View Full Version : Do characters strike back when you get rear charged and the back line falls?

18-07-2011, 23:48
So my vampire on foot was with a regiment of skellies that was pretty worn down. There were 7 of them left, with the vampire in the front of the regiment, and they were positioned like this:

skelly skelly vampire skelly

skelly skelly skelly skelly

My mate charged them in the back with dwarf warriors. So he was not in base contact with the vampire. We agreed that he therefore could not direct any attacks on it. He killed five skeletons, which meant the back row was gone and my vampire was exposed. So then we agreed that my vampire was allowed to strike back at the stunties when it was time for me to retaliate (still in his turn). Was this correct? It resulted in the vampire chopping up the dwarf general.

19-07-2011, 00:26
Well first, if you wanted your vampire to get to attack you can move them into base contact with then enemy unit at the start of combat even if it'll put him in the back or side...
On this part I could be wrong but yes your vampire gets to attack if enough skeletons were killed as force him into base to base contact with the enemy, but he will only get to attack in that scenario if his initiative comes after the dwarves that caused the wounds (not familiar with the vampire's average initiative)

19-07-2011, 00:28
Unless he was using a G.Weapon, his I would have come and gone already. I think a Vamp's I is slightly worse than an Elf Lord's, or very similar at least, i.e. better than a Dwarf. Otherwise, I think NTJ2010 has it.

19-07-2011, 03:01
Thanks so far. For your info, he had a great weapon and initiative 6. The dwarves' were all lower.

19-07-2011, 04:42
Thanks so far. For your info, he had a great weapon and initiative 6. The dwarves' were all lower.

Lower? How?

If the dwarfs also had Always Strikes Last, then when the Initiative of the Vampire came up, the vampire is not in contact and so cannot make any attacks and the dwarfs get to butcher your unit.

If the dwarfs didn't have Always Strikes Last, they likely had I2, which means that they strike before the vampire and so will free him up to kill a bunch of stunties.

19-07-2011, 12:28
Thanks so far. For your info, he had a great weapon and initiative 6. The dwarves' were all lower.

Unless you had ASF, you had the equivalent of I0 for striking order. (Dead LAST!)

24-07-2011, 22:25
The way I read it: with a great weapon, you'd have - as Kalandros said - the equivalent of I0. So the combat would happen like this... The clincher here is whether or not the Dwarfs also had GWs.

If Dwarfs had GWs:
Dwarfs charge.
Skellies attack Dwarfs.
Dwarfs hit back at the same time as the Vampire WOULD have been attacking, but since no skellies have died yet, the Vampire can't attack.

If Dwarfs didn't have GWs:
Dwarfs charge.
Dwarfs hack apart Skellies. Assuming they do enough damage to take out the whole rear rank, Dwarfs move up.
Vamp attacks Dwarfs, as his GW means he goes last and thus still hasn't attacked yet. Note that none of the front-row skellies would attack at this stage.