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20-07-2011, 12:02
Herein begins the tales of the Shackled, the Druchii of High House Chains.

See here the Court of this House assembled, from Vaulkhar to Cripple, all chained to their Master in the shadows...

Hello to all you lovely Warseer people.

After a year or so of lurking around I've decided to take the plunge and pop on a project log for my Dark Elves. A couple of buddies of mine are running a tourney in Cardiff in November, giving me the boot up the **** needed to finish off my 2400pt list.

The list itself is heavily themed - I much prefer fluffy list-making to tourney lists - I'll explain more about the theme and background in later posts.

I'll also dot in random pics of other bits I've been working on - starting with this chap, painted for a local GW competition a few years ago

Lorenzo Murcatto - The Snake of Tilea


Enojyed painting this chap immensely - great fun adding the little details like the tattoo on his 'cheek' and the card, as well as his powdered and rouged face.

I'll sort some pics of the Dark Elves over the next few days, along with various background bits and bobs. Hopefully the new cam will give me some decent pics...

C&C very welcome - cheers all :)

20-07-2011, 12:07
Haha!!! That is awesome!!! This model oozes character =D Looking forward to reading about the theme and background!

20-07-2011, 12:15
Very, very nice job! The conversion is great. He really looks as arrogant as a Slaanesh champion should. And the makeup rounds that off nicely! Love it!

Monsterzonk :skull:

20-07-2011, 12:36
Cheers guys :) The intention was to get that arrogance in there, contrasted with the whoreish makeup - glad it comes across.

20-07-2011, 12:54
That is such a nice start to a log! He really has character, its like you can imagine him being that villain in some game or movie who has a massive monologue before he kills someone who was a sub hero :D

He has got a eerie face to him what shows a slight bit of evil pleasure, plus love the random card. Nice touch to change a simple base. is it greenstuff?

20-07-2011, 12:59
Hey Cragum - thanks for the kind words. The card was actually a flagstone trimmed from the same plasticard sheet as the base itself, just cut away from the surrounding flagstones and shaved down a bit. Its a trick of the painting that makes it look thinner than it actually is.

20-07-2011, 13:04
First law/best served cold theme? Ill watch this...

20-07-2011, 13:09
Haha for this guy yes - kudos for getting the reference. The Dark Elves are more of a mix of some elements from the Darkblade Chronicles and The Malazan Book Of The Fallen

06-09-2011, 10:42
Er...well. Arise my log, arise!


Apologies for the stop-start (well, mainly stop) nature of this log. Just as things were looking good painting wise and plenty was getting done.....my firstborn decided to arrive in mid August.

Nathaniel's arrival obviously put a damper on painting and getting pics etc sorted, and instead my energies were directed towards cleaning a seemingly endless stream of the 3 P's. I'm sure you can all guess the nature of those.

Anyways, I'm kinda back on track now - Nate's settled nicely, leaving me a little time to get some painting done and get some pics, so this log should get back on track.

In this post, I'll just go through the thinking behind my army and choices, then delve into the fluff a bit more in the next post. Oh yes there will be fluff...so much fluff. Shiny pics will come over the next few days, once i get home from work :)

Thanks for your interest and bearing with me guys - i'm looking forward to this plog and the comments from you lovely lot.

Dark Elves. Always loved them. Always been my main FB army over the years in several different incarnations. Vets from Cardiff might well remember my Shade/Dark Rider army from back in the day - The Crow Clan. Much fun was had running round armies before stabbing them in the back.

But this is a new age, a new edition and a new army. And a new theme. I like theme. All my lists, for every game and army I've ever done have been themed, often to the point of severely limiting the units I'll allow myself to take. I get immensely annoyed at the perceived internets wisdom regarding list building and unit choices, more so at the tendencies of a few players to try and make everyones list the exact same clone of theirs.

Thats not for me. I know Lvl 4's and Cauldron BSBs are the way to win. I don't care. They don't fit my theme. Ergo, I won't use them. No matter what.

Phew. Rant over.

So, for this edition, I wanted something a little different to the cookie cutter lists you see online. Corsairs were tempting, but one day of trying to rank up a unit and that went out of the window. Literally.
I turned to the army books for inspiration, along with the Darkblade BL series (which I think are ace). I even looked over the High Elf book. Then it hit me. A lot of Druchii armies tend towards the darkly sinister stabby stab influence - this is all well and good and I've been there myself but this time..this time I went the other way.

I wanted a list and army that played up the cold, proud lineage of the sons of Naggarythe, a theme that played to the shared heritage between the Druchii and the Asur. I wanted an ancient, proud noble house that viewed the murderous excesses and bloodlust of current Druchii culture as a bit...well, childish.

They are Elves after all. That innate pride and arrogance doesnt go anywhere - it just gets covered in layers of steel, razors and a lack of empathy towards others.

So there was the theme - a noble house, led by a Highborne - cold, proud, vicious and willing to die for the ideals of Naggarythe.

This in turn limited my list choices - no Khainite units. No war-beasts. No corsairs. No Lvl 4 Mage. This was a noble house after all, and at the core had to be my Highborne and household knights.

I deliberately chose a very different scheme as well, to play down the darkly sinister aspects. Hence, polished bone armour for my elves, offset with black cloth. The darkness of the cloth still makes them obviously Druchii - the boen armour gives them a different feel - almost antiquated compared to the prevalent blacks and purples. I'm happy with it, hopefully the pics to come will do it justice.

Phew, cheers for sticking with through that ladies and gents and i hope it gave you an insight into where this log will be going. Next post from me will be the start of the fluff avalanche and tonight I promise to get pics of the first finished block of spears up and some tasters of whats to come.

TL;DR - bone armoured Druchii, pics this evening ;)

06-09-2011, 11:05
Damn.. you sure know how to whet a Druchii geek's appetite! Looking forward to some pics!!

Still Standing
06-09-2011, 11:07
I eagerly await pictures!

06-09-2011, 15:57
Nice to see that people are interested :) I promise that pics will follow tonight.

In the mean time, to keep those appetites whetted, here's the background for my Druchii:

The House of Chains
The scions of Arkitaine can trace their lineage back through the years to the time of the courts of Nagarythe. Once powerful and respected amongst the Elder Families of Nagarythe, the line of Arkitaine now languishes in near obscurity, a pale crippled shadow if its former glory.

Following the death of the last Highborn Lord, Hansir Arktaine, at the hands of the very corsairs hired to crew his last raid, the pitiful remaining fortunes of the house fell to his three sons. The eldest, Lanys, seemed content to spend the twilight of his families line in the flesh-pits and murder-houses of Clar Karond, trading and gambling away the few relics and coin belonging to the house.

By comparison, the middle brother Hiroth applied his hatred and frustration to the arts of war, earning a reputation as a formidable warrior and leader of men. Hiroth spurned the advances and enticements of the Khainite temples, Witch Covens and other noble houses, preferring to lead his remaining spears from the front. Perhaps in some way Hiroth accepted the demise of his line and was simply content to spit his last hate filled breath into the face of his enemy when the end came.

As for the youngest of the sons, Velrys, he chose a very different path.

Railing against the slow ennui and dissolution of his line, as well as the self-indulgent indolence and studied indifference of his brothers, Velrys sought power wherever he could find it. Possessed of a quick eager mind and a capacity for intrigue and sadistic violence far outstripping that of his kin, Velrys vowed he would stop at nothing to restore the fortunes of his house and carve his lines name into the bloody heart of Naggaroth itself.

Velrys’ quest eventually led him to the ancient necropoli on the borders of Naggaroth, the very remains of the ancient courts of Nagarythe his forebears once walked amongst. What he sought to find amongst the cold marble and antediluvian remains of Druchii families is unclear. Maybe it was some relic of immense power, a weapon or trinket. Maybe it was merely inspiration Velrys sought amongst the bones of his ancestors. Whatever the reason for his arduous, dangerous journey, Velrys remained tightlipped, refusing to speak the details even to his Autarii guides.

None know exactly what Velrys found, long buried amongst the remains of that ancient extinct time – he returned to Naggaroth alone, his Autarii guides vanished, clad in bone-lacquered plate and wielding a blade of ancient design that rippled with midnight flames when unsheathed. Certainly some source of power, some puissance, had been claimed by Velrys – though the exact aspect of that power was a truth few would be prepared to countenance.

Three years to the day he left Clar Karond, Velrys returned to the decaying tower and grounds of the line of Arkitaine. His first act was to maim his elder brother Lanys and crucify him above the tower gates as a lesson to all who served his line – no more would weakness of spirit and indolence be tolerated. Taking the sigil ring of his father, Velrys declared that from this night forward, his hate and his life were pledged to the House Of Chains and the line of Arkitaine would follow or die.

At present, some unknown influence swirls around the line of Arkitaine, attracting other who hunger for power. Fell knights clad in bone-lacquered plate stand alongside Velrys and his cohorts of spears, led ably by Hiroth, have garnered a reputation for viciousness and prowess beyond their standing. The strength of the House Of Chains waxes strong and other fell powers are slowly beginning to notice...

07-09-2011, 13:05
Finally, some pics! Apologies in advance for the quality - not the best light at the mo thanks to the great British autumn. May try and get some better ones done on the weekend. Anyways, least you can get an idea of where things are going.

First Cohort, Household Guard

Under the leadership and tutelage of Hiroth, the Household Guard of the line of Arkitaine have gained a reputation as skilled, vicious warriors who hold their line against any who may test themselves against their spears.

The half-plate worn by the spearmen has been recoloured in the bone-lacquer adopted by Velrys, making the Household Guard easy to recognise amongst the normally dark and sinister legions of the Witch King. Velrys' reasons for this are simple - his Household Guard evoke memories of the courts of Nagarythe before the Fall and are justly proud of their heritage.

The tall shields born by the Household Guard bear Hiroth's personal sigil - an iron gauntlet clutching a Hunters Moon. Velrys's attempts to replace this sigil with his new heraldry of a field of steel razored chains have met surprising opposition from the Household Guard. While they remain happy to serve the House Of Chains, they have no compunctions about reminding Velrys that their true allegiance lies with Hiroth.




The Household Guard often march to war accompanied by the Naggarothan Crag Lions that were adopted as the symbol of the line of Arkitaine. Related to the Chracian lion, these large predators are a dark mirror of their nobler kin, in the same manner as the Druchii themselves. Fiercely territorially, they will fight to the death to establish their dominance and have been used to guard the grounds of the Arktaine tower for generations.

Accompanied and goaded by one of the handlers, Ashryn, the lion is often unleashed upon an unsuspecting enemy at the last moment, disrupting ranks and charges in an avalanche of fangs, claws and howling cries.




Ashryn can be seen here wearing a lighter version of the Household Guard's half plate and mail, enabling him to keep pace with the much swifter hunting beast

A few shots of the unit ranked up on the movement trays and with unit filler included. Pretty happy with how these turned out in the end, the massed bone armour looks pretty decent IRL. The filler was a random addition designed to save my sanity from having to paint 60 spears - the lion and handler count as 7 spears, so two of them (one for each unit) means 14 less spears to paint.

One thing I will be changing is the standard. Not sure what happened there - the posing is off and the standard itself is crap. I'll probably remodel him completely, using either the Corsair standard or the White Lion standard parts.

The bases and movement tray were designed to evoke the image of the army marching through the streets of some Druchii city or other ruined town etc. Basically I wanted something different to the standard grass or dirt. In my mind I see them marching silently through the streets of Clar Karond, fog twisting around the massed bone-armoured ranks.

You may have spotted the assassin - there will be more on him later when I get round to detailing the various characters in the army.

Cheers for taking a look.

07-09-2011, 13:08
Double post - apologies.

Just wanted to add in this little section for the unit champion - I'm a sucker for giving all my units and characters a little backstory and personality.


The First Cohort is currently led by Temul Kinslayer, son of a minor family. The shield he bears was recovered from the body of an Asur princling who challenged Temul to single combat. Temul accepted and mocked the princeling as he was summarily skewered by the massed spears of his Cohort. The princelings shield was taken as spoils and repainted for its new purpose, the Druchast markings proclaim this tale for all Druchii and Asur to see.

Won't be the last time that some High Elf bits make it into the army - the second spear champ will probably be converted from the mini that lent this guy his shield - It's all helping with what I talked about earlier, establishing that link between the Druchii and the Asur.

07-09-2011, 18:51
Great background story. The colour scheme works well, it's very striking. Keep it up.

The Yak
07-09-2011, 22:58
This this this is just basically marvellous! Painting and modeling is top top quality. I think your theme is original and well thought out and your fluff has already brought this army to life. I am especially looking forward to seeing the Brothers.

Never seen Dark Elves painted like that and it looks superb. Great contrast with the green gems.

Subscribed and honoured.

PS I like your Warhammer rendition of Iggy Pop on the first page too!

The Yak
07-09-2011, 23:08
4 Star rating? Come on people this is sheer wonderjuice!

5 from me :cool:

08-09-2011, 02:52
JackDaw: Your last post, Sir, was well worth the wait! I'm drawn into the convoluted world of Druchii life! Please keep it up! (We'll be here to ooh and ahh for your motivation! :p )

The Yak: I couldn't understand the 4-star rating myself. Great theme, great painting, great modeling, and great writing!

08-09-2011, 08:47
dude, that is some really sweet painting going on here. consider me subscribed.
also great use of the sigvald mini. so much more creepy than the golden boy.

08-09-2011, 09:05
@ the Yak - Cheers fella :) glad you're liking things so far. I know what you mean about the scheme - I've seen so many Druchii armies in the same purple/black/dark blue etc colours that I thought something different was needed. I'm not knocking those schemes at all, just variety is the spice of life.

The brothers wil be coming soon - i'll get some WiP pics up on the weekend showing off some of the things still to do (considering I've assembled approx 2400pts theres a fair bit..)

Highly enjoying your Averland log as well - those SoM mages are great.

@ Saulot - glad the pay off was worth it :) Plenty more to come so keep an eye out.

@ Kenzaburo - again, cheers fella. Sigvald was a one-off but he came out nicely. At some point i might go back to the Chaos range and do another random character...

08-09-2011, 10:13
Heh, Lorenzo in the first pic made me think of the film V for Vendetta, just needs a moustache... :p

Dark Elves looking fantastic with that bone armour, always enjoy seeing alternative colour schemes, subscribed mate :)

09-09-2011, 10:46
Morning everyone.

Couple of WiP pics for your perusal. Unfortunately they were taken this morning on my phone cam but actually seem to be pretty decent. I'm just glad the two cats I was wrestling out of the way didnt manage to photobomb the pics. Still, hopefully you can make out enough to tantalise yourselves.

First up, The Emissary, Herald of High House Chains:

I won't lie, I love this guy. Theres something very sinister about him, despite the simplicity of the pose.
The new Dark Eldar are a godsend for parts and mostly blend in very nicely with the Dark Elf range. I wasn't a fan of the Phoenix Guard at first but using the bits on this fella has change my mind - so much that I'm planning to convert a unit of them into my analogue of the Black Guard using Kabalite Warrior heads and being led by the new Lhamean vixen.

As to who, or what this gent is - well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Next up - Hiroth Arkitaine, Master of the HouseHold Guard, Guardian of High House Chains:

More Dark Eldar love! Soon as the new Archon was released, I knew he was getting into my army somehow. Lo and behold, a couple of Cold One Knight arms and a head from the Lion Chariot riders and my BSB was done.
Still needs a few touches - that banner needs to be roughed up a little round the edges - my one bugbear with some of the new banners GW have done is that they seem a bit too 'flat tablecloth'.

And finally - Velrys Arkitaine, the Hand of Grief, First Sword of High House Chains:

Yeah thats right - I'm running my Dreadlord (god I hate that name - Highborn was so much classier. Dreadlord is so 'ooo look at me, I'm captain evil') old-school style. On a Cold One, in a nice chunk of Cold One Knights. I say chunk, its only 9. Still, its a meaty looking unit that performs pretty damn well on the tabletop so far.
Theres the Dark Eldar bits again - the alternate helmet from the archon. The sword is a combination of several random bits, but mainly based on the empire wizard flaming sword. Happy with the way it turned out, it looks nicely archaic compared to the current Druchii blades.

I'll be expanding on the background for these gents when I get them painted up. Suffice to say its full of intrigue, betrayal and bloodshed - as all good Druchii backgrounds should be.

Over the next few days I'll be finishing the first wing of Household Cavalry so will get some pics up. And I'll also be popping up some more background and fluff for the House as a whole. Hopefully you guys are enjoying all the fluff bits and aren't finding reading through it a chore.

Thanks to all for the comments so far - keep them coming please people.

09-09-2011, 11:33
I am not to sure about the "banner" on the first sword.. looks wierd..

Otherwise awsomeness.. =)

09-09-2011, 12:07
Cheers Nkari. You know, the more I look at it, the more I think you're right. It's supposed to be acting as a mini-cloak, but I may take it back to the drawing board and try again.

Of course, now I have a reason to pick up the new Black Dragon and use the Dreadlord parts from there. Dammit my wife is not going to be happy.

09-09-2011, 15:38
Well, well, well Jackdaw,
This is a great start to plog!
Think of me as a subscriber.

I once played against Dark Elves, indeed a dark and sinister people.
What you now drop to background and story and you clear choices in the models go with it, Chappo.
Beautiful color scheme, beautiful building of the unit .

question: what you used for the paving of the base plates? it looks out laborious.

09-09-2011, 15:53
Thanks Magot :)
The basing isnt too bad - I cheat and buy sheets of plastic moulded with the pattern from the local model railway shop. Then its just a case of cutting a bit to size. I'll dig out the brand name when I get home, should be able to order online I reckon.

09-09-2011, 18:06
Looks good. I think the Malazan books are some of the best books ever. Are you going to make a Mortal Sword of Khaine?

10-09-2011, 20:54
Thanks Magot :)
The basing isnt too bad - I cheat and buy sheets of plastic moulded with the pattern from the local model railway shop. Then its just a case of cutting a bit to size. I'll dig out the brand name when I get home, should be able to order online I reckon.

OK thanks for the info

12-09-2011, 10:21
Morning everyone.

First up, replied to those of you kind enough to comment:

@ BoomBoom - apologies for missing your comment before, cheers for the sub.
@ Student - I'm a big fan of them too, though I think they need a little trimming down. If I was going to do a Khainite themed army, a Mortal Sword of Khaine would be the first thing on the list. At the moment though, he doesn't fit the theme for this army
@ Magot - no worries fella.

So, on with the show. Even though the weekend was full of distractions - Nathaniel, Rugby World Cup, cats, lovely wife: I'm looking at you - I managed to get a fair bit done.

First up was finishing the first unit of Dark Riders. These fill more of a Light Cavalry niche in my theme, at some point I may even do a proper ranked unit with spears and shields. I also sorted a replacement standard for the first unit of spears and completely reworked the torso of Velrys.

Pics of the finished Riders first, then some WiPs and probably some more fluff this afternoon. I do love fluff.

Anyways, enough jabber - on with the pics!

First Wing, Household Cavalry

The line of Arkitaine was not alone amongst Druchii families in keeping large numbers of mounted spears as part of their Household garrison. Nauglir are expensive and dangerous to stable, a luxury only the privileged few can afford and many Druchii settle for the swifter, lighter dark steed as their mount of choice.

During the decline of the Arkitaine House, most of the Household Cavalry turned mercenary and abandoned the House in search of more profitable employment as the messengers and scouts that form the more regularly seen 'Dark Riders' - a title that elicits no end of mockery and contempt from the Household Cavalry remaining. The current horsemen of the House's Wings take great pleasure in hunting their former brethren through the twisting streets of Clar Karond and along the bleak roads of Naggaroth. Once run to ground, the Dark Rider will often find himself stripped and gelded in cruel mockery of his steed, before being lashed back into the saddle with his signature black cloak and sent on his way.

When High House Chains marches to war, the Cavalry will form the vanguard of the army, acting as scouts and way-finders. Once the enemy is brought to heel, the Cavalry will protect the flanks of the heavier Nauglir cavalry and chariots, screening them until the last moment. Often the Wings will find themselves tasked with hunting warmachine crews and smaller units of lightly armoured prey.


The First Wing can be seen here wielding a mix of repeater crossbows and the 'sky-piercer' spears favoured by the Druchii. Drawn from the ranks of the Household Guard, each rider is proficient with either weapon and will happily use either to reap the souls of whatever unfortunate is in his path.

Typically the Wings will arm themselves with crossbows, preferring to riddle their targets with razor sharp bolts from afar before riding down any survivors. On rare occasions they will take up heavier shields, organising themselves into tighter ranks and acting as a medium cavalry in support of the Nauglir.


Eschewing the heavy mail worn by the Household Guard, the cavalry instead supplement their half-plate with toughened sections of human skin. Once tanned, boiled and lacquered, the skin of the mon-keigh provides an excellent light skirmishing armour without the weight of mail - something invaluable to the swift cavalry.


The First Wing is led by their Herald, Korvalat, pictured above. Korvalat longs for the glory days of the past, where massed ranks of steed-mounted cavalry would win the day, rather than the heavier Nauglir now favoured in the courts of Naggaroth. For now he bides his time, waiting for the current Master of Cavalry, Rellick Nom, to meet an 'unfortunate' accident before claiming his position and re-establishing the eminence of the Household Cavalry.

I do not like painting horses. Never have. Still, I'm happy with how these have turned out. I actually prefer the look of the spear-armed riders, hence the potential of doing a ranked unit armed with spears and shields. Might not be the best choice gaming-wise, but dammit it'll look cool.

Another 6 of these on the books to paint up yet, but I'll be taking a break and getting the crossbow unit done before finishing up the riders.

The armour is a little lighter on these chaps than the spears - I don't really mind as I much prefer the finish on these than the spears and will be getting everything else to the same finish.

There you go chaps, hope you like. C&C welcome as always. WiP pics up soonish.

12-09-2011, 13:25
Nice work Dave, looking very nice. How are you arming them, are they having spears, shields and crossbows?

12-09-2011, 13:35
Cheers Mr J :) List wise I'm running them with xbows and spears - it's the only really useful combo. The shield bearing champ was actually intended to be a Master before he got demoted.

12-09-2011, 14:19
Aw bless, sacked! Thought that was the case as shields seem a bit of a point sink! Assuming that they lose fast cavalry rule if they have shields still?! Looking forward to seeing the army come together My Boddy.

PS Homo!

12-09-2011, 14:49
Aye they do indeed lose the Fast Cav rules if you give them shields. Still, for 500-1000pt games, it gives you a cheap, swift cavalry option thats also a core choice...

And haha - I wondered how long it would be before you and Ed got involved on that. Good times.

