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20-07-2011, 16:28
This is a mini version of my 3k list adapted to 2.4k

Rune lord anvil of doom, rune of spellbreaking, rune of spelleating 390pts

Thane bsb rune of stone rune of fury, rune of cleaving 140pts
Thane master rune of gromril, rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of fire 140pts

35 hw/s worriors FC 340pts running 6/6 with a character
29 longbeards gw fc 402pts running 6/5 with a character
10 thunderers 140pts
10 thunderers 140pts

30 slayers standard musician 348pts
Grudge thrower 2 rune of penetration 130pts
Cannon rune of burning and rune of reloading 105pts

Organ gun 120pts

Any comments, or tips as I am compleatly new to stunties so any constructive criticism would be welcome (the idea is to be fun whilst remaining competative).

20-07-2011, 16:52
That's pretty similar to my standard list at 2k. Artillery is good but do you really need 2 runes or penetration? Is the 40-50 points for the extra point of strength (considering whatever is under the hole is going to be wounded on 2+ at str8 unless it's a monster)?

Although I love the idea of slayers, I find mine die very quickly as my opponents see them as easy kills (no armour) so they tend to get pounded by missile fire. Are you planning on marching across the battlefield with them? I play as gunline so slayers are too much of a liability, I prefer another nice block of sturdy warriors. Maybe ironbreakers to hold your flank.

20-07-2011, 17:18
The plan is to advance slowley but surely whilst the artillery and thunderers wittle down the enemy units for the infantry to reach and to break, and use the anvil to get the charges when needed and the time is right. The runes of pen are half the points you have said (sorry dont mean to sound offensive just trying to avoid saying the actuall points cost as the mods are allways watching :shifty:). I see what you are saying about the slayers however I think im gonna give em a go still (as i got the models for cheap :D) and because there is something about naked dwarfs with mohawks that just shouts awsome to me :p, but I definatly see where you are comming from.