View Full Version : Solo Slann advice: Divine Plaque of Protection, or Crown of Command?

20-07-2011, 00:37
For those who run a solo Slann, presumably you make him ethereal and then equip him with one of these items.
Crown: If he's ethereal, he's going to be shrugging off most ranged attacks anyway, so it's useful to have him almost guaranteed to hold against enemy units: you can use the Slann more tactically and fearlessly by indefinitely holding up units which you know have no magical attacks. Plus, he's only M4, so he can't outrun the enemy forever.
Divine Plaque: It gives him a 2+ ward save vs all ranged attacks, which means you don't have to worry about Skaven or Dwarf war machines, or magic missiles. However he is now very vulnerable to being caught in combat.

I suppose that if you favour the Plaque, you would keep the Slann away behind your lines and protected from direct assault (easier said than done when the enemy almost always outnumbers you). The problem is I can't decide how to run him - Skaven are a regular opponent for me (as well as WOC and Daemons all with plenty of magical missiles and the like) so it's too much of a risk to leave him with only a 4+ ward, but at the same time he seems too slow and fragile to avoid being attacked in CC and annihilated due to SCR. Unfortunately the usual solution to any problem the Slann faces, which is 'throw more points at it!' (becalming cogitation, BSB, cupped hands etc etc) doesn't work here since both items are Enchanted Items :(

24-07-2011, 01:20
Ethereal, Fencers Blades and Lore of Beasts!

24-07-2011, 02:33
Hmm fun Idea. Too bad there is this Lizardman FAQ:

Q. Can a Slann Mage-Priest cast Transformation of Kadon?
A. No.

I don't know why not or who even asked this question but that puts a damper on that lore.

24-07-2011, 02:49
Nah you just want to spam Savage Beast on him, and Wildform. Combat monster!

24-07-2011, 08:04
Sticking the slann in a unit of skinks or even chamo skinks for the -1 or -2 to hit makes him fairly immune to most ranged attacks.

The dragonbane gem is also nice vs flaming dwarven cannons and the like.

Being the bsb and having a warbanner also helps you pass those tests or the standard of dicipline.

They are all very cheap to boot.

That said unless your slann is dirt cheap 300-350pts max you really don't want to risk him, so your best bet is either up in the center of the army in TG or being very sneaky and hiding behind units in a unit of skinks trying to make sure its not charged.

The TG often comes out cheaper in the end after you consider how much it costs in items and other units to protect a slann otherwise.