A few Wip shots for whats coming up next:

A replacement standard for the first spear unit:
Its the Manflayer standard - very appropriate considering the background for the unit champion Temul. Once he's painted, I'll pop up some more pics with some background for the signifcance of the standard. On a quick note - this sculpt is showing it's age now, especially compared to the newer plastics and finecast stuff.

Converted Assassin - Sholen Skara:
Gone a different route for my assassin - in my mind, the Temples of Khaine have different schools for assassins - Khaine is the Thousand-Faced Lord of Murder after all. I'll expand on this chaps background when he's done. Again, theres the Dark Eldar and High Elf bits creeping in, but they all work so well.

And finally, updated Velrys:
New torso from the Black Dragon Dreadlord bits - the twisting horns on the back were chosen to echo the horns on the armour of the Emissary in the ealier pics - the reason for this will become clear later. Still needs some GS to blend the saddle back into the armour and some extra sheathed blades (a Highborn can never have too many blades) but I'm happy with the new version - he's definately a lot more dynamic and looks more appropriate as my general. There were 2 heart-stopping moments - one where I had to take the sword off the original arm and it proceeded to collapse into its constituent parts - and one where I thought he wouldnt rank up once he was assembled. Luckily he does, though the knight next to him will have to get used to a flaming broadsword being waved in his face.

C&C welcome guys :)

13-09-2011, 13:31
Hmm, all those pics and so few comments? Warseer, you are a harsh mistress ;)

No worries though. I'll just bury you under fluff instead. Once I get the standard sorted for the spears, pics will be going up - same for the assassin. Until then, here's a big ole chunk of background - hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment on the pics or the background.

Cheers all :)

************************************************** ******

“If you were to ask any Druchii what he desires most in life, the answer would be two-fold. Power and vengeance. The latter can be applied to any slight, imagined or otherwise – your spurned advances towards a paramour, the actions of a favoured rival and of course the need to punish our weakling cousins for their hubris.
Power though…power is a strange and curious thing. For some it can be as simple as the strength of their sword-arm and their skill with a blade. For others, the Winds of Magic hold the key to moulding the world to their whim. Others simply seek the means to punish those who have transgressed against them and to torment the weak.
Power can harden a man, can anneal him against the vagaries and hardships of life and make him strong. It will hone his viciousness and hate, like a fine blade. Yet power can also corrupt. The endless search for it can reduce a man to the basest villain or cut-throat. Even once it is obtained, power needs to be guarded jealously, paranoia will colour your every action and every shadow will seem to contain a knife.
Every Druchii would do well to remember this – power is but a tool towards vengeance. To think otherwise is to become subservient to power, whatever its source. No Druchii should bow his head in subservience while he can still draw breathe and a blade. ‘Ware those who care not where they claim their power – often times they will find that the brief taste they receive will damn them for all eternity…”

Elim Rashan
Meditations On The Blade

It is in the nature of Druchii to use every weapon at their disposal to ensure their continued good standing in society and to torment those around them. These weapons are, many times, purely mundane – a blade, a bow, poison and so on. Other times they will be more subtle – a whisper in the right ear, a certain look, a carefully worded missive. The constant dance of threat and counter-threat, the delicate balancing act of venom and courtesy, this is the daily routine for the Druchii fortunate enough to dwell in the great city-states of Naggaroth.

On occasion though, a Druchii may find him or herself on a path that leads only to despair and destruction in the pursuit of power. Cautionary tales abound of those foolish Druchii who over-reached and paid the consequences – one of the more famous is a famed son of Hag Graef, Malus Darkblade. Today, such cautionary tales are related to power-hungry young Druchii in an attempt to teach them the folly of compacts with daemons and other undesirables and the dire consequences of tasting power tapped from unknown sources. Unfortunately the importance of these tales seemed to have been lost upon Velrys Arkitaine during his fervered search for the cure to his lines ailing fortunes.

Velrys travelled to the far borders and reaches of Naggaroth, speaking to Autarii Shouldermen and consulting with Convent Sorceresses before his travels took him to the Necropoli – the ruins of the courts of Nagarythe that had made the long voyage across the sea after the Sundering. Amongst the remains and monuments to ancient times and age-old Druchii families, Velrys located the source of puissance alluded to in dusty tomes and the ramblings of the Autarii Shouldermen – an antediluvian line of Druchii known as High House Chains.

Much knowledge of High House Chains has been lost in the years since the Sundering. Certainly, no Druchii currently living claims lineage to this ancient line and no mention can be found of titles or lands in the courts of Naggaroth. What records do remain refer only to ‘The Lord-In-Chains’, apparently a sorcerer of some power, and make no further mention after the Sundering save that of a binding or punishment soon after the ragged survivors of Naggarythe made landfall on the new coastline to the west of Ulthuan.

Many assume that Velrys simply raided the mausoleums of High House Chains, claiming untold relics and riches for himself and funding his lines revival thusly. To these Druchii nobles, he is viewed merely as an upstart and worse – a kinslayer and tomb-thief.

The truth is far darker. Velrys did indeed find untold relics and riches amongst the cold marble and a source of fell power indeed. The truth is that Velrys found the Lord-in-Chains himself. Buried deep in the catacombs of the mausoleum stood a chamber, bedecked with curtains of hanging razor linked chains. At the centre, bound to a black iron throne, was a robed, twisted figure. Silver bladed links plunged into its dessicated flesh, binding it to the throne of iron and the stink of sorcery hung heavy in the air.

This then was the source of power that Velrys sought to claim – the body and spirit of the Lord-in-Chains. Once a powerful mage when living, he had extended his life through careful study of the Winds of Death and became something close to undead – a lich, a revenant. An abomination. Others amongst the nascent Druchii conspired against him and eventually cast him down. Unable to end his cursed un-life, they chose to bind him forever to his throne and bury all knowledge of his line and power, cursing him to an eternity of ennui and obscurity.

Entering the chamber, Velrys made a compact with the Lord-in-Chains – he would champion the rise of High House Chains once again in return for the means to avenge his lines decline. The spilling of Velrys’ blood upon the razored links binding the liche sealed the compact and damned Velrys’ soul.

Returning to Naggaroth, Velrys bore the armour and blade of the Houses ancient champion. In this way he has cursed himself, for the armour will never let him die while the Lord-in-Chains remains bound. Each time Velrys is laid low by blade or bolt, he returns to life – though each time he returns a little more broken and crippled in mind and spirit, his soul suffering endless torment.

The Lord-in-Chains has allowed Velrys to tap the power of his House under the proviso that he recruit others to fill the ancient titles and positions of High House Chains. Currently Velrys holds the title of First Sword and has promised his brother Hiroth to the title of Seneschal, against Hiroth’s will. The Lord-in-Chains has sent forth his Herald, the Emissary, to locate suitable claimants to the final titles – Vaulkhar, Consort, Executioner and Reaver – while he has claimed the title of Magii, source of the Houses power. As to what will happen once the Lord-in-Chains has assembled his court, none know, not even Velrys. Though truthfully, nothing good can come of compacts with ancient liches so crippled and hungry for vengeance….

Duke Donald
13-09-2011, 14:33
Excellent fluff; the last post makes gripping reading. I also like your cavalry a lot. The spearmen are also extremely well executed even if they appeal less to me. This is by no means a criticism of your skills as I'm amazed by what you achieved with the DE warriors, which I would rank among the ugliest minis in the whole GW range.

13-09-2011, 14:42
I like your bleak way of painting. Makes your models realy gritty. sweet!

13-09-2011, 15:07
@ Duke Donald - thanks very much your Grace ;) Glad to hear you're enjoying the fluff - writing is a hobby of mine and I enjoy all the little bits of fluff I can add to an army. There remain starry-eyed dreams about getting something published one day, far away...

I know what you mean about the warriors - I'm not a massive fan of them assembled as spearmen. They look much better put together as xbows in my eyes, but the command bits are just terrible. Luckily, they are fairly compatable with the newer Dark Elf, High Elf and Dark Eldar ranges, despite their age.

@ FBI - cheers fella. I will now forever refer to my painting style as bleak - thats an awesome description. Good to know you're enjoying things so far.

13-09-2011, 16:52
I'm enjoying your plog immensely! The latest fluff entry perfectly captures how I view the intricacies of Druchii courtly life would be. Great job. Also a very nice way to share more background info on your general (and future roster of characters!)

Please keep it up!

13-09-2011, 16:59
Great log, some of the conversions are really spot on. Oh, and you got a Household Guard unit too! With the amount of these around we on Warseer should soon petition GW to get them as an official new entry in the army book ;)

Have to say it again - great conversions. Particularly the Emissary is amazing, and I immediately saved the picture for inspiration (or copying!) later on.

Keep it up,

13-09-2011, 19:16
A veritable mountain of fluff! It was a good read and I'm intrigued to know what happens next. Keep it up.

The Yak
13-09-2011, 23:37
Oh sweet Jessie Christ!! This plog just gets better and better! Lost for words....

14-09-2011, 09:21
Cheers for all the kind words gents :)

@ Saulot - glad you're enjoying the fluff. I will eventually be making at least one character for each title - some will even have a few claimants. Sadly I can only fit 4 characters in the 2400pt list.

@ BeatTheBeat - I agree! GW definitley need to change the names of some of the units - 'Dark Elf Warriors' just sounds really blah and uninspiring. I am going to be disappointed when we eventually lose all the cool random little magic items as well, some of them are just so cool from a fluff perspective.

Feel free to nab the idea for the Emissary - it'd be an honour to see something inspired by him popping up across the interwebs.

Enjoying your plog as well - totally agree that the previous metal corsairs are much much better than the new plastics. You can actually rank them up properly! And the three champions are great great models, I wish I still had some of them

@ Student - aye it was a mountain - and theres more to come ;) Good to know its hooked your interest though.

@ The Yak - Haha cheers fella :) Hopefully I can keep the increase in quality going.

Your Empire are looking very nice as well, the recent SoM mages you did are amazing. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

So, whats up next for the House? Tonight I'm aiming to get the replacement standard bearer finished - hopefully I wont get too distracted by all the rugby I've got recorded. After that, the assassin should get done over the weekend and then I need to crack on with the xbows.

Oh and get some more fluff written up.

14-09-2011, 10:37
Very impressive log, i really like the painting style. Keep up the good work, looking forward to see more.

14-09-2011, 11:08
Enjoying your plog as well - totally agree that the previous metal corsairs are much much better than the new plastics. You can actually rank them up properly! And the three champions are great great models, I wish I still had some of them

Thanks :) They are, aren't they? Can't wrap my head around the new Corsairs, they differ entirely from the rest of the DE range in style. I'm hellbent on gathering as many of the old style models before they are replaced, best line GW ever made in my opinion (possibly exception new Dark Eldar). Black Guard, Shades, Executioners, Warriors/RXB (good for their time, now not so much maybe), Witch Elves, CoK Chariot (sadly discontinued), Corsairs, all the different unit champions/standard bearers... Those were stylish times!


14-09-2011, 22:16
Very,very nice,love the background and the and the models,love the scheme.

15-09-2011, 09:27
Morning everyone, cheers for checking out the log and your comments.

@ Slipknotman21 & Siam-Tiger - Glad you're enjoying it gents. There'll be plenty more to come, trust me.

@ BeatTheBeat - You're right, the new corsairs don't seem to have anything in common with the rest of the range. It's difficult to even use them as a bits source, thanks to the way they are posed and the arms are moulded. Not sure what GW were thinking there. Sadly I think we are stuck with them for a while now.

Only a small update today folks - a combination of the little man Nathaniel and the Rugby World Cup has pushed my productivity down a bit. Managed to get a bit of work done on the replacement standard bearer - hopefully he should be all done by the weekend:


Pretty pleased with how the flayed skin turned out - as much as I criticised the sculpt earlier for being a bit clunky, he is fairly enjoyable to paint. I was coming up with all kinds of fun reasons behind the skins while I was working on him, two of which in particular are definitely going to make it into the background.

Speaking of background, there may be some more to come later today if I can get some spare time. If not, I'll make up for it on the weekend.

C&C welcome as ever ladies and gents.

15-09-2011, 11:31
It's hard to criticise what you've produced so far; I've really enjoyed the background, the painting and the overall feel you're conjuring. The lighter armour really helps execute the fantastic Dark Elf sculpts, but there is something unsettlingly sinister about the colour combination you have used.

The flayed skin has come out great. It was a good idea to introduce a little pink/ red to differentiate it from the armour.

Very nicely done.


15-09-2011, 11:44
Cheers very much Lilloser2010 - your plogs are breathtaking, especially your own Druchii, and its an honour to get such praise from you.

I also heartily love the combined opinions of my paint scheme and style as 'bleak' and 'unsettingly sinister' - I must be doing something right.

Incidentally, whereabouts in S.Wales are you from? I'm Cardiff myself, only moved to Swindon about 6/7 years ago.

15-09-2011, 12:04
Hey Jack fantastic looking army and loving the background info you are putting out, just quickly i dont know if i missed it but can you explain how you get your bases like that?

16-09-2011, 09:37
Morning everyone, thanks again for checking out my log. I've come to the inevitable conclusion that I'm probably not going to get this army done for the tourney in November. I'll still try, but I honestly don't reckon I've enough time.

However, this doesn't mean the end of the plog. Oh hell no. I've signed up for The Tale Of Fantasy Painters log here to keep the incentive to paint going and I want this army done like you would not believe.

I've also decided to take it up to 3k, with a converted unit of Black Guard and slinky female Dreadlord to lead them.

So, what I'm trying to say is that this plog will be around for longer and with more stuff. Yay.

@ Mace1982 - cheers fella, glad you're enjoying the background. The basing is made from sheets of pre-moulded plastic. If there's a model railway supply shop near to you, pop in and take a look for it. There's loads of different styles, from regular paving to corrugated iron and cobbles. Useful stuff.

In terms of updates, the replacement standard bearer got finished. Unfortunately the pics I took this morning are not great thanks to the light, or lack thereof. I'll try and get some better ones this weekend. Anyways, take a gander at the temporary pics for now.

************************************************** ********

Cyrion The Elder, Master of Discipline

The longest serving retainer to the line of Arkitaine, Cyrion the Elder has held the rank of Master of Discipline for as long as Hiroth can remember. Dour and vicious even by Druchii standards, Cyrion is responsible for administering punishment rites amongst the Household Guard and such is his prowess that often a cold stare from his remaining eye is enough to quell the usual backstabbing and conspiring amongst the ranks of the Guard.

Cyrion will often accompany the First Cohort to war, acting as their standard bearer and a calming influence on the normally headstrong and wilful Temul Kinslayer. There are some who claim that Cyrion keeps a close watch on Temul purely to punish him as soon as possible for any error and is eager to strip the flesh from the arrogant young Druchii's bones.

The standard borne by Cyrion displays a perfect example of his favoured punishment and talent - the flayed preserved skin of a Druchii. The slow flensing of skin from flesh and bone while keeping the unfortunate alive is an art Cyrion takes great relish in practising and few are the members of the Household Guard that have not lost a patch of their alabaster skin to his tender ministrations.

When the House marches to war, Cyrion will select a specimen for preparation and display. On occasion this has been a favoured enemy or courtesan of the House, other times a member of the Household Guard. The flaying has become something of a ritual and has become adopted by the ranks of the Household Guard as an augury for how the impending conflict will unfold. Should the subject of Cyrions attentions cling to life until their skin has been entirely flensed, the omens are good and the Household Guard will march to war confident in their victory.


The flayed skin worn by Cyrion in lieu of a cloak or other covering is the pinnacle of his talent and a testament to the cold blooded viciousness of Druchii culture. It is the skin of his first and only son, Cyrion Younger, carefully flayed and invested through alchemical and sorcerous means to preserve its integrity. Cyrion flayed his firstborn himself upon learning of his schemes to murder his father and assume his position in his mothers bed. Some whisper that the very soul of Cyrion younger has been bound to his flaye hide, cursed to haunt it until every shred has been destoryed, and that the shade of his son constantly whispers to Cyrion Elder, warning him of conspiracies and threats.

Gah what godawful pictures. They don't do him justice at all. The previous WiP pics give a much better idea of how the flayed skin looks. Ah well, I'll get some more sorted this weekend.

In game terms, the unit he is the standard bearer for carries The Banner Of Discipline (+1 Ld) - in fluff terms, this bonus is due to the presence of Cyrion himself rather than any actual magical properties of the banner. After all, would you mess about in front of the guy who could skin you slowly over the course of a week?

C&C welcome guys and girls.

16-09-2011, 10:15
The model's face suits that very grisly background perfectly. I look forward to more.

Duke Donald
16-09-2011, 14:09
The standard bearer is as grim at the fluff that comes with it, which is quite an achievement. However, I was slightly less enthused by your last post. Your writing is superb and I enjoy reading about psychopaths, and mentions of flayed skin always make me feel a bit queasy. However, this character just comes across to me as evil, and only evil.

To me, the best villains are those whose motivations I can partly understand. Cyrion may lack the moral complexity and ambiguity that would allow me to empathise with his fate. I feel the idea of him carrying his son's skin on his back with his soul whispering to him is a good. However, to me, this image may be more moving if he had loved him and/or had killed him unintentionally (e.g. being dupe by an elaborate plot by a sorcerer who changed appearance with his son - not sure that makes that much sense actually).

Anyway, this is your fluff and it's excellent but I would enjoy it probably even more if your next characters were more tormented and tragic rather than just purely evil.

16-09-2011, 14:28
Anyway, this is your fluff and it's excellent but I would enjoy it probably even more if your next characters were more tormented and tragic rather than just purely evil.

Don't worry Duke, this chap is literally only a basic standard bearer and will be the only 'pure evil for evil's sake' dramatis personae in the list.

Rest assured the remaining characters will be more along the tormented and tragic lines - tormented is probably the single best word to describe Velrys himself.

I understand where you're coming from though - I think it's all too easy to slip into the comfortable 'dark elves are mean and stabby and stabby and mean. Plus emo' slippers when coming up with background. Looking back over Cyrion, I think I tip-toed fairly close to that line and over-emphasised his evil-ness rather than concentrating on the aspects of him as a drill sergeant type and an 'artist'. Lesson learnt.

Cheers for the honest opinion - its good to get picked up stuff like this before it gets out of hand and I rename Velrys 'Dark Lord Emostab' :)

Imp of High Noon
16-09-2011, 16:15
I'd be interested to see a model of the Lich, maybe using malekiths rules.

16-09-2011, 22:04
Looking really good, great fluff as well (especially with the knowledge that his uber-evilness is an exception, too much gets tedious but a small dose is great). I've been planning to get some of the Manflayers as well, great models.


The Yak
17-09-2011, 01:44
Hi do you like my new cloak? fresh from the back of my flayed son! Only in Naggaroth eh? Like it like it. I can imagine that stare you described him giving to the household guard, its most likely similar to the one I get when from my wife when I try to get out of going shopping!

His pale flesh looks superb and the banner and cloak (remains of his son) are really well executed (literally).

Good work, looking forward to seeing more.

19-09-2011, 09:45
Morning all, hope you all had a decent weekend. Not too much from me today, just a few updates on the WiP and maybe some fluff later on today.

@ Imp Of High Noon - cheers for taking a look at the plog fella. Sadly there's no plans to do a model of the Lord-in-Chains for now, he's very much a malevolent background presence.

@ BeatTheBeat - you can still get the Manflayers direct from GW, they're tucked away in the Collectors section from what I remember. They are nice models but some do need a bit of work done to them.

@ The Yak - cheers as ever fella, plenty more to come for your perusal. How are your Empire coming along?

Didn't get much done over the weekend sadly - too much Rugby and family stuff going on. Here's a few better pics of the replacement standard bearer though:


I'm really happy with this guy and with the flayed skin in particular. I might have to use that technique on someone else at some point.

And a few progress shots of the Assassin:


So far only the bone sections and the lining of his cloak have been done. The cloak itself was originally going to be painted up the same way as the Naggarothian Lion in the spears, but I'm kinda concerned that might make him a little too dark. I'll have a play around anyways.

Background wise, this chap has had a little reboot as well - the initial version of my list had 2 Assassins, one more straight laced and a true Temple Of Khaine assassin (he can be see in the unit pics of the spears on the 1st page) and this chap who was going to be more frenzied and crazed. To use 40k assassins as an analogue, the Temple Assassin was my Callidus, this guy was my Eversor.

Now though, I'm leaning a different way. Taking onboard Duke Donald and BeatTheBeat's comments, I don't want to have another crazed stabby elf in the list. So this chap is now more likely to become a hybrid of the 2 original assassins and an Autarii rather than a Temple assassin. Once he's all done and dusted, the usual fluff avalanche will follow.

C&C welcome guys - your comments are a massive incentive to crack on and get more stuff done.

19-09-2011, 21:28
you can still get the Manflayers direct from GW, they're tucked away in the Collectors section from what I remember. They are nice models but some do need a bit of work done to them.


I'm really happy with this guy and with the flayed skin in particular. I might have to use that technique on someone else at some point.

Yeah I know, but they're quite expensive so I'll try to snatch them second hand anyway! Cheap bastard I am, not very in character.

And that flayed skin thing... That sounds like a threat, mate :D

On a serious note, it's all looking great as usual. Good to have a partner in (elven) crime on the forums, I think we both envision the Druchii in similar ways. Keep it up!


Duke Donald
20-09-2011, 13:56
I hope I didn't break your inspiration with my criticisms. I'd be really sorry, partly because I greatly enjoy your fluff. I dared to raise the point of possible excessive evilness as your writing is so good and you mentionnned you'd like to get published as a writer one day. Anyway, please keep it coming.

20-09-2011, 14:04
Afternoon everyone :)

@ BeatTheBeat - aye they are pricey. I've noticed a fair few bundles of them and the metal corsairs knocking around on Ebay for a decent price though. Got my eye on a couple of pegasii on there currently....

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff as well mate, I do think our plogs have something in common in terms of the way we see the Druchii and want to take our armies. Good times :)

@ Duke Donald - honestly mate, hand on heart - I really appreciated your comments. It's a good thing for people to pick me up on it when they think I've gone too far, especially if they are enjoying what I've done previously. I'd rather that then end up writing myself into generic evil-elf land.

Rest assured there will be more to come - hopefully a small fluff snippet today and then more as soon as I can get the assassin finished.

Cheers all

22-09-2011, 11:03
Morning Warseer.

Well, I must say it's nice to see that someone took a look at my plog, rated me down from 5 stars and left a nice comment as to what they did and didnt like so that I could take their criticism on board....oh wait. That last part about the comment isn't true.

Le sigh.

