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20-07-2011, 01:56
Hi all,

I am back into the game after a long time out, so I have decided to dust off my Dark Elves.

I think I am first going to play several small games at my local GW store in order to learn the new rules. To do so, here are two lists, one that I perceive as "hardcore" and another one which is softer. I don't know against what type of player I am going to play, so I prefer being prepared.

"Hardcore" :

-Sorceress (lvl 2) with Sacrificial Dagger and Tome of Furion = 175 pts
-29 Warriors with shields, Musician and SB = 212 pts
-14 Rxbowmen = 140 pts
-5 Harpies = 55 pts
-16 Black Guard with full command = 243 pts
-War Hydra = 175 pts

The Sorceress (probably Fire) sits with and sacrifices Warriors, Rxbowmen shoot, Harpies hunt war machines, BG and Hydra kill.

"Softcore" :

-Master with heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Soulrender, Pendant of Khaeleth, mounted on a Cold One Chariot = 228 pts
-25 Warriors with shields, full command, Banner of Murder = 215 pts
-10 Rxbowmen = 100 pts
-5 Dark Riders with rxbows, Musician = 117 pts
-5 Cold One Knights = 135 pts
-8 Black Guard = 104 pts
-Reaper Bolt Thrower = 100 pts

This one is meant to be counterattacking : let the enemy charge the light infantry and then strike back with BG, cavalry and chariot. If the enemy sits back, go for the attack, we are quick enough.

Your thoughts ?


20-07-2011, 03:36
First up your level 4 can only have 1 arcane item. Shadow would also be a better bet on her.

The second list just lacks substance- beyond the warrior block there is nothing that can hold a protracted combat with good odds of winning- sure the master and knights will survive, but they won't win many combats and break tests are umcomfotrable at best without a BSB. Dropping the chariot for a horse would make he master better in my opinion.

First list is none too bad for a first effort, I wouldn't take a champion on the BG and I'd give the xbows a musician