.

Gnoblar fighters are pretty much like Slaves are to the Skaven, fodder. Useful for getting some ranks and the occasional kill but most valuable as a bait unit. The hw+LA+sh combo for a total of 4+ save will keep them stuck in with the enemy for as long as they don't lose combat. Flails seems like a more sensible choice though, overcoming their racial weakness of low strength.

21-04-2006, 20:18
In my opinion, Lucky Gits are way better than people give them credit for. That reroll makes them absolutely deadly against average troops (average strength, average armor, etc). The advantage of the rerolls drops off fast as the quality of the opposition improves (for instance, your rerollable 4+ armor save is not very useful against a S6 lance charge).

Rerollable 4+ Armor Save against S3 wounds (better than Dwarven Warriors; not quite as good as Ironbreakers);

Rerollable 4+ To Hit against WS 4 or less (better chance to hit than my Blood Dragon Vampire Lord or a Skaven Master Assassin);

Rerollable 4+ To Wound against T3 opponants (better than halberds, not quite as powerful as great weapons; but still having all benefits of fighting with a handweapon/shield);

Rerollable 6+ Ward Save (exactly as good as a regular 5+ ward save)

This suggests to me that Lucky Gits will absolutely dominate an average human unit. So look-out Empire ... here come the gits.

21-04-2006, 21:58
Perhaps one of the best uses of the Lucky Gits rerolls is when taking Leadership tests? Ld5 with a reroll should be a lot better than say Ld6 or perhaps even Ld7?
Let's see...Ld5(with no modifications) loses 26/36 times with 2 dice. 10/36 passes. With a reroll that's 10/36 + (26/36 * 10/36) = ~48% passed tests, compared to their 28% without. Now I've only done a rough calculation with rerolling both dice, if you choose to keep one (say a 1 or 2) from the failed test then you can probably get the percentage of passes tests up a bit more. Btw, 48% passed test is comparable to Ld6(42%) and Ld7(58%). If you only reroll dice above 3's then you should be able to climb a bit closer to Ld7. This could be compared to Lizardmen skinks who get to roll their Ld5 with 3 dice and remove the highest one, they pass about 52% of all their tests.

So in effect Lucky Gits have Ld7, apart from just being kickass.:D