Come on gents, if you don't like something tell me what and why. Give me a chance to respond, explain, maybe agree and change - you know, improve my stuff. Duke Donald wasn't afraid to do it and I'm thankful he did.

Anyways. Sad time over, on with new stuff and pics. The Assassin is now finished:

Sholen Skara; The Spiraling Blade, adept of the Assail, reader of the Tiles.
Born to the Autarii clans of the frozen forests, Sholen has forged a new life for himself in the city-state of Clar Karond and in the service of Hiroth Arkitaine. The Autarii are a mystery to most civilized Druchii, content to live a simpler life in the inhospitable mountains and dark forests of Naggaroth, disdaining the usual trappings of civilized life. They are secretive and rarely seen – even when the legions of the Witch King march to war, the Autarii act as scouts and skirmishers, harassing the enemy from the shadows and melting into the shadows before they can be faced.

Thus, it is rare for a city-dwelling civilized Druchii to see an Autarii, let alone retain the services of one and rarer still for the Druchii to survive his meeting with the Autarii clans. The Autarii see city-dwelling Druchii as weak and indolent , cosseted in their fine silks and robes and will often as not hunt Druchii to their deaths if they trespass into their lands. As such, little is known to Druchii scholars of the ways of the Autarii, their rituals and customs. Even Autarii that have been gently ‘questioned’ by well-meaning scholars have remained tight lipped, displaying a tolerance for pain and hardship doubtless earned during their hard life in the wilds.

Despite several decades in the service of Hiroth, Sholen still remains tight lipped about his life amongst the Autarii. Hiroth knows that Sholen belongs to a small number of Autarii known as the Assail – a sect that seems to worship or acknowledge Khaine as their patron. The Assail are not a clan themselves, but a collection of Autarii that have been touched by Khaine or invested in some way in his name. Peerless warriors, it is said that they are amongst the few Druchii that can match a Temple Adept in combat and it is believed that they perform a similar function amongst the Autarii as the sinister Temple Adepts perform amongst the Druchii courts. Certainly Hiroth has found Sholen indispensable as much for his skills at gathering information as his combat prowess and is grateful that he does not have to rely on the fickle Temple Adepts and the steep cost of their services.


Sholen is rarely seen in the halls of the Arkitaine tower, instead preferring to stalk the streets and alleys of Clar Karond. Information is hunted as readily as enemies of the family and will often fetch a greater reward in the future. As such, Sholen has bent his skills as a hunter and tracker to infiltrating and influencing the network of spies and informants that are spun around the courts and Houses of Hag Graef with great success and is known amongst the Household Guard to be Hiroth's spymaster as well as his personal bodyguard.

The bond between these two was forged decades ago in the frozen mountains of Naggarond when Sholen acted a guide to Hiroth, taking him to visit an ancient Autarii Crone known to be a talented reader of auguries. The details of the Crone's augury are known only to Hiroth, though from that day onwards his demeanour grew noticeably more closed and guarded. Sholen was appointed as his protection by the Crone, initially against both Druchii's wishes but over the years each has saved the others life on several occasions and have become as close to friends as Druchii will allow themselves.

The deep scars marking Sholen's features were gifted to him by several Temple Adepts in his first year in Clar Karond. The Temple Adepts took exception to the barbourous Autarii claiming to be touched by Khaine and took it apon themselves to show him the 'true touch of Khaine'. Since that time, Sholen has taken great delight in hunting Temple Adepts through the fog-shrouded alleys of the city in vicious games of cat-and-mouse. Blood is often spilt, though no mortal wounds are dealt - the Temple Adepts rarely kill without a contract and do not wish to expose the Temple to a blood-debt. For his part, Sholen has been warned by Hiroth not to antagonise the Temple by killing an Adept and instead contents himself by mutilating them and crippling them in amusing ways - removing fingers from sword-hands, cutting ligaments in legs and flensing skin from faces. To date, these malicious games have held a kind of truce between the Temple and High House Chains, though Sholen has noted of late an increase in the tender attentions of the Adepts towards the Arkitaine brothers.


Sholen can be seen here accoutred for war - a rare sight due to his propensity for stalking the twisting alleys of Hag Graef. Wrapped in skin tight leathers, Sholen bears a few light sections of plate, though the seemingly random placement of the sections would suggest they are for asthetic purposes rather than protection.

The archaic weapon wielded by Sholen is a whip-sword - rarely seen in these modern times. Constructed from several links of razored blades strung together and weighted at the end with a heavier crescent blade, the use of this weapon demands great focus and a fighting style that seems almost like a dance. The whip-sword can be wrapped around outstretched limbs, the raxor edged section cutting to the bone and lopping limbs clear with a swift flick of the wrist. This blade is well suited to the athletic, dance-like fighting style of the Assail and has gifted Sholen the name he is most commonly referred to by - The Spiraling Blade.


Here can be seen a few additional items useful to Sholen in his role as spymaster and killer. The glowing tubes are used to provide a low level of illumination through alchemical means - indispensable when navigating the dark catacombs of Clar Karond. An additional blade is always close to hand, usually coated with some virulent toxin or venom. Currently Sholen prefers paralytic agents, revelling in the suprised look on his quarries faces as their limbs freeze and muscles cramp.

Also visible is a lock of luxuriant red hair - shorn from the scalp of the last Temple Adept to cross paths with Sholen. The Adept was skilled and swift, managing to draw Sholens blood before falling victim to his paralyzing blade. In salute to her skills, and in part her deadly beauty, Sholen held his usual mutilations to simply clipping her scarlet tresses as a keepsake. He will not admit it, but he hopes that their paths will cross again soon...

Finally, the small pouch contains a set of Wyrm Tiles - usually seen as a childs game by the city-dwelling Druchii as the simple pictograms are used to teach young Druchii the intricacies of courtly life. However, the Autarii know that to a skilled reader, the laying of the tiles can be used to augur the future in a similar way to the Norscan runs or the Empires tarot decks.

For now, Sholen seems content in his position and is as loyalto Hiroth as is possible for a Druchii . Of late though, his readings of the Tiles have gifted troubling glimpses of the times ahead. A new tile, Chains, has appeared and dominates each laying of the field. Paired with the tile denoting Suffering, the omens are dark and Sholen has begun to hear whispers in his dreams, offering great power and reknown...

Really happy with how this chap turned out, from the Dark Eldar bits to the skin colour. Rethinking his fluff has turned out for the better as well, allowing me to add an extra dimension to him and the overall background.

Game wise, he counts as:
Assassin - extra hand weapon, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Khaine and Cry of War.

So thats between 5-7 poisoned attacks with killing blow and causing fear. Tasty.

C&C welcome ladies and gents, thanks for taking a look.

22-09-2011, 11:58
The fluff really makes this model. I like how you've given a reason for each peice of his equipment. The only criticism I can think of is that don't elves have dark vision and therefore he wouldn't need glowsticks. On the other hand the glowing tubes look cool.

22-09-2011, 14:38
Get completely hooked up by the fluff of this assassin. Ill follow your plog without a doubt! You've made an assassin with a lot of character.

22-09-2011, 14:53
Great painting here.

Duke Donald
22-09-2011, 17:31
I enjoyed your last post a lot, both the mini and the fluff.

22-09-2011, 17:36
Gorgeous model, sir. The fluff brings it to a whole other level.

23-09-2011, 08:22
Always great when you forget your password, then realize it had been reset a long time ago and you had forgotten to change it back to something you might remember.

Anyhow, some thoughts as I finally am catching up on things. I like the Emissary, very nice take in my opinion. I am curious though about his back side. You can see some sort of spine sticking up but not what it is attached to.

Next, Sholen Skara. I like him, he gives a very different vibe then the hooded or masked asassins. But I have three spots that leave me a tad unsure with his model, though it might be due to the picture angles and such. The first is the right shoulder, where the cloak looks like it is suppose to attach. I can't see it well from the pictures but it does not seem to look right to me. Like it is sort of hanging or barely there.

This leads to the second thing that kind of bothered me, His right side or more to the point his right arm. Sholen seems to be a model with ton of added touch and little marks of interest on his model, from his belt to his head. But the Right arm is kind of plain, empty, and at least to me kind of out of place. His left side is decently covered and his glove stands out a bit, but the right side is the reverse and to me in almost a glaring way. Not sure if I am being clear but it just seems to throw something off for me on the model.

I would consider either a tattoo on the shoulder or some sort of armor. If you think about it he is whipping the chain sword with his left arm, that means often he will have it sailing past that right arm often, something like a kroot shoulder pad or the segmented piece that the Empire models use to have for their legs would make sense.

The last thing is on his chest, the center line. From the pictures I have seen of the pieces, it looks like the Dark Eldar have some sort of pipe or zipper there, hard to tell. For a fantasy model this kind of stuck out to me. Now it might just be the picture and the fact I can't see it first hand. But it feels out of place to me. Just not sure as I can't examine it first hand.

That said I have enjoyed this thread, I enjoy models with a story and seeing some different approaches. As a converter myself i like seeing what others come up with.

23-09-2011, 09:01
Thanks for all the kind words gents, you made me a happy monkey indeed.

@ Student - I imagine elves have better lowlight vision than us certainly, but not full on night vision - there were a few sections in the first Malus Darkblade novel where Nagira summoned wychlight orbs whlie they were in the catacombs. Besides, there's always room for glowsticks oontz-oontz-oontz-oontz.

@ Muette - cheers fella, nice to know you're hooked. The background will accompany each unit and character that I do to the same level, plus there'll be extra snippets every now and then.

@ Mdiscala - I've seen your Cryx plog and the amazing OSL and corroded iron you painted so I'll take that as a huge compliment. Thanks very much.

@ Duke Donald - cheers mate and thanks again for the comments on the fluff, its helped a lot.

@ Pointyteeth - again, cheers :) Plenty more to come that I hope you'll like.

@ EnternalVoid - cheers for taking a look as part of your catch-up. Oh and welcome back :)

Everyone seems to like the Emissary, which is nice seeing as he was such a simple conversion. I'll sort out more pics as soon as I get painting on him to show off the back - essentially the spines are one of the helmet crests from the Cold One Knights, attached to the flat section of armour on his back. It'll make more sense once I get the pics sorted.

Damn you picture angles! *shaky fist*. There is a greenstuffed clasp pinning the right edge of the cloak in place on Sholen - I promise. Sadly the pics don't show it to the best. I'll see what I can do about that.

It does seem to be some kind of zippery type thing on the Wych torsos - I originally painted it the same bone as the armour sections but it just didnt look right. To be honest, the brass was a last resort as I had run out of other ideas. Model in hand, it doesn't look too bad - the arc of the sword and the relative brightness of the armour sections and the skin take your eye right away from it. I may go back and have a fiddle at some point though - greenstuffing it flat isnt really an option as he needs some detail there or his torso will get lost - I'll a have a ponder on that.

The thought of a tattoo on his right arm never occured to me, but the more I think about it, the more I like that idea. I want to stay away from more armour plates - he is an assassin after all - but a tattoo is a genuis idea. I'll have a look at the various elf army books for some Druchii-ink inspiration.

Cheers for the comments and ideas though - always appreciated and that tattoo idea is a great one.

Next up should be a unit of crossbows with a predeliction for hunting White Lions and then my last unit of Household Cavalry.

Thanks again everyone :)

27-09-2011, 11:53
Afternoon Warseer, hope everyones good.

Not much of an update I'm afraid - I'm just working on the back rank of the crossbows currently. So far the bone armour is done, along with the cloth. Hopefully tonight I'll get the metalwork and bases done, leaving just the skin and detailing to finish by the end of the week.

Quick WiP pic showing the armour:


Not great lighting but by the weekend they'll be done and I can get some better pics sorted.

After that will be another 6 cavalry and the front rank of the crossbows. Really should crack on with the next 30 spears then....

Oh and just to keep you all interested and for those of you who are enjoying the fluff, some more for you to read.

Cheers all :)

************************************************** *****

“A Druchii Highborn once received a gift from a Daemon, a beautiful lacquer box that the Daemon said contained all the power he could ever desire. The Highborn waited years for the right moment to open the box and claim his rightful place upon the Iron Throne of Naggarond. Greed eventually overtook his wife’s senses and the foolish Lady opened the lacquered box. Immediately, the Highborn’s slaves fell dead in their tracks, his concubines choked on their tongues and the Highborn’s eyes fell from their sockets. His good lady wife lost her mind to the glory of the Realm of Chaos glimpsed through the window contained within the box.

The moral? Keep a careful eye on those closest to you as they will often be your downfall.”

Druchii fable, as told to young children
Author unknown

The cries echoed through the twilight halls of the Arkitaine Tower, spiraling from hysterical laughter to torturous screams and back again. Hiroth, Seneschal to High House Chains, grimaced as the sounds of his brothers torment wound their way through the halls of his line. Standing at the window, his gauntleted hands gripped the window rail tightly as if he too felt the pain afflicting his younger sibling.

‘Gods below, this madness will end us all.’

Sholen Skara looked up at his masters hissed words, reluctantly pulling his eyes from the bone tiles strewn in front of him across the bloodwood table.

‘Temul swears he saw Lord Kherieth’s blade pierce his breast before Velrys took his head in return.’

‘Then Temul is mistaken and a fool besides. My brother’s cries are evidence enough that he lives and I will not have it whispered that he should be dead.’

‘Such whispers are becoming harder to silence. Many of the Household remember the culling of the beasts last winter. Several saw Velrys fall with that beast’s spear lodged in his back. And yet, no few hours later, he walked triumphant amongst his knights, laughing as he skinned the things.’

Hiroth crossed the stark chamber, taking a seat at the table opposite Sholen. His steel clad fingers met in an arch in front of his pale thin face, as if in prayer. He was silent for a moment, the turmoil in his mind hidden behind the impassive mask of his features. A hissed sigh escaped his drawn lips.

‘I fear my brother toys with powers beyond his ability to control. Even now, I am barred from his rooms by the knights bearing his colours. That damned Emissary stands ever at his side, whispering into his ear and twisting his judgment. There is a cancer here, in my tower. In my line.’

Sholen remained silent, the only sound in the chamber the click of the bone tiles against the varnished bloodwood. After several moments, Hiroth spoke again, the words seemingly pulled from his mouth like thorns from flesh.

‘Send word to our associates in the Null Tower and the Lady Nymeria. Convey to them our respect at their continued good fortunes and remind them of the ties and good will between our families. I would ask for their advice on certain…matters.’

Nodding, Sholen rose and cast the last tile onto the table before him. A muscle twitched under his eye as the symbol of Chains clattered onto the field of tiles, disturbing their careful order. He swept the tiles from the table and into the battered leather pouch and swiftly left the chamber, leaving his master alone amongst the shadows.

27-09-2011, 21:25
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHO! This was great fluff (as was the Assassin's fluff, btw) until the last two paragraph. Then it turned... awesome ;)

We'll see where this leads...


27-09-2011, 21:34
A good bit of story there. I like that they are not united it really gets across that feeling that they are back stabbing and manipulative and not stabby, death ******. More lawful evil than chaotic evil I think is what I mean.

30-09-2011, 09:16
Morning Warseer, apologies for the few days silence - it's been a busy time work and baby-wise.

@ Student - Lawful evil is probably the best description for Druchii in my mind - theres too much emphasis on the stabby-death-emo side these days for my liking. The back-stabbing and internal turmoil will be expanded on as the army progresses.

@ BeatTheBeat - Aaaah glad you liked it mate :) Been thinking about dropping a reference to my other favourite Druchii log for a while now, so happy that it meets with your approval. I did have an idea I wanted to run past you at some point, I'll drop you a PM when I get a mo.

I enjoyed writing that bit of fluff immensely, especially the littel fable at the start. It's actually amended from a few lines of dialogue from one of my favourite HellBoy comics ever - a cookie for whoever can get the name of the comic.

Onto my WiP and progress now then. So far I've managed to get half my Crossbows done - the command group and movement tray need some greenstuffing before I can finish the unit off but thats next weeks plan.

I've also made a bigger change to one of my characters. You might remember a few posts back I showed off this gent, the Emissary:


He's one of my two mages and is pretty important background wise, acting as the Herald for High House Chains. However, I've decided to retire this model and do a new version for 3 reasons.

Firstly, Asthetic reasons. I loved the way this model came out so much, it inspired me to convert the plastic Phoenix Guard into Black Guard using Kabalite Warriors and Hellion glaives.

This leads to the second reason - Background. Without giving away too much, the Emissary is supposed to be an ancient figure that no-one is quite sure is even Druchii. The problem is, if he is supposed to be that old, why does his armour look the same as the more modern Black Guard? As much as I love this version, I couldn't get past that stumbling block and justify it.

Thirdly, I really really like the new plastic Chaos Sorcerer.

So, with that in mind, here's the new version of the Emissary:


This makes me happy in a way that only redheads and my wife do. It fits my mental picture of the Emissary perfectly and that fact he stands that much taller than a regular elf only helps the background for him more. There's something other-wordly about him while still being recognisably Druchii. He looks ancient compared to the other elves in my army. And thats a good thing.

On a related note - that plastic Sorceror? My word what a beautiful sculpt. I felt bad about taking off the staff top and leaving the head off, it's that good.

Anyways, enough waffling from me. C&C welcome as always guys, I'll try and get some more background text up either today or over the weekend.

Cheers all.

30-09-2011, 11:39
He's looks much more like a herald than the original which looks more like a diplomat, though a diplomat who's probably going to stab you. I still like the original though. What is to become of him?

30-09-2011, 11:59
Sweet, that was the plan, more herald than diplomat. Glad it's worked out. I lay that success at Brain Nelsons feet though, the plastic sorceror is a thing of beauty.

I'm still fond of the original Emissary as well - he's not in danger of being broken apart or anything. I may use him as diplomat type for my second Highborn, Lady Nymeria and her Black Guard types.

30-09-2011, 13:10
Looking great! Was also thinking of doing a conversion like that as the model really fits my image of a Druchii sorcerer, but a sorcerer doesn't go too well with my army's fluff. Looking forward to that PM as well as seeing how the Herald will turn out... Oh, and the Black Guard. Exciting times, this is :)


30-09-2011, 14:00
Awesome Emissary!! Great use of the Chaos Sorcerer kit!

30-09-2011, 14:25
@ BeatTheBeat - I reckon you should pick one up anyway mate, the kit is suprisingly versatile so could be easily converted to a Dreadlord or similar. Take a look at this link to see how the kit breaks down - http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/index.php/storm-magic-wizards-c-22_341_342

Right arm is seperate, head is seperate, left arm is easily removed....Trust me, get one and just have a play with him.

Oh, and PM on its way......:shifty:

@ Glenning - cheers fella, thanks for taking a look at my plog :) . I was unsure of the kit at first, but its a beauty, very easy to convert.

01-10-2011, 01:26
Still like the first embassary alot but your reasoning for the update is a very sound reasoning. And the updated one is not bad either.

Some thoughts though. He is the Herald of the High House of Chains.... but he does not have a single chain on him. I did not notice that on the first one, but as you have decided to make him look more like an ancient force rather than something more like the mouth of Sauron, you might want to give it some thought. In addition I am not sure about the Eye icon on the strap hanging from his waist. The Eye is generally an icon of Chaos. Perhaps clip it and put a Dark Elf rune on the belt? Also there is the chaos icon on his belt buckle. Might want to sand the edges so it is merely a ring.

As for the Hellboy, the first thing that springs to mind is 'Box full of Evil'. Then again they do like such ironic twists in Hellboy it might be from something else *rather like the comics myself*. Been meaning to do a Baba Yaga model some day because of it.

Duke Donald
01-10-2011, 13:08
This herald is an inspired kitbash. I also enjoyed your last fluff posts.

02-10-2011, 21:17
Jack my good sir i was just perusing my collection of fantasy novels and came across my Malazan book of the fallen collection by Steven Erikson, the 4th book in this series is called house of chains, am i barking up a different tree here?

03-10-2011, 01:58
Great elves, the conversions really give them character, particularly the emissary look very sinister.

03-10-2011, 09:39
Morning everyone, how was your weekend? Had a decent one myself, highly enjoyed watching France take a beating mentally and physically at the hands of Tonga and of course, Wales were rampant. Fingers crossed that form continues into the next match against Ireland.

Thanks for all your comments so far as well guys.

@ EternalVoid - Chains have been added :) I'll get some pics up once I start painting him up, which should be soon hopefully. In regards to the eye on the strap, I've deliberately left that looking chaotic for background reasons - I'll explain about the Eye of Agamotto when I get his background up.

And you were close, the inspiration came from the Japan-set 'Heads'. It's in the same trade paperback as 'Box Full Of Evil.'

@ DukeDonald & Kronos - cheers gents. The consensus seems to be that the new Emissary is an improvement on the old and has worked well, which is good to know. I'm looking forward to painting him up as well.

@ Mace1982 - You're pretty much spot on mate. I'm a big fan of the series and have shamelessly ripped the structure of the Deck Of Dragon houses for my background, along with the name 'High House Chains'. There's a few other small influences from there as well, but about 98% of the background is my own work.

Coming up this week should be the front rank of the crossbows and after that another 6 Light Cavalry and the Emissary himself. Need to sort out my second unti of Household Guard as well. Busy times indeed.

03-10-2011, 10:40
Morning everyone, how was your weekend? Had a decent one myself, highly enjoyed watching France take a beating mentally and physically at the hands of Tonga and of course, Wales were rampant. Fingers crossed that form continues into the next match against Ireland.

Thanks for all your comments so far as well guys.

@ EternalVoid - Chains have been added :) I'll get some pics up once I start painting him up, which should be soon hopefully. In regards to the eye on the strap, I've deliberately left that looking chaotic for background reasons - I'll explain about the Eye of Agamotto when I get his background up.

And you were close, the inspiration came from the Japan-set 'Heads'. It's in the same trade paperback as 'Box Full Of Evil.'

@ DukeDonald & Kronos - cheers gents. The consensus seems to be that the new Emissary is an improvement on the old and has worked well, which is good to know. I'm looking forward to painting him up as well.

@ Mace1982 - You're pretty much spot on mate. I'm a big fan of the series and have shamelessly ripped the structure of the Deck Of Dragon houses for my background, along with the name 'High House Chains'. There's a few other small influences from there as well, but about 98% of the background is my own work.

Coming up this week should be the front rank of the crossbows and after that another 6 Light Cavalry and the Emissary himself. Need to sort out my second unti of Household Guard as well. Busy times indeed.

Hi Jack,
Yes, i did have a nice weekend, NOT PAINTING ANY WARHAMMER, because I promissed my wife....................

Wales were rampant : ????

Back to Normal: how are you doing painting ?
tell me what the looks of your army will be at the end of this beautifull PLOG.


