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19-07-2011, 02:16
So yeah since i got back into the game my old group have moved on with life and most our now out of the city by now or just dont play, i could go down to my local GW which is croydon but most of the regulars are just overly competitive kids whos idea of fun is double checking your army list n rules when it doesnt go their way ^.^

I have searched online but i was wondering if anyone could post first hand experience of a club or group that just like to chill out n enjoy the game win or lose, it doesnt even have to be in south east necasserily as i dont mind travelling as long as its a nice environment.

19-07-2011, 02:43
I've been down to the OG Games club in Wandsworth, but it's a bit of a trek for me to get back (I also live in SE London, Wapping to be precise). I usually just play at the GW Plaza, the staff there are all dead sound and so are most of the customers. There's also usually a good fantasy crowd there on Thursday nights, but it's usually best to try and arrange a game there in advance.

I believe the Tanelorn gaming club also play fantasy, but I've not been there yet.

19-07-2011, 16:19
Hey, I go to Plaza too! The staff are all friendly and theres usually at least one warhammer player to get a game on Thursday.

I'm an orc 'n goblin player myself so if you want a game, i'm er...game.

Count Zero
19-07-2011, 17:11
isn't there a club in borough (nr London Bridge) maybe cross gaming? i havent been there but a friend of mine did go once.

I find it's difficult in London, the Wandsworth gaming club isn't that far away from me but due to work and the general hassle of travelling round London makes it hard to find the time to get to these places during the week.

19-07-2011, 21:15
I used to go the the club that played at the Bell and Compass, but got put off by a lot of the regulars unfortunately.

@Azaine- I don't recognise the username but I'm sure I'd recognise you if I saw you... fancy a game this Thursday, 2400pts? I can be around all day really and I've not run my DE out against O&G for a while, it'd be nice to do one of my Youtube battle reports on them again so I can go over some army specific stuff, I've done vs High Elves to death :(

@Count- for the next few weeks, I've not got a great deal on (I'm in that hazy gap between being a full-time student and graduating) so if you can make it into the Plaza at any time send me a PM on here and I'll happily give you a game. Same goes for anyone who fancies a game at the Plaza really.

19-07-2011, 21:24
Tanelorn (http://www.tanelornwgc.org/phpBB3/) is a nice club, with a friendly atmosphere and good reputation. It runs every Sunday 6-10pm, and the last Sunday of the month is usually an extended day from 12pm. It's easy to find, just 5 mins walk from Leytonstone on the Central line.

There's a strong focus on Warmachine/Hordes, but people do play GW games (and various others) - you just need to sign up for the forum and book a game. If you do sign-up, make sure you email the admin as well - I know he gets so many spam sign-ups that it's hard to pick out the real ones.

20-07-2011, 01:17
@azaine+tmarichards Gw plaza where abouts is that? Is it easy to get to from london bridge do you know?

And cheers for the replies guys!

20-07-2011, 01:23
@azaine+tmarichards Gw plaza where abouts is that? Is it easy to get to from london bridge do you know?

And cheers for the replies guys!

GW Plaza is on Oxford Street, about a third of the way along from TCR walking towards Oxford Circus.

If you're coming into London Bridge you could always try the Clapham Wargaming Club, which holds gaming nights on Thursday in the Bread and Roses pub about 5mins walk from Clapham Common/Clapham North tube stations.

I used to like playing there, although they might have changed the exact meeting time and location though, as I haven't been there in a while. The lack of a painting requirement was particularly nice for me, as I've never found time to paint my stuff up, although everyone elses' stuff was done up nice.

20-07-2011, 01:53
You can get to the Plaza from London Bridge by taking the Northern line to Bank, then taking the Central line west for 3-4 stops to Tottenham Court road. It's about 5 mins walk from there walking towards Oxford Circus.

20-07-2011, 10:05
Hey tmarichards, I'm up for a game, can we make it 2500? I'm up for both a normal game or a Storm of Magic game

20-07-2011, 10:17
have you tried darksphere? i think they are heavier with warmahordes than warhammer but as far as i know there is a very decent pool of players there.

20-07-2011, 10:42
Hey tmarichards, I'm up for a game, can we make it 2500? I'm up for both a normal game or a Storm of Magic game

Can do of you really want, I've got a 2400pt tournament inns couple of weeks so I'll just use that list, not too fussed about the 100pts.

18-10-2014, 15:01
is this thread still active?

18-10-2014, 17:03
is this thread still active?

Well, considering there haven't been any replies for 3 years, probably not :D.

I think some of the info is out of date now (e.g. I think OG games canned their GW focus a while back), so if you're looking for a London gaming club it's probably best to start a new thread. Seeing as I'm posting anyway though (:)), I'll add that Dark Sphere have a decent WHFB player base (one of the only ones I could find in London these days), although 40K is still much more popular there. I"m building some stuff right now in hopes of a game there in the next couple of weeks!

18-10-2014, 19:55
Though it's not the clubs focus any more there's still plenty of Fantasy being played at OG. Just more of other stuff as well.

Waagh Rider
18-10-2014, 22:45
Give you a game at Darksphere anytime mate! I'm like you, just after a laugh and a fun game, none of this Listhammer or tournament nonsense (Borehammer). OG Games has some nice WFB players - even got in some Warhammer Quest today! (OG Games has the advantage of being above a pub too....)

18-10-2014, 23:41
Just making sure, so I know if I'm close or not. Is south east london in the usa?

19-10-2014, 01:08
(OG Games has the advantage of being above a pub too....)

Yes, that is a definite advantage! Although I enjoy playing at Darksphere it would be nice to have a couple of beers and food to order while doing it - getting games in the evening I'm always starving by the time I get home.

22-10-2014, 10:17
ok so theres life in here still :D

i know a few places for warhammer 40k/fantasy but due to work there out of my hours so its hard to find time to play.
if any one in east london as in london England wants a gaame of 40k fell free to gimme a shout

22-10-2014, 17:18
Have you tried Warboar Wargaming In Bromley? I have not visited myself but they seem to have quite an active community and play lots of different games