03-10-2011, 12:21
Your background is fantastic mate and being a fan of the books myself I would say 99% of your work is your own, very little is taken from them. However I think fans of your plog should read the books :-)

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.502142,-1.333565

03-10-2011, 14:15
@ Magot - nice to hear from you again fella. The Wales comment was a reference to the Rugby World Cup - they beat Fiji 66-0, a cause for celebration for many a Welshman like myself.

The painting is coming along alright cheers, trying to get a bit done every day inbetween work, the wife, the baby and the rugby. Currently sorting out my crossbows.

In terms of what the army will look like at the end, Ill put the list up at hte end of this post :)

@ Mace1982 - I heartily agree mate, they are a great series of books. Eriksons magic system is the best I've ever seen, I wish more fantasy based magic was like that.

Anyone else following my plog who hasnt read them - do it!

So, onto the list then. I've a 3k list worked out that is the initial goal for the army. Once that 3k is done, I plan to take a break and finish my 1750 Astartes army (also in bone armour - its like an addiction) and do a few alternate characters and units for the Druchii.

The 3k list is:

Dreadlord - Crimson Death, Armour of Servitude, Ring of Darkness, Cold One, Sea Dragon cloak, shield

Dreadlord - Chill Blade, Glittering Scales, Other Tricksters Shard, Luckstone, Sea Dragon cloak, shield

Master BSB - Relic Sword, Shield of Ghrond, Talisman of Protection, heavy armour, Sea Dragon cloak

L2 Shadow Mage - Tome of Furion, Black Dragon Egg
L2 Fire Mage - Seal of Ghrond

Assassin - Rune of Khaine, Touch of Khaine, Cry of War, extra hand weapon

29 Spears - Full command, Banner of Murder
29 Spears - Full command, Banner of Discipline
16 Crossbows - Champion, musician
6 Dark Riders - Repeater crossbows, Champion
6 Dark Riders - Repeater crossbows, Champion
5 Harpies

9 Cold One Knights - Full command, War Banner, Ironcurse Icon
Cold One Chariot
Cold One Chariot

17 Black Guard - Full Command, Razor Standard

This is probably just under 3k, leaving me some room to play with magic items for the mages and KG champion - I'll finalise those choices later tonight.

The random unit sizes are to ensure that theres room in the movement tray for accompanying characters - part of the background is that only certain characters will join certain units. For example, only the second Dreadlord will join the BG - she's a noble lady and the BG are her paramours and consorts.

I've neglected to post this list up in the tactics section as the inevitable slew of 'drop dreadlord, take lvl4 & cauldron bsb, make your list look exactly the same as mine' comments will only infuriate me. As I said right at the start, this is primarily a themed list, so I won't be taking certain things, no matter what the percieved internet wisdom is.

Once this 3k is done, I plan to convert up a Pegasus riding Master as the head of the Household Cavalry, a unit of spear and shield armed Dark Riders and possibly another unit of spears or crossbows.

03-10-2011, 21:40
Like the look of the list! Themed lists are always more fun, besides you feel 100% more awesome when you manage to snag a win from a min-maxed powerhouse list every once in a hundred games. And when you lose, you lose with style...

Especially nice to see a large unit of COKs, looking forward to those! Really fits the noble house theme, along with the chariot, large amount of characters, and "black guard".

Looking forward to more (and more and more),

03-10-2011, 22:21
17 paramours and consorts, sounds like your second Dreadlord is a busy lady. Where does she find the time to attend battles?

I agree that the tactics section stifles fluff and themes. There are more people down here in Project Logs that appreciate that it doesn't matter how you do so long as you look cool doing it.

Lord Dan
04-10-2011, 00:31

04-10-2011, 09:06
Morning all :)

@ BeatTheBeat - don't worry mate, theres plenty more to come ;) Tabletop wise, the army actually performs pretty well - so far amongst my little gaming group my win ratio is pretty good. But then we are about as far from the competitive gaming scene as you can be.

@ Student - well, a girls gotta have a hobby. Plus those elder Druchii ladies, they're like a fine wine. To be honest, I just wanted an excuse to use the fantastic Llhamean model.

You're right as well, the Project Logs are all about theme and story rather than gaming prowess. The tactics section and opinions of a few Druchii players here infuriate me, which is why I avoid that area like the plague.

@ Lord Dan - at one point it was almost Dread-cubed ;) Besides, what self-respecting Druchii Highborn is going to let someone else control his noble House and give him orders?

Didn't get any painting done last night sadly, but hopefully tonight I can get the armour on the remaining crossbows done. Might try and get some more fluff up later today if I get the chance.

Cheers all.

Lord Dan
04-10-2011, 13:34
It doesn't matter if you update with fluff, painting, completed models... all of them make me happy.

04-10-2011, 16:15
I just have to say, you're one of the few elf players I can say I have any .. any respect for :cries: sorry I'm tearing up.

But no seriously, I love the pics, I love the conversions, I love the fluff, especially the fluff. It's a great log man, keep up the good work.

05-10-2011, 09:51
Ahh, another day in work dealing with idiots who don't read T&Cs before taking out financial products. Ho hum. At least I have you guys to keep my spirits up.

Anyways, enough maudlin nonsense - today we have pics, responses to your kind comments and pics. Oh and possibly some fluff later, once I can work out what fluff to attach to the awesome little piece of Pre-Sundering poetry I've found...er...shamelessly ripped and bastardished from somewhere else...

@ Lord Dan - ask and ye shall receive mate. Glad to hear you're enjoying the log as much as I'm enjoying yours.

@ Appophis - cheers for the kind words fella. I know most Druchii players get a bad rep (check the tactics section here for an example of what I mean. Le sigh) - the idea with this army was to show that theme and fluff can give you a great army that is still decent in games. Oh and there will be plenty more fluff to come.

So, onto the current WiPs. Firstly, just some quick shots of the command for the crossbows and the completed back rank:



These are very early stages so far - the armour has only had the basecoat and first 2 thin washes of Devlan Mud. I'll expand on the lion skins once the unit is done and pics are up. Suffice to say, High Elves are involved, and no they did not have a good time.

And the completed back rank:

I think the Dark Elf Warrior models, for all their age, actually still look pretty decent assembled as crossbows. The hands for one seem to be a little more in proportion and I certainly enjoy painting them as crossbows a lot more.

Once again, the curse of decent lighting stikes again. I really have to do something about that when I get a chance. Hopefully the lighting will be godo when I do the completed unit pics.

Continued in the next post folks.

05-10-2011, 10:14
So, up next, we have my harpies. Or at least, The Malificarum, my analogue for harpies.

I had a bad experience with harpies when they were first released. As a bright eyed eager young 14/15yr old regular in the Cardiff store, the manager Stu asked me to paint a load of the new warriors and harpies for a roadshow. I jumped at the chance and was handed, I think, about 60 assorted spears and xbows.

And 20 harpies.

Without going into details, it was a struggle for the ages, worthy to be told in song for years to come. And I vowed never to touch another harpie model ever again.

So, when I ended up with 60pts to spare in the 3k list, I thought harpies. But not regular harpies, oh no. Something a bit different, more fitting for High House Chains. When I decided the Emissary would be a shadow mage, the final part clicked.

My harpies wouldn't be beasts - they would be spirits from the shadow-realms, drawn in by the power spiralling around the Emissary and the House.

With that in mind:


And a close up of one:


Two more of these chaps to make and a little bit of green-stuffing before they need painting. On that note, I'll admit I'm currently a little stumped as to how to paint them exactly. I was thinking along the lines of something ethereal, like the DreadFleet ghost ship, but a little darker and, well, shadowy.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be most welcome guys.

05-10-2011, 12:06
Great idea for the harpies they look really awesome. An ethereal look could be good but I would make them less green than the ghost ship.

Lord Azoth
05-10-2011, 13:49
really nice harpies mate!!..
I like a lot your color schema!!

Mr. Ultra
05-10-2011, 14:09

Wow I love this guy! The cloack with the hand are from the Phoenix Guard sprue?

05-10-2011, 14:19
Great project you have here, mate. Very original concept with the harpies, I'm pondering the uses for mandrakes' legs myself for a thing or two...

05-10-2011, 14:25
great stuff once again! i love the theme of the repeaters. and the mandrakes have really come out well. great job ^^

05-10-2011, 14:43
Thanks for all the comments guys :)

@ Student - I agree, the green wouldnt work. I was thinking of substituting Fenris Grey for the green, I'll try a tester at some point. The skin-skirts I'm planning to in the same way as the flayed skin on the standard in previous posts.

@ Lord Azoth - thanks fella. I'm happy with the way the harpies have turned out - ironically, the cheapest unit points wise is probably one of my most expensive units £-wise.

@ Mr Ultra - you are spot on mate. There's loads of really nice little extras and alternate pieces on those Phoenix Guard sprues. The GW examples from 'Eavy Metal don't do them justice at all. Sadly this guy doesnt have a place in the army anymore (he's been replaced by the Emissary Mk2 in earlier posts) but he has inspired me to convert the Phoenix Guard into Black Guard using the Kabalite Warrior heads.

@ Sully - original is what I strive for :) and thanks for the kind words. I'm a little annoyed that I picked up the metal mandrakes and a few months later they came out in finecast - the conversion and cleaning up work would have been much much easier. There's a few bits sites out there where you can pick up individual finecast mandrakes - I'd definitely recommend grabbing one and testing your plans, should be real easy to cut them in half.

@ Martijn - again, thanks for the kind words :)

The crossbows should be done by the end of next week, perhaps earlier if my baby behaves himself. Then I'll be cracking on with the Emissary and some more Dark Riders. Or maybe getting the harpies done instead of the Riders..... Hmm, descions descions.

Nightmare Mazer
05-10-2011, 20:06
This log is AMAZING. Love the conversions :) You have great ideas. Keep it up!
Both the new and the last emissary are superb. Where did you take the hand from the old emissary? Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Lord Dan
06-10-2011, 00:08
Great work on the harpy conversions. I love their "poised" poses, and the arms really are a perfect fit. My only recommendation would be to swap out the old metal wings for those plastic gargoyle wings (you can pick them up at bitz stores on ebay for relatively cheap), but otherwise I look forward to seeing them painted.

06-10-2011, 05:37
This log is AMAZING. Love the conversions :) You have great ideas. Keep it up!
Both the new and the last emissary are superb. Where did you take the hand from the old emissary? Very nice. Very nice indeed.

The old Emissary from what I can gather is made up of;
Phoenix Guard Legs, Phoenix Guard Torso, Phoenix Guard right arm, Dark Eldar Wych left arm, and a Dark Eldar head *perhaps warrior or wych I am unsure*.

@JackDaw- Have you considered using the old Emissary as your Fire mage in your list? Perhaps he can be a servant of the Emissary himself, as likely such a being as him would avoid meeting face to face with certain powerful figures in the dark elf society. Like a Voice of the Herald, one who greets and speaks on the herald's behalf when he wishes to avoid appearing himself.

06-10-2011, 10:18
JackDaw, I hear you loud and clear on the 'finecast annoyance'. I did the very same thing, just with the VC Blood Knights...

I second Lord Dan on the wings. You have plenty plastic ones to choose from, tyranid gargoyles, CSM possessed, hell, even the Blood Angel or dark eldar Scourge ones if you're feeling adventurous.

06-10-2011, 21:27
Very nice stuff again Dave. I'm making 10 Hapries for my army soon, making mine from Deamonettes with Gargoyle wings though as the regular Harpy models are cack! Although I'm a bit worried the wings might look a little big!

Lord Dan
06-10-2011, 23:25
Although I'm a bit worried the wings might look a little big!

They won't be. I've seen that conversion pulled off successfully a number of times.

07-10-2011, 09:07
Morning Warseer :) Theres always a smile on my face when I login and see lots of comments - thanks for making my day a little better gents.

@ Nighmare Mazer - Cheers fella, keep checking the log for more stuff, there's plenty to come. EternalVoid got the list of parts pretty much spot on - the head is from the Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors.

@ Lord Dan - I hadnt even considered the Gargoyle wings, that's a genuis idea. I'll order a couple today and test them out on the lsst 2 harpies I've got to assemble. Merci beaucoup for that suggestion.

@ EternalVoid - That is a cool idea, I like the thought of him being a lesser servant. I've already got the fire mage sorted though, shes converted out of the new Lileth Hesperax. I was thinking of using the old Emissary as the champion for the converted Black Guard, who will look identical to him.

@ Sully - It's a kick in the man-bits isn't it? To be honest, I've been fairly impressed with the Finecast stuff I've seen so far. My Llhamean turned up yesterday and theres a few small issues, but nothing that cant be rescued with that new Liquid Greenstuff.

@ Jonahmaul - Let's be honest mate, you just want to paint tiny plastic boobies don't you? ;) Get some pics up of your Dark Elves, I want to see 'em - Do it now!

So, the general consensus seems to be that the Harpies need the Gargoyle wings. I'll get on that and order some, should be able to convert them up by next week hopefully.

Sadly my painting productivity has taken a nose-dive over the last few days, mainly due to this fellow:

'Really? Tell me more about how you used to have a life before I was born'

Oh and having ink needled into my painting arm for 3 hours yesterday. Le sigh.

Fingers crossed I can get the armour on the crossbows and the cloth done this weekend, then finish them next week and start on the harpies & Emissary. I think the Dark Riders are going to have to wait until I can get enthusiastic enough to paint them.

I've also got a few ideas knocking around for my next fluff post - I'll try and get that up this afternoon if work is quiet enough.

Cheers all :)

07-10-2011, 09:14
Lord Dan - cool, I dd size up some wings on one of the models and they didn't look too bad, the slightly biger ones I'm going to match up with bigger hair which should help hide the size difference.

Dave - Any excuse to play with boobies! And there's pics of my DE stuff on FB!

07-10-2011, 09:47
'Really? Tell me more about how you used to have a life before I was born'

hahaha epic. :D

Haven't checked your plog for a bit.. But it looks like progress with the HHC is going strong and more and more recruits are coming in.. Excellent.

Waiting patiently for the next installment of fluff. ;)

07-10-2011, 13:04
“Ragged they come and ragged they fall, to pray so hard on bloodied knees”

Fragment of Pre-Sundering poetry, Author unknown.

The blade clattered to the floor as the twitching figure slumped back into the Ironwood Throne, chest heaving and sweat soaked kheitan clinging to palsied limbs. Velrys swallowed his gorge, clenching his jaw shut as another bout of tremors wrapped his limbs. The tremors grew more frequent, more violent as his thin frame was wracked by convulsions. Limbs spasmed and twisted in painful arcs as a wailing cry, somewhere between screaming and crying, keened from his bared teeth.

Velrys fell gasping to the floor in front of the throne, gasping for breath and sheathed in sweat. The once-fine kheitan fell away, exposing his thin pale torso, seamed with old scars and tattoos of fine interlinked chains.

The Emissary stepped forward from the shadows behind the throne, its tall armoured form towering over the prostate Druchii. When it spoke, the words hissed like sand through a gilded skull.

‘Enough. The Investiture cannot be rushed. Too much and you will be broken.’

Clawing lank hair from his face, Velrys raised himself to his knees. His voice was cracked but he found the strength to speak.

‘Once more. Once more damn you. The pain passes, it always passes and I must have more.’

The Emissary stood silent for a long moment. Then it stepped forward, placing bone-lacquered gauntled hands either side of Velrys’s head. At its touch, Velrys stiffened and the tattooed chains began to twist and tighten against his skin.

‘Know your limits little Druchii. My Master has great need of you, but you are not irreplaceable. Eventually, the First Sword always falls.’

As the shadows gathered around the two, the screaming began again….

07-10-2011, 23:27
Morning Warseer :) Theres always a smile on my face when I login and see lots of comments - thanks for making my day a little better gents.

Sadly my painting productivity has taken a nose-dive over the last few days, mainly due to this fellow:

'Really? Tell me more about how you used to have a life before I was born'

Congrats mister with this beautiful Snotling


07-10-2011, 23:39
With those eyes and ears he could pass for a Dark Eldar.

09-10-2011, 01:27
Oooooh! Congrats mate! That aside - prioritise, man. Warseer logs > Family.



09-10-2011, 19:09
Cheers guys, little Nathaniel Dexter turned out alright didn't he? :) It's been a weird year, getting married, getting a proper grown up responsible job and having a baby - juggling that with getting tattoed and all the hobby stuff has been hard work but awesome in the end.

I'll get some WiP pics up tomorrow of the crossbows and other bits - I'm also waiting for some gargoyle wings to turn up for the Harpies so they should get a fresh look soon enough.

Oh and BeatTheBeat - there's something a little special in the pipeline for you my friend ;) Let's just say that the House of Chains has an answer to your needs...

09-10-2011, 22:10
Oh and BeatTheBeat - there's something a little special in the pipeline for you my friend ;) Let's just say that the House of Chains has an answer to your needs...

What? An awesomely nice girl who's proficient in InDesign and loves nothing more than making coffee for me?

...Oh. You mean warhammer-wise. :p Looking forward to it! Haven't gotten started over here yet, a lot of stuff to do right now, but it's coming, be sure!


Sicarius the 2nd
10-10-2011, 00:36
Hey, thanks for your comment, thought i would return the favour, your army is looking great, love the dark scheme, and them harpies are amazing, really origional, well done, oh the lord model, the coolest elf ever!

10-10-2011, 12:15
Morning everyone.

@ BeatTheBeat - sadly my girl-procuring talents aren't that good ;) No rush on things mate, take your time and get your own stuff sorted first. I'll drop you a pm once I can get a mock-up sorted out.

@ Sicarius the 2nd - cheers for taking the time to take a look fella, much appreciated - as are your kind comments. I'm happy with the way my Dreadlord turned out second time round, he just needs a bit of greenstuffing to finish him off. He will probably be one of the last things I paint for this army though, as a reward.

Speaking of painting:


The armour is now done for the front rank of crossbows - I've finished the steel-work and movement tray as well. Hopefully this unti should be done by the end of the week.

I've got these undercoated and ready to rock once the crossbows are done:


I don't think I can convey how much I want to paint the Emissary right now. I am going to force myself to wait until the Dark Riders are done though - I need an incentive to get through painting another batch of horses. I hate those equine b*st*rds.

More pics to come over the week - and more fluff as well, as long as everyone is enjoying it still.

Cheers all.

10-10-2011, 21:15
Hmm, Glade Rider Horses, Glade Rider legs, Cosair Heads I believe, Spearmen torsos, I am guessing the arms are Cosairs as well? *Maybe spearmen*. Also Curious on how you did the base work on the Cav too.

Overall I like the dark riders, the Glade Rider really is good for converting them.

12-10-2011, 10:41
Cheers EnternalVoid - again you are pretty much spot on with the parts used. There's a mix of spearmen and corsair arms in there, I pretty much mix and matched until it looked right on the model.

The heads are corsairs, with the neck 'nubbin' trimmed from the warrior heads and stuck on. Fiddly, but it means they sit properly on the warrior torsos.

I'm a fan of the Glade Rider kits, and the Glade Guard for that matter. I think there's a lot of potential in there for some really feral looking Shades.

The bases are actually pretty simple. If you take a look at the Harpie WiPs, you can see the moulded plastic used to cover the bases. This comes in roughly A5 sized sheets, so I just cut to shape and glue to the bases with poly cement.

The horses themselves then have the tabs removed from the feet and the pre-sculpted grass trimmed away - this cutting usually gives me at least two hooves that are flat to the base. Bit of poly cement gets them stuck to the base - as its all plastic it all melts together.

As a bit of extra sturdyness, I use the sand to give a bit of support - stick it on with PVA then coat with a mix of PVA, water and Chaos Black. Once undercoated this is a pretty hardened covering.

On some of the metal models and a few plastics (chiefly the assassin) I've either pinned them to the bases with small lenght of paperclip or trimmed the tab down to a plug on the foot and cut a hole in the base.

So, WiP-wise, the crossbows should be done by the weekend - I'll get pics up along with the standard mountain o'fluff. Feels like ages since I got a unit done, which is unfortunate.

Working on some more background fluff as well, should be able to get that up in the next few days.

13-10-2011, 03:24
I am a rather active converter myself though I am still working on my greenstuff abilities *well gray stuff*. Because of it though I have gotten boxes of all sorts of things for bits and pieces. My elves are a mixture of high and wood elf plastics mostly.

Thanks for the explaination of the base, mades sense. where do you get the moulded plastic? I have been considering the possibility of more base work on some future projects as I generally keep them simple. I have seen plenty of interesting special bases on sites but rarely do I feel like paying the price for acquiring enough for full units.

Will be waiting on the fluff and more pics.

17-10-2011, 20:43
Evening everyone. Been a bit quiet recently - mainly due to a lack of painting time thanks to the afore-mentioned little monkey that is my son.

Happy days though, the crossbows are now done and work has started on the Emissary.

@ Enternal Void - I get the basing stuff from my local model railway/airfix kit store, it's used mainly to pave model railway set-ups. Runs about £3 for 3 A5 sheets and is well worth keeping an eye out for. I think it's good every so often to base an army in something other than just sand and static grass - not every battle in the Old World is fought in the fields.

Oh by the way gents, if anyone wants a breakdown of how I've painted or converted something just let me know - I'm more than happy to share the secrets.

And on that note, on with the pics:

5th Cohort, Household Guard

Armed with the fearsome 'death-rain' repeating crossbows common to the Druchii, the 5th Cohort delights in striking down the enemies of the House from afar. Led by Ereth Bale-eye, the 5th Cohort is responsible for manning the high towers and gates of the Arkitaine grounds, acting as watchman and spy together. Daily reports are provided of the comings and goings of Druchii in the nearby towers and houses, providing Velrys and Hiroth with much food for thought.


The 5th Cohort can be seen here arrayed for war in their favoured formation, allowing for flexibility in maneuvering as well as a fearsome rate of fire.


Thanks to the repeating crossbows and the harsh drilling regime of Ereth Bale-eye, the 5th Cohort is renowned for it's ability to bring down even the most armoured of targets in a hail of armour piercing bolts.


Seen here is Tavrin Korhart, bearer of the colours of the 5th, directing the fire of his fellow Druchii. Traditionally the 5th standard is made from the fresh skin of a Naggarothan Crag Lion, slain during a hunt led by Ereth. In this way the 5th display their prowess - similar to it's Chracian cousin, the Crag Lions hide is immensely tough and it takes a skilled shot to bring one of these fearsome predators down

17-10-2011, 20:51
Ereth Bale-eye, Guardmaster of the 5th Cohort

Known as the Bale-eye for his uncanny ability to find the smallest weakness in his opponents armour and land a bolt there, Ereth has led the 5th Cohort and trained the Household Guard in the use of crossbows for the last 4 decades. Fearsomely draconian in his training methods and discipline, he can often be found in the company of Cyrion, waxing lyrical about the merits of fighting styes and weaponry.


Ereth can be seen here wearing a cloak of Crag Lion hide, a cause of much conflict between himself and the twins Ashryn and Asha. The twin beast handlers were justly proud of the first captive born Crag Lion they raised for the line of Arkitaine, naming it after the captivating witch Nether Damoskien. However, as her recently spurned lover, Ereth was less impressed and slew the beast with a single bolt once it had reached maturity. The subtleties of this action have not been lost upon Nether and her new lover, the young spearmaster Euron Tyr.

17-10-2011, 20:54
Great work as usual. I like how the green gems on the standard bearer and the champions cloak stand out so well.

17-10-2011, 21:01
Lovely work as always Jack, however the consitent use of white lions of charace items has angered my pompous pansy elves, i hope i get to meet you on the UK tournament scene very very soon :p

fantastic work though mate always a pleasure to view your log.

17-10-2011, 22:31
This just keep getting better. Impressed of how much love you give to each and every unit of your army, lots of envy here!

Sicarius the 2nd
17-10-2011, 23:16
Wow that finished crossbowmen unit is sweet! Love the colour scheme, the theme, fluff, the basing, everything! Nice work!

18-10-2011, 09:52
Morning again gents and cheers for all the kind comments :)

@ Student - cheers fella. I tend ot paint most of my gems etc as green - in my mind its actually a jade rather than emerald, something a bit classier for the line of Arkitaine

@ Mace982 - haha I'll see what I can do mate ;) Sadly with the new child, getting away for a weekend for a tourney is a bit difficult at the moment but there are plans afoot for hitting at least one of the GW FB tourneys next year. Maybe we shall cross swords there.

@ Muette - glad to hear you like everything mate. Each unit will eb getting its own background and named champion - theres a whole load of backstory to fill out as well, involving all the characters and their various plans.

@ Sicarius - cheers again mate - I love how your Greatswords turned out, even with the metallic armour. Great banner as well.

Overall, I was realy happy with how the crossbows turned out - I definitely think the Warrior plastics look much better as crossbows rather than spears. The champion conversion is probably one of my favourite in the entire army, despite his simplicity.

Game-wise, these gents have always done me proud. 32 shots a turn is nothing to be sneezed at, especially combined with armour piercing, and at a mere 175pts they are a bargain.

WiP-wise, I've started the Emissary - yay! Hour and a half's solid painting later and the bone armour was done. Yeah, just the bone. Good times.


The armour looks a little washed out there due to the flash on my cam - theres a lot more depth to it in real life and its more bonethan white. I'll get some better pics sans the flash this week, but this gent should be done by this time next week. Now, just gotta start on it's background....

19-10-2011, 01:17
this model made me come to your plog and go through each page.. very original color scheme. love seeing your stuff pop up on the tofp! and also, congrats on the kid.. had one myself almost 2 years ago and it's a crazy thing, but an awesome one!

20-10-2011, 14:52
Cheers Dwarfhold13, its good to know that the Emissary is well-liked enough to draw people into checking out the rest of the army - quite appropriate seeing as he is the Herald of High House Chains. Your own Druchii are very nice as well and I've already mentioned the great job you're doing on the Savage Orcs.

Not much to report progress wise sadly - no painting so far this week, but i did test out my 3k list against 3k of skaven last night. I was dreading playing skaven - loads of magic, loads of hordes, Bells and rats everywhere - I wasnt disappointed either, my mate rocked up with 140 clanrats, 20 stormvermin, 6 Rogres, 2 hamsterwheels, a Bell, a seemingly endless horde of warlocks and more crazy weapons than I could shake a stick at. I honestly thought i would lose badly, from a combo of magic and sheer numbers.

After the dust settled and the dying had been put out of their misery...it was a glorious victory for the House! It was sheer carnage though, I had killed about 80-90 of the clanrats, most of the weapon teams, all of the warlocks and one doomwheel. Oh and the Grey Seer. I limped away with barely 30 elves left though, mainly the spears who once again performed like champs.

The Black Guard and 2nd Dreadlord were less than impressive, mainly through fluffling their attacks against the Rogres. I really need to get my head round how to use them effectively rather than letting them get combo-charged by 40 clanrats and 6 Rogres. I wasnt expecting Skaven to be that fast.

Mightily fun game though, lots of giggles all the way through, from the magical duels between my fire mage and 2 warlocks, to the misfire run of doom that afflicted his weapon teams.

Hopefully tonight I'll get a chance to get some painting done - I'll try and break the back of the work needed to finish the Emissary. Then its some Dark Riders (boo) and reconverting some Harpies for Warseer's consideration.

Cheers all.

20-10-2011, 16:01
Very nice Emissary mate. This is one good looking army. I will have to keep my eye on this plog :)

Grain Weevil
20-10-2011, 17:44
Greate plog, especially your army fluff... Good job!:D
(have to work on my own fluff...:p)

21-10-2011, 09:17
Morning Warseer :)

Comments first:
@ Sasheep - Thanks for the kind words mate, I'm really happy with how the army is coming together at the moment - now that I've got several units in the bone armour you can really see how it all works together. The Emissary does seem to be the standout model for many at the moment, which is cool.

@ Grain Weevil - I do love working on my fluff, its pretty much the first thing I come up with planning an army. Rest assured theres plenty more to come. I love the finish you've got on your Brettonians - that yellow you use really stands out and looks very warm and deep - the standards are amazing as well.

WiP progress for me - without flash first:


And now with flash:


Sigh. The flashless pics do a good job of showing the armour better - it doesn't look so whited out and pale. However, the flash shows the metallic sections better. Just combine the two in your minds people ;)

The cloth is all done as well, I decided to keep it nice and simple so that he matches the rest of the Druchii and it doesn't detract from the armour - which is the main focus.

The metallic sections aren't done yet - they've had a thin Hawk Turquiose glaze to add an impression of age and this will be followed by a thin green and thin black wash tonight. The shattered gem on his forehead will also get picked out in the same jade finish as the rest of the gems in the army.

So this gent should be done by the weekend, leaving me some time to work on his background - there'll be the usual avalanche of fluff with him, explaining a bit of his background and dropping some hints as to future events.

I'm also gonna try and get another pure fluff piece sorted on the weekend, either expanding on the background a bit or a little character driven action piece - any preference on what you guys would like to see?

Cheers all :)

Cheers all.

21-10-2011, 14:45
I like the third photo, the one from the front with the flash. It makes him look very sinister with the shadow behind him.

21-10-2011, 15:53
hey man, looking great! the flash from a camera is always a hard thing to work with.. one thing i've found that works for quick shots (meaning no photo box!), is , take a piece of paper towel and double it over and put it over the flash of the camera. when you use the flash now, it allows about half the light through and dissipates it so that it isn't so direct. try it with different levels of thickness to get the desired effect. obviously when doing this, as you dissipate the light, the further you get away from it, the less effect the light has on the shot.
maybe you can tell a difference in these shots:
with full flash
with covered flash

there is still an overhead light on in the room that has some effect, but you can see the difference in how much color is allowed through.
btw.. where did you get the bits for conversion on that guy, he really looks great! I wanna make a BSB like that guy.

25-10-2011, 13:23
Afternoon everyone, apologies for the couple of days silence.

Sadly the combo of a sick wife and a small baby over the weekend meant I didn't get anything finished at all, I just got a few details done on the Emissary and basecoated the armour on 3 of the Dark Riders. Hopefully I'll be able to get more done tonight.

@ Student - that's exactly how I planned it.....:shifty:.....

@ Dwarfhold13- cheers for the tips mate, I'll give that a crack. I think some of the problems stem from me taking the pics at 7 in the morning just before I leave for work. Silly work.

Bits wise, the Emissary is made from the plastic Storm of Magic Chaos Sorcerer, a Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior head and some bits from the Black Dragon Sprues. Oh and a gun-blade thing from the Kabalite Warriors.The staff top is one of the standard pole tops from the Black Dragon sprues.

It's a very nice kit, suprisingly easy to convert - one thing I would mention is that he is about a head taller than the rest of the Dark Elf range. I'll look forward to seeing your BSB conversion :)

In other news, I've amended the background for the army slightly - they now hail from Clar Karond rather than Hag Graef - the reason for this is that I recently re-read the Malus Darkblade series and realised there's a lot going off in the Hag whereas Clar Karond is reasonably untouched.

This also gives me the oppurtunity to expand on the background with the inclusion of a unit or two of corsairs - specifically the same corsairs responsible for the death of Hansir Arkitaine and therefore pretty much responsible for the current state of affairs. I'm keeping an eye on some Ebay auctions of the previous edition metal corsairs as they are far far better models than the new plastics and still fit pretty well with the slightly converted Lokhir I've done. I also want to grab a DreadFleet Sea Drake mini to paint up as their sleek raiding vessel.

Hopefully should be able to get some more pics and fluff up over the next few days - thanks for sticking with me everyone :)

26-10-2011, 11:34
Great looking de, and your Emissary looks great!

31-10-2011, 16:04
The Emissary, Herald of High House Chains

Eldest of the Lord-in-Chains servants, the Emissary has acted as the Herald to the House of Chains since the founding of the House in ancient Nagorythe. The surviving fragments of that time tell differing tales, some telling simply of a noble gifted with a silver tongue, while others describe a monstrously powerful mage, bound to the service of the Lord-in-Chains and imprisoned within a sorcerous suit of bone lacquered plate, forced to act as the dread lords Herald in return for it’s continued existence. Rumours abound that no Druchii has ever borne that armour and that the Emissary is something more than a simple mage, but as ever the truth is buried far in the past and cannot be separated from the fine web of deceits and half-truths the Emissary has bound around itself.

In the frantic, violent years following The Sundering and the binding of the Lord-in-Chains, the Emissary simply disappeared and was spared the fate of the Druchii of High House Chains. Only now, with the awakening of the House and the rise of Velrys as First Sword, has the Emissary returned to act as the Herald and guide the resurrection of High House Chains. The Emissary has identified potential claimants to positions in the House through unknown means and has travelled the roads of Naggaroth to whisper it’s masters propositions into receptive ears. Soon the bitter harvest sown by the Emissary will bear fruit, though not all of the line of Arkitaine will find it’s taste to their liking……


The Emissary wears the bone-lacquered pate typical to the House of Chains, though the pattern of armour is ancient indeed. The lacquer itself is weathered and pale, the exposed steel appearing almost corroded. The armoursmiths of Clar Karond would be hard-pressed to accurately assay the age of this harness as it's like has not been seen since the time of The Sundering.

A barbed circlet of thorns encircles the Emissary's helm, surmounted with a shattered button of pale jade. The symbolism of the thorned circlet is the subject of much concern to Hiroth and he has dispatched several envoys to research this in the ancient libraries of Naggaroth. Sadly the owners of such ancient and powerful tomes are seldom inclined to share their knowledge and thus far Hiroth's forays have yet to yield any success.

Hanging from the belt of the plate harness is a puissant item, the Eye of Agamotto. Torn from the brow of a Tzeentchian sorceror lord during the first great war against Chaos, the Eye still looks upon the raw power and glory of the Winds of Magic. When opened, its baleful gaze will scourge all who look upon it, flensing their bodies and souls.


The Emissary also bears the Scrolls of Pythia, a relic of ages past that contains detailed accounts of cantrips and rituals used to bind the winds of magic. Inscribed upon the skin of a Druchii sorceror, many have tried to part the Emissary from his prize. All have so far failed.

Though encased in plate armour, the Emissary has shown considerable arcane power both on the battlefield and off. This has further deepened Hiroths mistrust of this enigmatic and sinister figure, as the use of sorcery is tightly restricted and controlled in Naggaroth. Even more concerning is the ability of the Emissary to wield such power while wearing armour, a feat normally prohibited to Druchii practioners.

The ironwood staff borne by the Emissary seems to act as a focus for it's sorcerous power in battle, as well as being capable of shattering a mans bones with single blow. The skull mounted atop the staff would appear to be Druchii in origin, the men of the Household Guard whispering that the skull is that of the Emissary himself, removed through diabolical means.

Standing a full head taller than most Druchii, yet still skeletal despite this size, the Emissary currently keeps a close watch upon Velrys. The Investiture, an ancient ritual to bind Velrys to the fortunes of the House, is a complicated and lenghty process and the Emissary has little wish to rush, despite his apparent scorn for Velrys.

Immeasurably old and powerful, the Emissary is nothing if not patient. It has waited for it's masters call for millenia and soon it will herald the Lord-in-Chains return. Woe betide all who stand before him and who do not pledge their allegiance to the resurgent High House Chains.

************************************************** *******
Oh how I love this guy. Not only that, how the good people of Warseer and pretty much every one I know love this guy. Sometimes, you can just hit the nail right on the head model wise and pull out a conversion that hits all the right notes for everyone.

This is that guy for me.

Not only that, he was a joy to paint. Even with the near disaster of the spray varnish :rolleyes:. Kudos to GW for producing a quality sculpt here, its a beauty in every way and suprisingly easy to convert.

Games wise, The Emissary counts as the following:
L2 Shadow Mage; Tome of Furion, Black Dragon Egg.

The Tome gives me an extra spell, pretty much making him a cheap as chips L3, while the effects of the Egg and its breath weapon give me the fluff attack of the Eye of Agamotto (another comic reference there - cookie to whoever gets it).

I am tempted to try Death on him as a lore but theres something about the character sniping aspects of it that leave me uncomfortable. I have got a soft spot for the lore of Metal as well - in my mind the armour melting effects would be more of a corrosion, the application of entropy by the ancient Emissary.

Anyways, enough waffle from me. C&C welcome as always ladies and gents.

Cheers - Dave.

The Yak
31-10-2011, 16:21
Its been a while since I have had a chance to comment on your log and I must say it really has lived up to its great first impressions. I only get to peek on stuff whilst I should be writing essays but getting distracted by your stories is well worth it. Your Emissary not only looks the bees elbows but his story gets you thinking what exactly is he? Where has he been?

This log has got pure class written all over it.

Keep up the good work.

01-11-2011, 01:37
Of all the painted spots on him I like the length of the staff to the base and his lower robe the best. The Staff just feels ancient with the paint job and the robe is a very well done black. I like the exposed parts of the metal armor as well but I really just like that staff and robe the most.

Though I have a tad concern about the belt, knife, and the brass/bronze hook right next to it. In the picture of the front of the model, the belt is a light brown, but the back of the model has no brown on it at the waist level, merely a white section. As for the knife and hook, I can't see where they technically attach to the belt to hold them on. The knife seems a bit low for the scabbard to be attached to the belt itself. I know that often GW model weapons are to be to properly line up on belts but I am not exactly sure as the angles are more back and front then sides. The hook is much the same way as I can't place where it is connected to the model *mostly due to angle*

As for magic, I would stick with shadow for the moment. Shadow helps with some of the problems your list might face in regards to increasing wound potiental. Both Withering and Mindrazor from that list are rightfully scary. With two Lv2s, you can start the magic phase off with a Power of Darkness from both on 2 dice. If they let it go, odds are you just move ahead on the power to dispel ratio, if they dispel both, odds are they just used a good chunk of their dispel dice and you can throw your remaining dice into the one spell you feel you need and have a good chance of succeeding.

Hehe, I was pretty sure the Eye of Agamotto was a Doctor Strange refrence but I had to look it up to be sure *Never read much of that*.

03-11-2011, 16:06
Afternoon everyone, cheers for the views and comments.

@ Cassarus - apologies mate, completely missed your comment - thanks for the kind words and good to see you taking a look

@ The Yak - cheers fella, I feel bad that I'm such a distraction but at the same time I'm honoured to be such a distraction. Plenty more to come yet, so keep an eye out - hope your workload gets a bit easier as well so you can put out some more quality Empire.

@ Enternal Void - again, cheers mate and also thanks for keeping me honest. The staff was a bit of an experiment on my part, I'm happy with how it turned out and it's good to know it gets that feeling of antiquity over. In regards to the belt - yeah I got carried away with the bone and painted that section the wrong colour - silly me. I'll touch it up when I get a chance but luckily his back is usually covered by 30-odd spearmen so no-ones noticed so far....:shifty:

The knife looks a bit better in person, position wise, but I can see where you are coming from - the flesh-hook seems to actually dangle directly from the hilt of the knife as GW have sculpted it - I assume if it was on a regular elven hip and not angled it would look a bit more normal.

I've been sticking with Shadow recently, but to be honest it seems to be underperforming compared to the Fire mage - although mindrazor has been effective when I've got it off on the assassin's unit. I might try Death for the next few games, see if that helps to take out the high-armour save characters my characters seem to bounce off.

And kudos to you sir, it is indeed a Doctor Strange reference.

So, what's next? Well as part of the TOFP for this month (November) I'm aiming to get the last unit of Dark Riders painted up and the majority of the second unit of spears. So far 7 out of the 29 have been painted, the unit filler of Lion and handler have been assembled and just need some greenstuffing before painting, and the command group have been assembled.

Shiny pics:


Happy with how these have turned out so far, painting should be pretty simple once I get round to them. Another 12 spearmen to assemble first though.

I also need to get hold of some plastic Phoenix Guard at some point to do my Black Guard, and a few choice wins on Ebay have provided the first half of the corsair crew and their vessel, the Razors' Lament. So much to do still.....

03-11-2011, 16:13
Loving these guys, such a distinctive scheme it really makes the army stand out to me.

The bone armour is a wonderful effect and the dark emissary is looking out of control awesome.

03-11-2011, 20:17
Wow! This is awesome. Some of the best kitbashing for DE I've ever seen. Keep up the exemplary work.

04-11-2011, 08:26
Something to consider and keep an eye out for if you do try out other lores; was Fire being more effective because they were focusing their dispeling on Shadow? Alot of the time with two mages they will focus on the one they feel more threatened by.

Like the Command so far, the Unit champion and the standard bearer really stand out, are you going to put a shield or something on the stander bearer's back though?

07-11-2011, 10:24
And a good day to you Warseer? How's things?

Been a fairly good weekend for me - had some good news regarding my job at the end of last week - I am now officially a proper grown up with a proper job and responsibilities and a family and wait, how is this a good thing? Ah for the care-free days of youth.

Not much painting done recently though, I've mainly been assembling spearmen and messing around with the new liquid greenstuff (pretty cool stuff to be fair). The second unit of spears is now half assembled (only 7 of 29 left to go) and 7 of them are fully painted. Final push this week to complete the assembly and then I'll have 2400pts fully assembled - woot!

I was also distracted by the arrival over the weekend of the first half of the Razors Lament crew - 2 days of stripping in Fairy Power Spray later and the first 18 are ready for flash and mould line removal. I've pretty much got the colour scheme sorted - no bone armour as they aren't technically members of the House Of Chains (yet....) but there will be bone on them to link them to the rest of the army.

I really should get the Black Guard and second Dreadlady sorted first though. Ah well.

So, the overall plan for November, in line with the TOFP is get the last unit of spears assembeld and painted and also the last unit of Dark Riders. Possibly a bit of a tall order considering how little painting time I get each day but I'm hoping the spears should be as quick to paint as the last unit were.

On the subject of which, unit fillers ho!:


Nice and simple, looking forward to getting them painted.

@ Gonzilla - cheers for the kind words mate, getting a distinctive scheme that makes them stand out from the rest of the Druchii armies was one of the main points of this army. Glad you like the Emissary as well - he certainly seems to be a popular chap, hopefully he's not going to overshadow my Dreadlord....

@ Gorenut - again, cheers fella :) I do enjoy a good kitbash - even being an ex GW staffer I wouldn't describe myself as a GW fanboy, but I do think they've got the edge over most other companies in terms of the quality, compatibility and flexibility of the plastic kits.

@ Enternal Void - I honestly don't know mate, it seemed to be about 50/50 for what was dispelled each time. The one time I did get Mindrazor off it was impressive but a bit overkill - though watching my assassin tame a Doomwheel in one round was chucklesome. To be fair, the previous game to that, Miasma was pretty essential in keeping a unit of Empire knights in line. I'll carry on having a play with Shadow and Death, see which one I end up preferring the most.

The standard bearer does now have a matching shield on his back - cheers for the suggestion. He looks a lot beefier now, fits in more with the unit.

The Yak
07-11-2011, 11:25
Great unit filler! good progress also and I am glad everything is going well for you and your family.

I have had a look through the plog again and I don't think anyone has asked yet so....

Where do you get the plasticard that you use on the bases? Is it expensive? The reason I ask is I am thinking of making a small Mordheim board (4' x 4') and want to go for a paved effect in some areas (overgrown and damaged of course) and I really like that style of paving.


Keep up the good work.

07-11-2011, 17:21
Hey fella :) The plasticard is something I pick up from my local model railway/airfix kit style store - sadly I cannot for the life of me remember the actual product name. It comes in approx a5 sized sheets and it's about £3-4 for 4 sheets. Not a bad cost at all and it's well worth picking up some if you can find it.

Next time I grab a pack I'll take a pic to show the world.

07-11-2011, 22:14
When I ran a Lv4 and Lv2 in one of my high elves list I found they dispelled my Lv4's shadow magic far more then the Lv2 with high *but due to Seerstaff I always had the spells I wanted*. I had several players end up letting me get Flames of the Phoenix off or Shield of Saphery just because they focused so much on the shadow magic.

Thought on the beastmaster, namely the crossbow hand. I am not sure how big it looks compared to the whip hand but at glance it looks like it might be a little bigger. It is a random thought but you could sand the wrist down a little so it is not as thick. Then sand the space between thumb and pointer going up from the wrist to fingers and finally sand down the thumb a bit to make the hand look smaller if necessary. I have used that method before on hands that did not quite match.

Duke Donald
09-11-2011, 15:54
It's been a while since I last read your plog. The painted Emissary didn't disappoint me; he's amazing and the fluff that comes with him is brilliant.

Lord Dan
09-11-2011, 21:21
Just wanted you to know I'm still lurking and still loving everything. I really like the simple, effective unit fillers you've chosen there.

10-11-2011, 09:49
Morning everyone, thanks for all the kind comments thus far.

@ Enternal Void - I think some of the issue is that I haven't found the right situation to get the most out of Mindrazor yet - I'm only running a lvl2 with a bonus spell so I don't always get it as well. To be honest, our group's use of magic is pretty minimal so it's not a massive issue.

Handler wise, the hand is a tiny bit bigger than the whip hand, somewhat exagerrated I think by the angle of the photo. One painted it shouldn't look too bad as I was planning to paint it up as a glove rather than skin.

@ Duke Donald - welcome back mate, cheers for taking another look :). Glad to hear you like the Emissary - he does seem to be the standout sucess of the log so far. I feel a bit bad for not getting more fluff up inbetween unit posts, I really need to get in gear with that.

@ Lord Dan - cheers mate :) The unit fillers were a happy accident, I had 4 of the lions left over from my chariot conversions and was desperately trying to think of a way not to paint 60 individual spearmen. It led nicely into using the White Lion banner for the second spear unit and adopting the lion as the icon of the line of Arkitaine. Plus they look cool.

Though not as cool as the unit filler I have planned for the Corsair crew of the Razors Lament. It came in a flash of inspiration on the bus home last night and I think it's going to look supremely good. As a hint for now, it all hinges on the minor fact that the Razors Lament was originally an Asur vessel...

Speaking of which:

Still WiP at the moment, needs a little more liquid greenstuff to smooth out some areas. It's doing a great job of distracting me from the 9 spearmen currently on my painting table though.

And I've realised that I haven't added the standard pic of household pets:

Loki and Hardy, indulging in a little incestous man-cat on man-cat love. Bless.

Back on track, hopefully I can get the armour done on the spears tonight, it just needs a quick edge highlight and 2 more thin washes so shouldn't be too big a task.

More pics and fluff will come people, I promise. I feel bad about leaving it so long without a proper finished unit update or fluff piece.

Cheers all :)

10-11-2011, 11:19
Its all looking good. Did you buy a box of Dreadfleet or did you get that ship separately? I look forward to seeing your cosairs.

10-11-2011, 11:30
That is a seriously sick looking colour scheme. I will definitely check back here!

11-11-2011, 17:05
Afternoon all :)

Just a quick update from me today.

@ Student - cheers for checking in again mate - no Dreadfleet for me (I wouldnt do anything with it), the ship was an Ebay win.

@ Daniel36 - thanks mate, glad the scheme meets with approval. i knew bone armoured Druchii wasn't a daft idea ;)

On the subject of corsairs, I'm trying hard not to get too distracted by them at the moment. Having said that I did order the bits needed for my Ship Master and filler.

Oh and I knocked this up - enjoy.

************************************************** ********

'Do not judge a Druchii by the quality of his friends. Rather, judge him by the quality of his enemies’

Elim Rashan
Meditiations on the Blade

Cartheras Desant watched the Malificarium wing its way into the skies to the west from the bow of the Razors Lament. The sleek raiding vessel stole through the early autumn waves like a blade through skin, the only sounds the sibilant whispers of its crew and the muted groaning of its timbers and rigging. They moaned with its unceasing movement as thought voicing the torment of the mon-keigh slave packed into its holding pens below decks.

A respectful cough at his shoulder pulled Desant’s attention away from the winged thing making its way into the morning mists, his First Mate standing at the appropriate hithuan from the highborn Ship Master. Korlas’ dour features were set in a scowl, one hand gripping the hilt of his serrated blade tightly.

‘That…thing had no place on this vessel. It was ill-luck to let it alight here’

‘Korlas, I very much doubt that whatever that was, it had any place on this realm, let alone my ship. Besides, we were expecting guests were we not?’

Desant grinned like a shark as his First Mates eyes flickered to the shuttered cabin atop the centre tower mast.

‘So the Fool was right then. That was…unexpected.’

‘Ah Korlas, you really should trust in our dear cousin a little more. Even the most childlike of ramblings may contain a grain or two of truth.’

Scowling still, Korlas turned to study his Ship Master. Desant’s aristocratic features were set in an expression close to that of gleeful joy, an expression that he had come to associate with impending bloodshed through bitter experience. Snorting in disgust, the elder corsair shrugged.

‘So? What do we do now?’

Cartheras’s grin grew even wider as he looked out across the deck of the Lament. Groups of scale-clad corsairs moved about, hissing to each other under their breaths as the keening sound of an ichigenkin filled the chill morning air.

‘Oh I think a visit to our old friends of the line of Arkitaine is in order. We have been terribly remiss in our relations with them recently. And besides, I’ve just received the most intriguing offer….’

As Korlas watched his master saunter away, humming to himself in time with the ethereal music of the ichigenkin, his eye caught something small sat on the railing where Desant had been stood. Confusion twisted his salt-scarred features as he wondered what in Khaines name Desant would want with a simple bone tile etched with chains……

Grain Weevil
11-11-2011, 17:21
Nice idea of DE ship...
And nice collection of Frank Millers comics! I like his style :)

13-11-2011, 18:25
That Herald conversion is awesome, I might have to do something similar:shifty::shifty:

15-11-2011, 13:55
Afternoon everyone, hows things?

Just a quick little update from me today, showing the progress on the spears so far and replying to a few more comments.

Comments first:
@ Grain Weevil - cheers mate, as soon as I saw that ship I knew I'd be getting one to paint up for the House. And Frank Miller rocks - at least, his earlier and middle stuff does. He's in danger of disappearing up his own sense of self importance currently.....

@ Firah - haha feel free mate, good to know I'm inspiring people. I must insist that you load pics up to WarSeer when you do though...

And the WiP pics:


The cam flash has bleached them out a bit, they aren't as bright and shiny in real life, I promise. Coming along nicely though, I want to get this unit done as soon as possible so I can get the Dark Riders out of the way and crack on with more exciting things...

On one final note - are you guys enjoying the pure fluff snippets I load up? Not the fluff that comes with the finished units, but the stand alone background pieces? I only ask because I really enjoy writing them and I think they add a lot to the plog and army as a whole, but I don't want to be boring people with them.

Let me know your thoughts folks, C&C is always welcome.

Cheers all.

15-11-2011, 21:54
I like the fluff only posts as it really does help further your armies image. Also a nice read to add to forum checking.

Like the standard bearer better already with the shield even if you can't see much of it, it just gives him more bulk at first glance and more in line with the rest of the spearmen. Will be interested in when you get around to painting the actual standard and see what you come up with.

16-11-2011, 22:46
I've been lurking around here for a while, and I have to say I like what you've been coming up with. Keep up the good work.

Having a good background to an army always makes it better in my opinion. I may have to come up with a reason to have a unit like yours in my Dark Elves :)

17-11-2011, 15:26
Subscribed, five starred and looking forward to seeing the Dreadlady.:) Oh, and how do you paint the bone? I saw two coats of devlan mud but missed any mention of basecoat.

18-11-2011, 10:52
Your fans demand more of your wonderful fluff with these updates :D!

18-11-2011, 12:12
Morning Warseer, and thanks for cheering me up after a dismal week at work.

Replies to comments first, then some shiny pics I reckon...

@ EnternalVoid - cheers fella, good to know the fluff is appreciated. I'll get a better pic of the back of the Standard bearer when he's done but you are right, the shield adds a nice bit of bulk to him. I'm still undecided on how to do the banner at the moment, there's a lot more detail there than I initially thought.

@ Sinzaren - thanks for checking the log out mate, I've gone through your own fantastic log as well and love the finish on your Dark Elves. It'd be an honour to see your take on the House of Chains.

@ Eldargal - welcome! And thanks for subbing and everything else - glad to hear you like it all that much. Funny you should mention the Dreadlady, I actually started her assembly the other day...

In regards to the bone, the recipe is:
- 2 thin coats of Dheneb Stone
- 2 thin washes of Devlan Mud
- Highlight with Dheneb
- Highlight with 50/50 Dheneb & Skull White
- Edge hghlight with Skull White
- Thin wash of Devlan Mud
- Thin wash of Badab Black.

@ Griffonclaw - haha never thought of myself as having fans. Good to know though, there'll be plenty more fluff to come.

So, on to a few updates and pics. The spears are coming along, albiet slower than I'd like. To be fair, this is mainly due to me being very distracted by corsairs, the corsair prince and the two unit fillers needed....Naughty Jack. On the plus side, 13 of the unit are now done and the handler, champion and std bearer are 99.99999% done.


Just a few quick shots of what I finished up last night.

Oh and especially for Eldargal.....

Still a lot of work to do on this one, she needs a lot of cleaning up and filling, plus a new cloak that will sit beautifully once I remove the vents on her armour. This is a gorgeous model though, so simple and elegant - I've tried not to change her too much, just removing some of the overtly 40k bits and repositioning the sword arm so that she ranks up nicely. Looking forward to painting her and her 17 lovers.....

So, over the weekend, the remaining command will get finished and the last 7 spears assembeld and undercoated ready for painting along with the movement tray and Lion filler. Should get the unit done by the end ofthe month in time for the TOFP. There's a few more ideas for fluff pieces swirling around as well so I shall try and get those up in the next few days.

Cheers all :)

18-11-2011, 13:22
I really like your rather unique colour scheme and overall painting style. You're getting some great results on your druchii. Looking forward to seeing that Lhamaean painted up...

Monsterzonk :skull:

19-11-2011, 07:57
Have high hopes on the Lhamaean to see what you do with her. Have you decided on a color scheme for her?

For the banner, have you considered trying to produce a silk feel for it. I have seen some very nice effects in that regard before and it would fit that dark elves would use such an material for their standard *well silk if not the flesh of some victim*. I would also suggest avoiding to much similarities to your bone armor with it, so that it stands out better with the unit.

20-11-2011, 08:25
Hola hola!

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, really low Warhammer productivity for me these weeks. Everything looks great as usual though, and fluff is still awesome. What more can I say? :D

Will hopefully catch up to your hyperspeed progress soon-ish!


Duke Donald
21-11-2011, 08:31
The Lhamaean-based dreadlady should be amazing. I hadn't realised this was such a beautiful mini. the Dark Eldar range is really in a different league from the rest GW's production.

22-11-2011, 10:14
Morning everyone :)

Bit of progress over the weekend on the spear unit - the command, handler and second batch of 5 spears are done and dusted now. Started on the last 7 spears and lion filler yesterday so it's looking pretty good for getting them done by the end of the week.

Onto the replies to you lovely lot:

@ Monsterzonk - cheers for the kind words mate, I appreciate my style isnt for everyone but it's good to know people out there like it. And coming from yourself I take it as worthy praise indeed.

@ EnternalVoid - 2 and a half hours just on the banner mate. I was thinking along the lines of a silk finish - don't know how close that's turned out ot be but I like it. I did add some bone in there along the trim of the banner but the main colours are green, grey and purple. I'm very happy with it, hopefully you lot will be too once I get the unit done and pics up. I'll come onto the Llhamaean Dreadlady in a second...

@ BeatTheBeat - hey welcome back fella, been far too long since you were on last. Cheers for the kind words though, but I don't think its hyperspeed progress ;) Looking forward to seing more from the Null Tower as well.

@ Duke Donald - she is a beautiful miniature isnt she? So simple and elegant, hence why I haven't converted her that much. The Dark Eldar range is about the only thing that could tempt me to carry on with 40k after I finish my Astartes off, but I'd just end up doing the House of Chains in Spaaaacccceee, and 2 bone coloured armies is enough for me.

Onwards to WiP updates! Er, well not much to show really - The finished command etc will have to wait for the rest of the unit to be done before I put pics up. Here's a very boring pic of the remaining spears as they currently stand:


Yawn. I am looking forward to not painting another spearman after this unit is done though.

Onto something a little more exciting - Lady Nymeria, the Serpents Kiss, Mistress of the Obsidian Tower:


Cloak addded, and a whole lot of liquid greenstuff. This is the 3rd or 4th Finecast mini I've picked up and the first with any issues - it looked like the mould halves were misaligned by about 1mm and her fingers have pretty much been left off. The resin was also very thin on her collar and scabbard, almost see-through. Not great, and I did consider popping into my local GW for a swap.

Having said all that, and with the advent of liquid Greenstuff, I thought I might as well give it a crack myself. Some careful scrapping and trimming with the scalpel and she was ready for some greenstuff washing - I used this to even out the thickness of the arms and to bulk up and add some protection to the thin scabbard, collar and hair-knife. She looks a mess at the moment, but the liquid greenstuff wash has really helped to rectify the issues and rescued the mini. All she needs know is some fingers resculpted and she's ready for some paint.

Speaking of which, I have a few ideas currently but nothing concrete. The main issue is that Nymeria and her Black Guard are not part of the House of Chains background-wise, therefore shouldnt be in the bone plate. However, they do need some bone on them somewhere to tie them visualy ot the rest of the army.

Currently the plan is that their plate armour ends up dark green - think Dark Angels power armour - with the standard black robes. The cloaks are where I'm thinking the bone comes in, probably on the trim. Not too much, but enough to trigger that visual link.

Let me know your thoughts people, any ideas you have are gratefully received.

Cheers all :)

Lord Dan
22-11-2011, 20:39
Great progress there, though I'm not sold on the top part of the cloak. From the front it looks great, though without some gs to help blend that wavy portion in it seems somewhat tacked on. This might just be the angle.

I also find it inspiring that you always seem to be painting warriors between working on your other projects. Keep it coming!

23-11-2011, 09:54
Hey Dan, cheers for the kind words. You are right about the top part of the cloak, it does look just tacked on at the moment - however, when I get round to rescuplting her fingers, that part wil get some attention as well. I'm searching through my bits for some hooks or similar to get in there as the attachment between that and her armour.

In regards to the warriors, I just want to get the basic boring stuff out of the way so I can paint characters and knights ;) To be fair, the bulk of my 4k list is made up of core choices, so if I can get those painted up early, it breaks the back of the painting workload.

23-11-2011, 11:52
I'd be careful about adding too many colours to Nymeria, I think the current scheme you have is really simplistic and works exceptionally well for the Dark Elves. I don't know whether the Dark Green would just make her and the unit that bit too different.

As for the cloak, maybe adding some Greenstuff fur around the top (Chaos Warrior style) would help with that, and also tie her in more with your other stuff. I did similar with my Llamiha an it looks pretty nice.

Keep the good stuff coming

24-11-2011, 01:56
Can't wait to see the banner then *Chuckles.*

So how did the liquid greenstuff work? Got one for myself and had one minor thing to use it on so far *a fence I was making* but I did not really have to do much with it. What were your thoughts on its use and applying it? Got a few ideas on what I am going to use it on next but some further insight from others is always nice.

I am liking the idea of bone on the cloaks. Fluff wise even the cloaks could have been presented to them both as a gift and a purpose. Wearing the cloak marks them as an ally, thus not a potiental target in a swirling combat and makes them easier to identity. To prevent... accidents.

I like Sinzaren's idea about a fur lining on the cloak for her. It would make her cloak look fancier and stand out further. I did something similar for a dark elf commander I did for one of the people in our group. It was a form of an escalation campaign where one started with a unit champion that grew into a lord. He did not have a model that really fit how his dark elf grew *more so as he wanted a female commander*. So I made him one from Dark Elf warrior bits, cosair, a wood elf head, a sword from Hordes, and graystuff. I was rather proud of it and even documented pictures of it I think *though he never ended up painting it*.

24-11-2011, 12:05
Hey guys, just a quick post from me today - hopefully over the weekend I can sort some pics of the finished spears and some more fluff...

@ Sinzaren - cheers for your thoughts mate - the only issue is that as Nymeria and her guard aren't part of the House as yet, they shouldn't be in the bone armour - hence my thoughts on the dark green. However, I am now considering just reversing the House scheme - so they would have black armour and dark bone (Graveyard Earth or thereabouts, with the lighter bone as a trim) robes. They'll stand out against the spears etc but shouldn't jar or ruin the overall look.

Adding a fur collar sounds like a plan actually - the mini needs a little bulk there to cover the flat area around her shoulders - cheers for the idea :)

@ EnternalVoid - haha now I fear I've built up the banner too much :) It looks good to my eyes though and does fit with the unit nicely.

Nymeria and the Guard are going to take some thinking and testing I reckon - I might test the potential scheme out on the first version of the Emissary seeing as the guard will look like him.

And a fur collar it is for Nymeria - I'll sort that out at the same time I redo her fingers.

I personally think the liquid G-stuff is ace, especially if you get any funny finecast minis. To be honest, I only really used regular G-stuff for filling gaps before, so the liquid stuff is a godsend and much easier to use. So far, I've used some watered down washes of it to blend rough finecast sections on Nymeria and used a sculpting tool to 'plaster' it into gaps on bases and minis. I think the trick with it is to use several thin coats - build up the filling with a few watered down washes rather than blobbing a thick gobbet in and pushing it around. I've also found it useful for blending joints together where I've cut and repositioned stuff.

Cheers all - promise I'll get some fluff and finished stuff up soon.

28-11-2011, 11:20
Morning Warseer - prepare yourselves for what may well be a double post.

Finally got the second unit of spearmen finished over the weekend, with just enough time to varnish them before night fell but not enough time to get pics during the day. Took some this morning but the flash/light combo means they've turned out a little bit more vibrant than the actual finish. Anyways, onwards with the good stuff:

3rd Cohort, Household Guard
If any of the Arkitane Household Guard can be said to embody the martial prowess and sheer viciousness that has become the hallmark of the warriors of Hiroth, it is the 3rd Cohort. Currently led by the young highborn Euron Tyr, the 3rd have proven themselves time and time again in the furnace of battle and have become the favoured entourage of Hiroth Arkitaine himself. The 3rd will often form the centre of the battlelines, a veteran force that shows no fear when faced with opposition of any kind. Countless foes have fallen to the razored blades of their Sky-piercer spears, regardless of their stature or prowess.


"Sa'an Ishar!" The traditional Druchii call to arms is issued by Tyr and the warriors of the 3rd readily form ranks ready to receive the enemy and welcome them in fashion. The Household Guard prefer smaller blocks as a formation, Hiroth's experience teaching them that manoeuvrability is more important than sheer size on the battlefield. Thus far, Hiroths teaching have served them well and the Household Guard are able to respond to events on the battlefield much quicker than other larger formations of Druchii.


The bone-lacquered half-plate common to High House Chains is evident amongst the Household Guard, partnered with a more traditional black cloth and robes. With suspicion and hostility increasing towards to the House amongst the courts of Clar Karond, the uncommon bone lacquer helps to differentiate friend from foe amongst the usually darker tones of Druchii armour.


As ever, the 3rd cohort is accompanied to battle by a Naggarothan Crag Lion and it's handler. The 3rd is particurlaly blessed as they are joined by Bellerophon, the eldest and most powerful of the small pride that are kept by the line of Arkitaine. Bellerophon can be seen here being coerced and directed by the other half-Autarii handler, Ashia. Sister to Ashryn, Ashia readily embraces her Autarii heritage and disdains the half-plate that her brother wears. Instead, she will often run alongside Bellerophon clad in simple rustic leathers and festooned with claws and teeth from other hunting creatures, a vision of long pale limbs and jagged blades. This has made Ashia the object of fervent desire amongst the warriors of the Household Guard and more than one has tried, and failed, to tame this half-feral Druchii. For her part, Ashia only has eyes for Sholen Skara - an obsession sure to end in pain for one of the pair.

So, this unit is done and dusted, and not a moment too soon thankfully. As good as they look all ranked up, I am thankful that I never need to paint another spearman again. Having said that, there is something satisfying about seeing 60-odd spearmen ranked up in two nice big blocks. Game-wise, this clocks in at about 240pts - 29 Spearmen, full command and the Banner Of Murder - more on that in the next post.

28-11-2011, 11:59
Double post! Well, triple if you count for the fact that the last post before these two was mine as well......

Anyways, just a quick little bit on the champion and standard from the Spearmen:

Corvin Vallas, Bearer of the Arkitaine Colours


A true veteran of the Household Guard, Vallas has earned the right to bear the ancestral banner of the Arkitaines through bloodshed, martial prowess and sheer bloody minded arrogance. It is a constant source of pride for Vallas that he has never relinquished his grip on the banner in battle for nigh on seven decades and he is never shy about making this fact known. For all his arrogance, Vallas is an experienced warrior and has been assigned to the young Euron Tyr to act as a guiding hand in the heat of battle.


Here can be seen the colours of the Arkitaine line, a relic that dates back to the founding of the line in ancient Naggarythe. Crafted from the finest silks and treated with alchemy and sorcery to ensure it's preservation, the banner depicts the adopted family emblem of the Lion - originally a Chracian Lion, this was recoloured soon after the Sundering to reflect both the darker Crag Lion and the darker times the elves of Naggarythe found themselves in. Some whisper that bound into the enchantments ensuing the continued preservation of the banner are additional cantrips designed to strengthen the blades of the Household Guard against their enemies and to weaken the armour of those who face them.

Euron Tyr, highborn of Hag Graef, Blademaster of the 3rd Cohort


Hailing from the dark city-state of Hag Graef and claiming lineage to the once-Drachau Uthlan Tyr, Euron is somewhat of an oddity in the ranks of the Household Guard. Clearly his family connections and wealth would be enough to secure him a comfortable position in the courts of Hag Graef - a post heavy in prestige yet light in responsibility perhaps. Yet Euron has chosen to sever all ties with the Hag and has pledged himself to Hiroths service, regardless of the lack of status or social stigma that this entails. While his motivations may be unclear, his actions and achievements have been anything but. In the time he has served the line of Arkitaine, Euron has risen swiftly amongst the ranks to command of the 3rd cohort, impressive for a Druchii so young. This meteoric rise has seen hostility and scorn turn to respect and a healthy wariness as the Druchii of Clar Karond have learned that Euron is exceedingly skilled with his blade.

As befits his highborn status, Euron Tyr has supplemented his standard half-plate with a thick bearskin cloak, acting as protection against enemies and the elements both. The cloak is also hung with the jade droplets used as decoration by all in High House Chains, as well as the cleaned skulls of the latest Druchii to cross blades with Tyr in honour duels.

For now, Tyr seems content to serve Hiroth as best he can, seemingly becoming as trusted a servant as Skara. How long this will remain is any Druchii's guess and the honeyed words of encouragement and persuasion whispered into his ear by his lover Nether Damoskein must surely take root soon.

Hooray for out-of-focus pics of the standard bearer! Le Sigh. Still, at least the banner turned out well - I'm actually very pleased with it and the way it sits in the unit.

Tyr is another favourite of mine, even if he is only a simple spearman champion. There's a definate air of superiority about him and it was nice to paint something a little different to the rest of the unit.

So, that's me done - C&C welcome folks, let me know what you think.

Cheers :)

28-11-2011, 12:08
Youve got a really nice army going here.

The muted paint scheme works wonders for DE, looking forward to seeing the rest.

28-11-2011, 13:57
And I must squee! These look wonderful mate. What's next on the list?

28-11-2011, 20:23
Really lovely spearman unit. Like others have said I really like the muted tones great job!

28-11-2011, 21:09
Well I have to say I like how your spearmen turned out. The bone armor seems better then some of your earliest work on the dark riders and their is a clear progression from them to your crossbows and then spearmen here. The stronger hint of bleached bone and lacqured coloring makes the skin tone stand out rather than merely mix with the armor. Another thing I really liked was the added spots of green gems on several models. Just those few spots really jump out and give contract to the unit in a good way.

I like how you did the robes on the unit champ, enough to make him stand out further but nothing to far that would seperate him from his unit. Also like the bit from the Ogre monster box, the hook with the two skulls on his shoulder. It is a nice touch.

The banner is good. The green and the coloring really fit with the unit but much like the champion is just enough different that it stands out well. Very nice.

The unit filler looks good, though I have to ask about the lion's eyes. It looks like they are just black.

Fluff as always is nice, though you have ran into one of the problems I have in the past, namely ideas for characters but stuck sticking them as unit champions due to lack of positions in the upper ranks.

29-11-2011, 10:50
Morning Warseer :)

Thanks for all the comments folks, really makes my day.

@ Daismith906 - cheers fella, glad to see you like the different scheme. Plenty more to come as well, I'm only about a 3rd through the 4k army.

@ Doomscape - haha my first squee, cheers muchly. I'll go into whats next in a second.....

@ Rootsmanuva - again, cheers mate. The muted colours and bone armour was a gamble, I'm very happy that it's paying off so well.

@ EnternalVoid - huzzah, the banner wasn't a let down! I'm really happy with it and with the unit as a whole to be fair. You are right, there is a difference between the bone armour on these and the bone armour on the earlier spearmen - some of that is the flash/lighting, but even IRL you can see where I've more confident and quicker painting the bone. Interesting that you see Bleached Bone in there though, it's all done with Dheneb and White and washes of Devlan and Badab. Must be the lighting again.

Er, the lions eyes are probably black....I might have missed those in the rush to get the unit done. Shush, don't tell anyone......

And yeah sometimes naming everyone is a pain - to be fair the Std bearers name and fluff was a last minute thing, I felt he deserved it once he was finished. If I expand the army past 4k at any point, Euron Tyr will definitely get an upgrade to hero status - he's too posh not to.

So, on the painting table next we've got the last 6 Dark Riders - the armour and horses on the first three are already done and dusted thankfully. Once they are out of the way, I'll get the first of the chariots done and most probably my second mage Nether Damoskien.

You may also have noticed that I mentioned the army would be going to 4k - on top of the 3k list posted on page 5, I've sorted out another 1k to round the army off nicely and to mostly represent the crew of the Razors Lament. This will consist of:

Master - the ships captain
L2 Mage - possibly the ships mage
34 corsairs - crew, obviously...
Assassin - Temple of Khaine spy
16 crossbows - these will be another Household Guard cohort.

Now, here's where I need your help Warseer - I've decided that Nether is going to be a standard Dark Magic mage rather than Fire, but that leaves me with a quandry as to what Lore to give the new mage. I am tempted to make her part of the Razors crew, a kind of sea-witch, but then what lore fits with that? Any ideas guys and girls?

I'm currently thinking of using this mini - http://gamezoneminiatures.de/dunkelelfen/infanterie/dunkelelfen-zauberin.html - any ideas you guys have on lore-choice would be great.

Cheers all :)

29-11-2011, 11:53
I think that any of the lores but metal would suit the new mage. Shadow could represent her control of sea mists and shadow is quite a useful lore. Though I'd go for the lore of fire because she looks to be conjuring a ball of flame behind her back and I like the lore of fire's lack of subtlety. BURN THEM! :D

29-11-2011, 19:31
No, it's true, you really are making quick progress! Good work, the banner is a really nice tie-in with the lion and the cloaks, all in all it makes for a very characterful unit.


30-11-2011, 09:40
Hello everyone :)

Some replies first, then some WiP pics and hopefully some fluff this afternoon depending on how busy work gets.

@ Student - I was leaning towards fire to be honest, I've already got one Shadow mage and the lack of subtlety is tempting. Besides, who doesn't like to fling fireballs around?

@ BeatTheBeat - I thought about it yesterday mate and to be fair, I have painted a big old chunk of the army in the last 2 or 3 months. Gotta thank joining the TOFP and Warseer for that, it's really helping to have deadlines and encouragement from you folks. As it stands now, the corsair unit is the last large block unit I need to get done. Good times.

So, WiP-wise, I have been working on the Dark Riders. One last concerted push should see the first three done by the end of this week. I had a spare hour or so last night as well and managed to crank out these two fine fellows:


This is the second assassin in the list - fluff wise he will be a true Temple of Khaine assassin and is disguising himself as a corsair to infiltrate the house. He needs a name though, which I'm currently stumpted on. Simple conversion work so far, just replaced his left hand with a wych weapon - the right hand will get replaced with Liliths right hand blade once I can find the bloody thing.

And then theres this chap:


Corsair captain - hell yeah! Avatars of War do some very nice minis, but the few I've picked up have consistently been a pain to clean up and assemble. joints are small and fiddly, the alloy itself seems to be quite soft - this guys right ankle almost sheared through when I was getting him fixed to the base and there was a fair bit of flash and spoil around his right arm.

Still, once he was cleaned up he looks pretty good. Theres a little green-stuffing to be done on the sword, turning the power field generator into a huge pimping gem and I had to replace the rather dull ponytail provided with a much better one carved from the head of a wych.

I'm looking forward to painting this chap and his crew up - the two unit fillers I have planned make me smile.... But I really should get the rest of the army sorted first. Ho hum.

Cheers all.

01-12-2011, 04:05
If you have shadow I would suggest fire. Generally the three magic lores I see with dark elves is; Dark Magic, Shadow Magic, and Fire magic. Fire I like on a low level mage just because generally he is a fireball launcher plus an extra set of hands to hold an arcane item. That said, it is always sweet when they roll Flaming Sword of Ruin, such a nasty spell. I have know a few people to take a lv4 mage just to try and insure they get that spell.

One suggestion about names that I often do is put them all on a single piece of paper or a word document. Just one after another, each in a different line, and then look at it. At that point I can often see perhaps a letter or type of name I am missing and go from there. Works best for me when I have alot of characters done and just trying to name the last few.

Also glad to hear that Warseer has helped as much as it has. I always enjoy coming online and taking a quick spin of logs on several forums to see what interesting models are being worked on.

I like the little touch on the assassin, just changing out the two weapons will prompt a very different feel. That said I have to agree though on your captain, the different ponytail looks alot better. Reminds me again at some point I might have to pick up the wytch box just for conversion parts.

Sicarius the 2nd
01-12-2011, 04:14
Thought Id pop back and take a look at your progress, wow anything you do to a model makes it 100x better just the weapon swaps etc! Loving the AOW recently got one of them myself, really nice to paint! Keep up the good work, what's next?

01-12-2011, 10:22
Morning gents :)

@ EnternalVoid - good points mate, I think the general consensus is fire on the second mage so that's what I'll go for. I'm currently leaning towards painting that globe of power behind her back up as a green witch-fire, much the same way as the jade droplets on every else, to tie her in with the rest of the army.

Seriously though, I'd heartily recommend picking up a box of wyches and maybe even a kabalite box as well - theres so many pieces that can be used for Dark Elves and even High elves with a little more trimming. The Dark Eldar range as a whole is to my mind the single best range GW have done.

@ Sicarius the 2nd - cheers mate, that brought a smile to my face. I don't know about 100% better though, maybe just a bit better ;) I just caught your AOW Priest, very nice work mate - it's a great mini as well.

In terms of what's next, I need to get the last unit of Dark Riders done, then it's on to something a little more interesting - the first of my Cold One Chariot conversions and the second of my mages. That should do me for December to be fair - next year it's all guns blazing on getting the 4k done.

After that...who knows....but a growing part of me is considering the worlds most non-magical Empire...

Poisoned Edge
01-12-2011, 20:19
Love the theme you've got going JackDaw, especially the innovative and original conversions.

02-12-2011, 09:02
Morning Warseer - and thank feth its Friday.

Couple of wip shots for you in a second, but first.....

@ Poisoned Edge - cheers fella and thanks for taking the time to check the plog and comment. Glad you like the conversions as well, theres plenty more to come.

Didn't get any painting done last night, due to being shattered and having half a bottle of wine. On the plus side, I did sort out the second assassins right hand, removing his chunky butter-knife o'slaying and replacing it with something much better looking. Now the original plan was to use Liliths right hand knife - sadly this didnt work out as it was held in a different grip and is far too small to pin. A hand swap was out of the question as well as Lilith's hand is about half the size of a normal hand...damn you GW and your in proportion DE sculpts..... So, a quick root through the bits box and a suitable replacement was found, one that continues the fine tradition of comic references dotted throughout the plog so far.


Needs a little greenstuffing to blend it in, but there you go. I chuckled once this was glued in place.

And as a special bonus, some pics of the first chariot that will get (hopefully) painted this month:


I'm really happy with how the conversions turned out, they were one of the first things I assembled for this army if I remember rightly. While not as heavy looking as the metal chariot, they do look a little more elegant to my eyes. I know the crew aren't strictly wysiwyg but I suscribe to the rule of cool, and I reckon the second crewman looks brutal enough to get away it.

Looking forward to getting this done after the Dark Riders are finished - hopefully I can get everything painted this month that I need to while dealing with the office xmas party (so much booze...), painting my father in law's present (the 11th Doctor and Ms Pond) and xmas itself. Busy old month, December.

Comments etc welcome guys, cheers.

02-12-2011, 20:02
I like your wolverine assassin though if you cut out the middle claw, put it so it was coming out of the inside of his wrist and gave him a crest of hair he'd look a lot like Daken.

The chariot looks good. Are you going to change the saddles and reins in any way?

03-12-2011, 06:16
I like that you used a heavier torso for your charioteers, I am guessing the bodies from Cold one knights from the look. It helps a bit to make the chariot look 'Heavier' in terms of armor with the charioteers being well armored themselves. Though I am somewhat surprised you used Dark Elf warrior legs for the back one and the front one has high elf charioteer legs. Likely only reason I noticed was my joy of bits and conversion.

Also are you planning to keep the lion icon on the front of the chariot or is it to be tided to your cragg lions?

Lord Dan
03-12-2011, 13:46
That chariot is the bomb jiggy! I agree the heavier torsos look perfect there, and the whole model flows very nicely and really contributes to your classy dark elf look.

The assassin is really cool with your subtle conversions, though I would bend the claws in slightly to somewhat match the curvature on the weapon in his left hand. Great work!

05-12-2011, 15:22
Hello Warseer - just a very quick update today as a) I'm not too well and b) painting elves has taken a break for a few days in favour of painting Ms Pond and the Doctor.

@ Student - I was considering adding some hair just to make him less similar to Sholen Skara...I'll see what I can find on my spare Wych heads. The saddles and reins will be staying as they are pretty much - once the greenstuffing has been done and the painting, they should look like one big method of controlling the chariot. I'm going to pick up some jewellry chain as well to add to the whole ensemble

@ EnternalVoid - They are indeed Cold One Knight torsos - they look surprisingly good on the warrior legs to be fair. I had actually forgotten that I had used the charioteer legs on that crewman - even with looking at the model every time I play a game. Now that I have some warrior legs spare I'll remove and replace them so he fits with the rest of the crew. The lion icon will probably stay as is, it's pretty similar to the lion head on the spearmen banner so will help to tie them all together.

@ Lord Dan - Hahaha cheers mate, bomb jiggy indeed :) There's another one to come as well you'll be pleased to know. Oh and I bent the claws on your suggestion - they do look a lot better matching that curve from the other blades.

Update wise, the first 3 Dark Riders are done and dusted and the second three have had the bone armour half finished. Aiming to have the unit done by the end of the week. The chariot will get a few finishing touches over the week as well, ready for undercoating next weekend. I'm also aiming to get another pure fluff piece up by the end of the month as well.

For the moment though, it's all go on painting the xmas present for my father-in-law. Started today, and so far Amy Pond is finished and just needs a varnish and the Doctor's skin is done. I've also just ordered a TARDIS as well which should be here in a few days. If people are interested, I'm more than happy to get some pics up - probably in a brand new random bits plog.

Cheers everyone :)

06-12-2011, 16:28
JackDaw!! Have been following your project log from the start and have to say it is one of the most inspiring i have ever come across =] the theme and background pieces you write for each unit and character in the High House of Chains represents the aspect of the hobby I love the most and inspired me to get a move on with mine! Looking forward to your next update and also: I will also second Lord Dan in saying that your chariot is the bomb jiggy hahaha its sooooo cool!

13-12-2011, 09:48
Morning Warseer.

Well, that was a slightly longer silence than expected. I blame painting other bits (theres a plog in the General Sci-Fi section for those interested in seeing how the Doctor and Amy Pond turned out), some sickness, a small baby and of course general laziness. Added to that, the busy nature of December and finding painting time has been hard.

Still, enough moaning. The Dark Riders are done, thankfully. No more of them for me, ever. The chariot has taken a back seat for now, in favour of getting my second mage painted - with the lack of painting time I figured this would be an easier call to get finished. I've also been planning a small 1000pts Empire army, based in Nuln - watch this space for more.......

@ PSCM - Ah cheers fella, it's an honour that you find my log so inspiring and been motivated in your own hobby as a result - thats the kind of thing that gets a smile on my face.

So, just a few quick WiP shots of my second mage in this post, then at some point today I'll get the finished Dark Riders posted up with their fluff.

Nether Damoskein, claimant to the title of Consort:

Soon as I saw the new Lilith model I knew I had to fit her into the army somehow - the addition of the soul-trap arm from the Archon made the choice pretty simple. Shes such a great mini I didnt want to do too much to her - the main thing will be getting a nice even skin tone across the model.

Hold on for a short time and I'll get the next post sorted with pics and background fluff :)

Cheers all.

13-12-2011, 15:30
4th Wing, Household Cavalry

With the long absence of the 2nd Wing and the permanent status of the 3rd as a medium cavalry, the oft-neglected 4th Wing have found themselves thrust into the battle lines as scouts and support for the warriors of High House Chains. The 4th has an ill-favoured reputation as lazy, poorly disciplined and easily corrupted by narcotics and other indolent pursuits. Perhaps of all the Household Guard and Cavalry they best exemplify the corrupted weakness at the heart of the Arkitaine house before the death of Lanys.


Still, for all their faults, the riders of the 4th are Druchii and are as skilled in the arts of horsemanship and war as any other. The trick lies in appealing to their baser desires, offering rewards in flesh and other pleasures for performance on the field of battle or tasks completed. To date this mercenary approach has worked, though both Hiroth and the Herald of the 1st Wing Korvalat believe that harsher action needs to be taken. As yet the Master of Cavalry, Rellick Nom, seems disinclined to take action.


As a precautionary measure, Hiroth has appointed the young Silryia Baneth as the Herald of the 4th. A former pupil of Korvalat, Silryia shares his desire to see light cavalry at the forefront of the House's battle lines and has tried to bend the 4th to the same iron discipline and ideals as the 1st Wing. Several wagers have been placed as to the longevity of her tenure as Herald, and the odds do not favour her...


Grain Weevil
13-12-2011, 16:51
Fluff lovely as always, and that black horses looks perfectly druchii(ed)? :p
Nice job on them.

14-12-2011, 02:24
I don't think I would want to be mess with that mage *besides holding a soul she has a nasty hand weapon and does not look as squishy as the rules make her to be*. I will be curious what you do with her as she has alot more skin then many of your other models and you have been using a very chalky pale skin tone, not sure how that will turn out with out something else to make her stand out color wise.

Of the riders I like the one at the end on the left side of the group pics. Was trying to place why, then realized it might well be because of his head. Or more his helmet. The gold or what on it is more telling then on the other riders, likely because there is more but it also looks almost like it is a different shade. I like how that color goes with the skin and stand out.

15-12-2011, 11:21
Morning everyone, thanks for the comments.

@ Grain Weevil - cheers fella, glad you like them. I hate painting horses so just tired to get them done as quickly as possible without looking too terrible. Luckily, that's the last horse I need to paint for a good while.

@ EnternalVoid - I see what you mean about the headpiece on the chap on the end - it is painted the same as the other gold/bronze sections but I think the size of it and the fact its surrounded by dark hair rather than light bone armour makes it seem a different shade.

Started on the mage's skin last night - the trick with her is that I'm going to take more time over the skin. Simples. The skin on the regular spears etc is done very quickly in about 4 stages - with Nether I'm taking a more gradual approach to build up a smoother pale off-white finish. I've also added a touch of Fenris Grey to the base skin tone mix and put a very thin Fenris glaze over the first coat. Essentially she'll have the same skin tone but with a bit more depth and smoothness to it. Looking at the mini, there are a few armoured areas that will be getting the bone lacquer, and plenty of skin tight leather that'll end up the blue/black that appears on the Household Guard. Provided I can pull off the skin, she should look right at home.

More WiP pics once I can getsome done on her tonight. If my attention-sucking kraken of a son lets me that is...

16-12-2011, 16:17
Nice conversion work!

I like your colour scheme as well, very different for the delfs but works very well!

19-12-2011, 14:33
Morning everyone, hows things?

Just a very quick update from me today, busy looking after a sick wife and small baby - fun fun fun.

@ gogs78 - cheers mate - it is a very different colour choice but this was deliberate, I've seen a few too many dark dark elves in my time and painted a few myself.

A few WiP pics for you - the skin and armour on Nether is now done and I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out. I do wish I had picked up the finecast version though, I think the delicate features and sharp details would be much crisper and finer in the resin - the metal feels a little clunky and was a pain to clean up without obliterating details.


Hopefully you should be able to make out a slight green tint to her skin around the cuff of her gloves - this is deliberate and is linked to the ominous item she's brandishing. All will become clear in the background.

Well, that's it from me today folks - c&c welcome as always. Cheers all!

19-12-2011, 14:53
Looking good! Sorry if you've mentioned it before, but what's your method for skin?

19-12-2011, 19:57
Well you alleviated those concerns of mine about the flesh tone that is for sure. It has a much smoother layer like you said it would. I can't wait to see how she looks when you get the leather and cloth parts done as well so to see how they go with the skin and armor.

21-12-2011, 17:34
Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

@ Dayspringer - cheers mate :) The skin recipe differs depending on whether its a line trooper or a character. For Nether, I started with a 50/50 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Elf Flesh with a small touch of Fenris Grey - this was applied in two or three thin washes. It then got a very thin glaze with watered down Fenris Grey.

After that, 50/50 mix of Tallarn and Elf, followed by highlights with increasing amounts of Skull White mixed in. With Nether, I think it was about 4 thin highlights before the final highlight of pure Skull White.

She then got 2 very very thin washes of Asurmen Blue before a final edge highlight of Skull White.

The line spears etc are a lot simpler:
50/50 Tallarn and Elf basecoat
30/30/30 Tallarn, Elf and Skull
Skull White highlight
Thin Asurmen Blue wash.

Hope that helps fella :)

@ EnternalVoid - yeah I'm really happy with how the skin turned out on her, specially as I've been fighting a cold and looking after my sick wife and kid. Took some time over it but the finished effect is spot on for what I wanted. So far I've also sorted out the leather tights etc, same as the regular guys - a kind of bluey-black. I've taken it a little lighter than the spears though, just to fit a little more with the lighter tone of the skin and overall mini. Next few days should see the arcane item done (the usual glowing green spot colour) and her hair (currently thinking black but with vibrant purple streaks....)

Lord Dan
21-12-2011, 21:14
Now THAT'S a thong.

21-12-2011, 22:06
Aye shes a brave girl considering the ambient temperature and climate of Naggaroth.

Sicarius the 2nd
21-12-2011, 23:40
Ha, she is looking great, love how you have got the skin tone and blending just right on her, will look great all finished!

22-12-2011, 04:22
@ Dayspringer - cheers mate :) The skin recipe differs depending on whether its a line trooper or a character. For Nether, I started with a 50/50 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Elf Flesh with a small touch of Fenris Grey - this was applied in two or three thin washes. It then got a very thin glaze with watered down Fenris Grey.

After that, 50/50 mix of Tallarn and Elf, followed by highlights with increasing amounts of Skull White mixed in. With Nether, I think it was about 4 thin highlights before the final highlight of pure Skull White.

She then got 2 very very thin washes of Asurmen Blue before a final edge highlight of Skull White.

The line spears etc are a lot simpler:
50/50 Tallarn and Elf basecoat
30/30/30 Tallarn, Elf and Skull
Skull White highlight
Thin Asurmen Blue wash.

Hope that helps fella :)

Thanks! I've been working from Dheneb stone up to white with some asumen blue washes for my de skin. I might give your method a try at some stage though

22-12-2011, 09:12
Hey Warseer, just a quick little update from me today.

@ Sicarius the 2nd - cheers fella, I'm really happy with how she's coming along so far. She's pretty much the only model in the army with that much skin showing so it was worth taking the time over.

@ Dayspringer - no worries mate, happy to help. Dheneb up to white is probably a lot easier than my method, but I've been using Dheneb and white to do the armour.

Still under the weather here guys so haven't got any more painting done on Nether as yet. Hopefully this cold will clear up in the next few days and I can crack on and get her finished. But, I did get bored last night and knock up a tester for my Black Guard, using the Phoenix Guard.......


...and boy am I happy with the results. I was already sure the head swap would work thanks to the original version of the Emissary that I'd done, but the finished look with the replacement halberd blades makes me very happy indeed. Just a tiny bit of greenstuffing needed on the cloak and this fella is ready for painting - oh and I'll need to convert up the other 16 of these to accompany my second Dreadlady.

Let me know what you guys think :)

22-12-2011, 10:57
I think you should change or remove the pheonix wings hanging from his belt. He looks really cool though. It is going to be a great unit when its finished.

The Yak
22-12-2011, 13:59
So simple but oh so perfect! Well in lad!

22-12-2011, 14:42
I'm going to make myself unpopular and say I don't like the Lelith conversion. To me it just seems her clothes are too out of keeping with the aesthetic of the Dark Elves compared to Witch Elves, Sorceress or the female Dreadlord. Sadly, short of resculpting the clothes there isn't much to be done about it.

Just my opinion, though.:) I do love the Black Guard.

Lord Azoth
22-12-2011, 14:45
Love your BG, where did you get the halberd from?

22-12-2011, 15:49
Hey guys, thanks for the comments so far :)

@ Student - I was looking at the phoenix wings today and decided to fill them in with some liquid greenstuff so they'll look more blade-like rather than wing-like (if that makes sense...). I reckon the unit should look pretty swish, I just need to work out how to represent the champion causing terror -currently I'm thinking of adding some incense burning braziers to the movement tray to represent mind-bending hallucinogenic drugs being burnt...

@ The Yak - hey fella, good to see you back on. Cheers for the kind words :)

@ Eldargal - hey no worries, everyones entitled to their opinion and its good to get criticism as well as praise. In defense of Lilith, she is wearing more clothes than the newer metal DE sorceress (the one with the swirly smoke around her) and she does fit a bit more with my army due to the profusion of Dark Eldar parts I've used across the army. I am working on her background fluff to explain the armour and skin tight leather. Oh and thanks for the Black Guard love :)

@ Lord Azoth - cheers fella, I'm look forward to finishing the unit. The halberd is just the Phoenix Guard halberd with the blade removed and replaced with the blade from a Dark Eldar Hellion Glaive. I'm hoping to get enough Dark Eldar helmets to ensure that all 17 Black Guard have their own custom helmet.

22-12-2011, 19:26
I have to agree about the phoenix wings on the hips, was the first thing I thought of as well. Either using liquid greenstuff or sanding them flat would work. Perhaps you could put a Druchii rune on those spots when painting or molding with greenstuff. that way they are not bear and tie further with the dark elves.

Another thing you might want to consider is seeing if the phoenix guard torso fits on dark elf warrior legs. Only reason I bring this up is that it might fit more with other dark elf models *as generally dark elves have chainmail and high elves scalemail*.

And I like the blade.

Lord Dan
22-12-2011, 19:34
Keep the wings. That scale armor really lends to the elegant theme you're going for, and the wings add to the armor's intricacy and flow. In addition I think any feelings of dissatisfaction with the wings is really just due to the fact that we see them on the pheonix guard models and immediately our mind fills in the blues, whites, and golds associated with those figures. Painted up in your bone color with black cloth these guys will be stunning.

Poisoned Edge
22-12-2011, 20:18
Stunning work JackDaw. I'd thought about a similar conversion using phoenix guard and seeing your work has convinced me that it can work really well. As they always say the simpler the better.

23-12-2011, 09:37
Morning ladies and gents :)

Thanks for all the comments so far, looks like Nymeria and her Black Guard are going to be as popular as the Emissary. I'll bump them up the construction and painting line to next after Nether and the first chariot.

@ EnternalVoid & Lord Dan - Thought I'd combine my replies seeing as it's all about the same thing... I think I will flatten the wings, if only to break up the overall High Elf-ness of the model, plus I like the idea of sharpened fans of metal hanging from their belts. The scalemail is staying though - I prefer it to the chainmail of the warriors and the Phoenix legs are just far better sculpted and posed. The other reason for keeping it is background related - Nymeria is very rich so can afford to 'pimp' her paramours up a bit. Plus visually it's going to help with the links between the High and Dark Elves that I wanted to echo with this army.

Dan, I think you do have a point re our preconceptions of how something looks based on the only painted examples we see - when I first thought of this unit conversion I wasn't sure it would work purely because I couldn't picture the parts in bare plastic or my army colours. It's strange how the mind works sometimes. Likewise with the Minotaurs, I saw the GW versions and labelled them as crap, then a mate bought some and I saw the plastics and then his painted versions - suddenly they looked much much better and I could see loads of potential for the kit conversion wise.

Back to the Black Phoenicians (that won't be their name, but it sounds fething cool doesn't it?), they may look a little too High Elf at the moment, but trust me, once I get the greenstuff sorted and get them painted in the reverse colour scheme, they should fit right in. Trust me, I'm a doctor (I'm not really).

Ah yes, the reversed colour scheme. As Nymeria and her Paramours aren't fully part of the High House of Chains yet in background terms, they won't be in the bone armour. Instead, the robes etc will be bone and the armour black - they should stand out as different, but still be linked visually with the rest of the army. At least, that's the plan. If it fails, I'll advance the background a little and embrace them fully into the House.....

@ Poisoned Edge - cheers fella :) I agree that sometimes simple really is best - I've a mate who kitbashes the most amazing characters for his Vampire and Chaos armies from all manner of parts and has also bashed a goddamn amazing Clan Skyre warpstone-driven mechanical HPA. I'm in awe of his work but can't kitbash to that level, so instead rely on fairly simple conversions like this and my other characters. Oh and don't forget to give us a look at your Phoenix Guard conversions once you've done them ;)

Phew, enough jabbering from me I think - there's been far too much of that recently and not enough painted pics! The dreaded lurgy has now left the family household so hopefully tonight I can get Nether finished and get her pics and background up before xmas - the plan then is a little background fluff piece before cracking on with chariots and Black Guard in the new year.

Cheers all :)

25-12-2011, 23:55
Black Guard conversion looks badass, as expected but still! And not that much more expensive than the metal ones, maybe?


Duke Donald
27-12-2011, 06:42
The Black Grard conversion looks great. I personally don't mind the Phoenix Guard wings.

27-12-2011, 07:34
Fantastic blackguard, i cant wait to see them painted up in the tale of thread.

29-12-2011, 12:18
I've read through that plog over the last few days and it was a constant inspiration and motivation for my own Druchii. You actually got me to pick up a box of those great Dark Elder Wyches (?) - not sure if it's the correct name, but you know what I mean.
Unfortunately I'll have to wait until I can get started with them, I first have to finish my Empire army. And that won't be a quick thing, but well, we all have the same problem, haven't we? :cool:

Keep the good work up, rated five stars und subscribed. And ofcourse waiting for more inspiring work ;)

31-12-2011, 18:45
Evening everyone and welcome to the last post of this year :)

Sadly, it's just a talky one rather than a picture one but have no fear - the first post of 2012 will be pic filled! Oh yes, Nether is finally done and will be getting a blast of varnish tomorrow before the pics and fluff go up.

I'm pretty happy with her, the skin was the main thing to get right and that has come out a treat. As for the rest, well, you'll see tomorrow.

@ BeatTheBeat - good to see you back on mate. The converted Black Phoenicians (I'm becoming more and more enamoured of that name) shouldnt cost too much more than the metal Guard. Its about £40 for 15 of the metal guys, plus then I'd need to get an extra guy from ebay, plus enough bits to completely redo the command. 2 boxes of Phoenix Guard sets me back about £45 but I'm left with plenty of spare bits and a few trades have sorted me out with pretty much all the heads and blades I need. Besides, who gives a feth about the cost, the units gonna look sweet ;)

@ Duke Donald & MOMUS - cheers gents. I'm still undecided on the phoenix wings to be honest. If I keep the Black Phoenician name, I'll keep the wings but part of me thinks they need flattening out just to move the model a bit more away from the Phoenix Guard.

@ Fribor - welcome and thanks for the kind words fella. Its great to know my plog is that inspiring, really makes me happy. You won't regret picking up some DE bits, they are just so useful.

So, tomorrow Nether will be up. Then the plan for January is to get the Black Guard done - I have a feeling they are going to be popular and I'd hate to disappoint you lovely lot. After that, I really should crack on with those chariots and some Cold One Knights.

Cheers all :)

The Yak
01-01-2012, 03:36
Happy new year lad may the Nagaroth bunch be merry and that

01-01-2012, 19:25
Nether Damoskien, Adept of the Andii Convent, claimant to the position of Consort to the House.

Hailing from mighty Naggarond itself, the young sorceress Damoskien has shown a great natural talent for harnessing the destructive powers of Dark magic and bending lesser Daemons to her will. When her talents blossomed, Nether was cloistered in the Andii Convent, as is common for the mages of Naggaroth. Amongst her sisters and rivals, Nether learnt to harness the fell power that lies in Dark magic and also how to summon and bind simple Daemons and creatures of the voids. Nether swiftly rose to the position of Adept, gaining the eye of several nobles not only for her talent and power but also her looks and sensuality.


Spurning the advances of these powerful nobles, Nether travelled to the coastal city of Clar Karond and swiftly inveigled herself into not only courtly life and society but also the bedchambers of many proud Druchii. The reasons for this move are not known, however several of Nether's convent sister remember a late night visit from an especially tall gaunt armoured Druchii mere days before she left Naggarond. Since her time in Clar Karond, Nether has become known as much for her magery as her thirst for power and status. Subsequently, her recent alliance and involvement with the dissolute and ill-regarded line of Arkitaine has sparked much controversy amongst her peers and the noble families of Clar Karond. Whilst her current paramour, Euron Tyr, shows much promise and she is more than willing to fan the flames of his ambition, her own lust for power knows no limits and she has set her eyes upon the position of Consort to the High House of Chains. As yet, her plans have not yet reached fruition and thus Nether must be patient. However, the Emissary is ever watchful and the time of the House of Chains ascension grows close.


Nether can be seen here astride the ruins of Tor Cavalii, a minor outpost of the Asur colony of Arnheim. Its walls were breached by the sorceries of Nether, boosted immeasurably by the puissant artefact she wields, the Lament Configuration. This relic of ancient times contains the captured and tortured essences of Daemons and other mages and allows the wielder to harness their power to enhance their own castings as well as brush aside the attempts of rival mages. As is often the case with such fell magicks, the use of the Lament Configuration is not without a price - the greenish cast to the veins of Nether's arms bear witness to the cost of such power, a cost that she hides away beneath long gloves of silk and supple elven hide.

Whilst her sisters and peers of the various convents of Naggaroth will wrap themselves in thick robes and gowns in battle, Nether deliberately chooses to enter battle clad somewhat more....provocatively. The reasons for this are simple - if her enemies are distracted by her sensuousness and beauty, they are easy prey for Euron and his spears. Besides, no proud daughter of Naggaroth should be ashamed of her looks or the gifts that the Cytharai have seen fit to bless her with...


Ah she's turned out nicely hasn't she? The main thing with Nether was getting the skin right, after that everything just falls into place around it. I'm also pretty happy with how the Lament Configuration came out, the green ties her in nicely to the rest of the army and gives a nice contrast to the pale skin.

Game wise, she's a level 2 Dark mage - the Lore of Darkness is pretty much my favourite lore and still holds up well against the rulebook lores. The Lament Configuration was written up in such a way that it can be used as either the Darkstar Cloak (+1 power dice) or the Seal of Ghrond (+1 dispel dice) depending on how I'm feeling. To be honest, it's usually the latter I end up using.

That's it from me today, cheers for taking a look ladies and gents. Your comments are welcome as always. Next up from me there will be some more pure fluff posts - it's been ages since the last one - and the first chariot and more Black Guard.

Cheers all.

03-01-2012, 23:39
I like the purple in her hair, breaks it up the black and goes well with the other colors. Also like the leather, again manages to be dark but not pitch black.

A bit surprised though about her weapon, the very corroaded effect on the blade head. I like the effect but was a bit surprised to see it on a dark elf weapon.

04-01-2012, 16:25
Hey Void, cheers for commenting :) Glad the streaks in the hair worked, the plan was to break up that mass of black hair somehow.

The weapon just kind of turned out like that, without any specific intention from myself - sounds a bit weird but I think I just unconsciously painted it that style to break up the model a bit instead of having another dark/metallic area. The finish on the actually haft is similar to the finish on the Emissary's staff - maybe it was a gift from him......

Onto WiP news then. Thanks to the crap weather recently it's been impossible to undercoat anything so painting has taken a backseat. Instead, I've been assembling the movement trays for the Corsairs and Black Guard and getting more of the Guard themselves assembled:


That's the first 7 of 16 plastic guard assembled. The plan is to convert the champion out of the foot version of Prince Althran (as Nymerias current favourite, he'll be the only one of her lovers allowed to leave her tower bare-headed) and Nymeria herself rounds the unit out to 18 strong. It's been fun assembling these guys, the Phoenix sculpts are actually really nice and really good quality with very few mould lines. I've also put a few greenstuff washes over the flame detail on the cloaks to fill them in - the black was a visual guide for myself to see how much was still visible under paint:


The plan then is to get these undercoated as soon as the weather allows and get some paint on. I've left the wings on the hips untouched for now - with the halberds in place and ranked up, they aren't massively visible and should be even less so once the armour is painted up in the black lacquer. If it looks off once they are painted, I'll go back and carefully fill them in.

I'll be ordering Althran and a finecast Archon at some point this week as well, I think Hiroth needs redoing - this time without the banner (which I can then steal for the Black Guard).

Oh and Warseer - I need your opinions and ideas on the name for Nymerias Black Guard. Her titles are as follows: Lady Nymeria, the Serpents Kiss, Mistress of the Obsidian Tower, claimant to the title of Consort. So, do I call her unit of paramours and lovers:
A) The Black Phoenicians
B) The Serpent's Guard
C) An as-yet unknown suggestion from one of your clever minds.....

Answers on a post card please!

Cheers all :)

04-01-2012, 17:04
I prefer the Serpent's Guard, though it brings to mind the bad guys from SG1. Maybe something like The Serpent's Favoured or The Serpent's Chosen?

04-01-2012, 17:23
Oh Student - now that is an idea. I like the sound of The Serpent's Chosen....

04-01-2012, 18:13
I like the Serpents Tounge.

I have to say i absolutely love this unit you are working on. I love the crispness of the models! Such tight converting skills, Id love to see if you could cast this unit or something. They are something that would make me want to start dark elves!


Duke Donald
04-01-2012, 21:14
What about The Serpent's Fangs? Whatever their name, they look good.

04-01-2012, 23:02
To be honest I am not much of a fan of using 'Serpent'. These guys just do not look to me like they should be a Serpent unit. When I picture Serpent named units, they are slippery, use poison as their weapon of choice, or are jungle fighters or skirmishers. Not a brutally skilled force that use halberds, highly percisioned, unit that mulches most units that face them. Maybe it is just me.

Instead I would look to the Obsidian element for their name. Like Obsidian Guard or Obsidian Fangs. Even the Obsidian Tower Guard. Heck the Obsidian Phoenicians is not bad either. You could even make their weapons look like Obsidian, black steel, or something.

Lord Dan
04-01-2012, 23:05
I'm with EnternalVoid completely. Obsidian Guard for the win.

The Yak
05-01-2012, 00:59
Obsidian Grooms?

Whatever you call them they are one of my favourite units you have done so far and by the quality of all your other stuff that's high praise indeedy.

P.S talk about being under the thumb, not even aloud to take your helmet off outside on a hot day? Bossy cow!

Imp of High Noon
05-01-2012, 01:37
Words collide! Lotus Guard, Spire Guard/Wardens, Immortals, Witchguard, er... pointy spike deathers of blacky black black!

05-01-2012, 12:02
Heh, looks like I was right in thinking these gents were going to be popular. So many great ideas guys, thanks very much. Though personally I think we have a winner with Imp's 'pointy spike deathers of blacky black black!'.....

@ Cragum - cheers fella, very kind of you to say so. No plans to cast them at the moment sadly, though I do have a friend who's starting to look into the whole casting thing. Who knows, maybe at some point we might give these guys a whirl and then everyone can start a Druchii army with Jackdaw pattern Black Guard!

@ Duke Donald - thanks mate, they have turned out nicely, but not as nicely as your Winged Lancers - kudos on your gs skills mate.

@ EnternalVoid - curse you sir! Curse you for coming up with more options! Seriously though, some nice ideas there. I can see where you're coming from with the Serpent thing as well, it does sound better attached to a unit of Shades...

@ Lord Dan - I think the Obsidian movement starts here....

@ The Yak - The Obsidian gets another vote then. And yeah, she is demanding. But totally worth it.

@ Imp - heheheh, your last idea makes me chuckle. Though Wardens does give me another idea.....

Right, decision time. I've narrowed it down to these three options and provided some reasoning behind the choices. Let's see what the consensus is and hopefully I can get a tester painted up over the weekend.

a) The Serpent's Favoured - Nymeria is known as the Serpents Kiss, and these are her chosen few

b) The Obsidian Wardens - both lovers and guards of the Mistress of the Obsidian Tower

c) The Ophidian Wardens - comes from the greek for snake, ophis, and a snake spirit from Persian mythology. Plus it sounds a lot like obsidian...

On a seemingly random but actually connected note, Althran and the Archon have been ordered. Looking forward to converting Althran up as the champ - as Nymeria's current favourite he is the only one of her guards allowed to remove his helm. Fingers crossed my finecast luck holds out with the Archon as well, though I do need to think of a way to convert a right-handed shield for him...

Lord Dan
05-01-2012, 20:13
Wow, there must be a whole lot of lovin going on in that tower. Obsidian wardens, then.

Imp of High Noon
06-01-2012, 00:33
I'm feeling Ophidian Wardens.

06-01-2012, 04:09
Very nice! It's going to be a really awesome army...

Sicarius the 2nd
06-01-2012, 13:02
And again your models and fluff amaze me, your Black guard are some of the greatest infantry I've seen on this forum, great job, licking forward to the unit champion Althran, as is Nymerias........sorry!

06-01-2012, 13:15
Very nice stuff again JD! How have you converted these?! Also I think something Obsidian based suits the Black Guard better.

07-01-2012, 07:42
I like the Obsidian Wardens myself. I like the word, Ophidian, though. Be a nice name to save for a hydra or repeater crossbow unit.

07-01-2012, 10:35
I love this blog your attention to detail is superb.

Please can you tell me how you painted the skin? plan to use it on my blood angels.



07-01-2012, 10:55
Well I'm going to be contraversial and say that I prefer The Serpent's Favoured. My reasoning is that they are her paramours and as well has here bodyguards and I don't think Wardens really brings that across.

Lord Dan
07-01-2012, 15:48
Obsidian Guard?

09-01-2012, 04:09
These are really cool. Did you try them with Cold One Knight heads?

09-01-2012, 11:12
Going to add to the confusion here:

Obsidian Phalanx
Obsidian Court
Obsidian Princes
Obsidian Host

It's going to be a fantastic unit, by the way!


10-01-2012, 10:39
Morning WarSeer

Apologies for the few days silence but had a busy old few days with work, trips to Cardiff, baby stuff and another tattoo sitting. Not had much time to work on the Black Guard, but I have undercoated and finished the metalwork on the first six and converted Althran up a bit.

@ Lord Dan & Imp - cheers for the votes fellas, I'm keeping track of them all. And Dan - yeah there is, but a highborn's gotta have a hobby right?

@ Juiceytomatoes - cheers mate, it is coming along very nicely at the moment, but the whole xmas thing has really put a dent in my output recently. Hopefully I can pick that up a bit by the end of this month.

@ Sicarius the 2nd - wow, cheers fella. I don't know about the BG being some of the best on the forum, there's some people on WarSeer that put me to shame but thanks very much :)

@ Jonahmaul - cheers bud! They are deceptively simple - Phoenix Guard bodies and arms with Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior heads and Hellion glaive-blades replacing the halberd heads.

@ EnternalVoid - Obisidian Wardens is looking more popular...

@ Daismith906 - cheers mate, I have issues when it comes to obsessively detailing the backgrounds of my units and characters... I'll pop the skin recipe up on the next post for you.

@ Student - contraversial is always good mate. I like the Serpents Favoured as well and a cunning plan in mind to combine a couple of names...

@ Dayspringer - again, cheers mate. I did look at the Cold One Knights heads, but the Kabalite Warrior heads looked more ornate and fitting for what I had in mind. There's also enough alternate heads to ensure each one has a different unique helmet. No reason why the COK heads would not work though.

@ BeatTheBeat - damn you and your confusion! I reckon it'll be a good looking unit as well, I have the same kinda feeling I had with the Emissary. Just need to sort out the paint-scheme.

So, coming back to the name of the unit. Firstly, thanks for all your input and ideas gents, its much appreciated. I think I've got something that reflects the background behind the unit as well as their role, and it seems to combine the 2 most popular ideas. I'm feeling this name more and more as well, so drum roll please.........

The Obsidian Wardens, Favoured of the Serpent

And their unit champion......

Korvai Salazen, First of the Favoured

I do love me an arrogant pointing princeling champion. I know he's carrying a draich at the moment rather than a halberd, but I really wanted to use this part and it gives me the option of using him as an alternate Hero if needed. Background wise, the draich will be a gift from Nymeria, ensorcelled to be lighter and easier to wield than normal - so basically it will count as a halberd. I tested the pose myself with a mirror and handy sword, and while it looks a little awkward from some angles, it does balance and work IRL. While I would like the draich to be a little more horizontal over his shoulder, I also had to think about his position in the unit and ranking up - the Phoenix Guard are already a bit of a pain to rank up thanks to flowing cloaks and the halberds. All in all though, I'm pleased with him. Althran is a very very nice mini anyway (always wanted one since he was released), his armour fits perfectly with the rest of the unit and the combination of the pointing arm and expression on his face really looks like he's arrogantly pointing out the next victim of his draich.

Hopefully this week I can get the first 6 Wardens painted up and sort out the standard bearer and a few more guys along with Korvai, ready to get done by the end of the month.

C&C welcome as always folks.

Cheers - Jack.

10-01-2012, 10:42
And for Daismith906:

The skin recipe differs depending on whether its a line trooper or a character. For characters, I start with a 50/50 mix of Tallarn Flesh and Elf Flesh with a small touch of Fenris Grey - this was applied in two or three thin washes. It then got a very thin glaze with watered down Fenris Grey.

After that, 50/50 mix of Tallarn and Elf, followed by highlights with increasing amounts of Skull White mixed in. With Nether, I think it was about 4 thin highlights before the final highlight of pure Skull White.

They then get 2 very very thin washes of Asurmen Blue before a final edge highlight of Skull White.

The line spears etc are a lot simpler:
50/50 Tallarn and Elf basecoat
30/30/30 Tallarn, Elf and Skull
Skull White highlight
Thin Asurmen Blue wash.

Shamelessly copied from page 10 :) - let me know how it goes mate.

11-01-2012, 00:48
Now that guy is just showing off, holding that sword so half hazardly as if he does not believe in weight. Joke aside, he does feel like something is missing. After taking a minute to look over the model a few times, reading the rest of your post, and then returning to the model. I think the feeling is two part, first that he does not look as Druchii as the rest, though part of that will be helped with the paint job. The other part I decided was his sash. Or more that something could be added to it. Perhaps get a druchii talisman hanging from it to add a bit more to the model.

That said, he does give that arrogant vibe alright.

Lord Dan
11-01-2012, 03:51
I have to disagree with EternalVoid- I love him exactly as he is. In fact I'd say he's one of the most awesome models you've converted so far.

11-01-2012, 09:08
I really like the feel of that model... Very arrogant. Great job! Now paint him.

Monsterzonk :skull:

11-01-2012, 10:24
Great conversion! Reminds me of the Black Guard illustration in the army list of the (6th?) edition army book. Which is a very good thing.

edit: And no, I wouldn't want to see more stuff added to him. Would only clutter up a beautiful model.


11-01-2012, 11:38
Good call with the name for the balck guard. Korvai Salaven looks cool, it still surprises me how much difference a hand swap can make to the character of a model.