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21-07-2011, 01:25
hi, im going to a tourney soon ane was looking into taking my beastmen with intent to do well so i have slowly come up with a fairly good list and was wondering what people thought and what they would change.

doombull, hvy armour, Sh, gnarled hide, ramhornhelm, brass cleaver, dawnstone, gouge tusks.

wargor, bsb, hvy armour, Sh

bray shaman, AHW, level 2, power stone (shadow)

bray shaman, AHW, dispell scroll (beasts)

28 gor, AHW, FC

40 ungor, FC

tuskgor chariot x2

1327pts so far and i have some points to play around with.

i was thinking some razorgor and harpies. i could have 5 harpies with scout and if i drop a gor i can have 2 lone razorgor or maybe some ungor raiders instead of harpies?

i could also drop the gor unit to 23 (6x4 with a character) and have another substantial unit of gor (18-20ish) or razorgor making 3 reasonable blocks of infantry.

the other option i considered was slugtongue instead of the other bray shamen but his lack of lore choice means i am sacrificeing a pretty important part of the armies function of buffing and debuffing to level the playing field. however his special ability is damn good and has proved that with luck i can kill off things like cannons and bolt throwers that can threaten the doombull before the game even starts...

i also dont like that my characters are such a big points sink but there is not much i can do about that...although i may free some points to give the bsb a cheap banner (iether, flaming, dicipline or +1M as bing M6 is awesome!)

also i am not a beginner to beastmen and my style of list has proven itself to me so im not looking to create a deathstar.

22-07-2011, 17:49

What about the Beastbanner on your BSB? He doesn't have any magic items anyhow. If not, he should get some protection or he'll get singled out and killed easily. Not sold on the Doombull/Ungor combo. I'd rather have the rerolls on all 3 ranks (if a horde) then an extra attack on one rank anyday. It gives more hits out and you don't HAVE to chase anyone down that way.

22-07-2011, 22:28
having the beast banner would mean i would have to drop one of the wissards or seriously drop levels and equipment denting my capacity to do anything in the magic phase.

also the doombull doesnt go in the ungor. he runs around on his own. he attaches himself to units to bounce off magic onto the unit(infernal gateway etc.) but is capaable of being a force on his own. the ungor are there as they have proves themselves many a time as being a very stable and underestimated unit that when is buffed or the enemy is hexed can hold their own. and can be a tarpit should the situation require.

23-07-2011, 02:44
1 stat test, cannonball, bolt, no armor save attack and that dude is dead though. Models just can't really run around on their own anymore unless they can fly or don't need to be front line. That guy wouldn't scare me. Hell, I'd let him charge a block and almost always beat him on sheer combat rez.

He just won't work that well in a tourney setting. There will be LOTS of stuff that will easily take him out in any army. I'd way rather have a Beastlord for leadership or a WHOLE extra block of troops.

29-07-2011, 19:21
Your BSB should have the Beasts banner and Gnarled Hide. He'll go in your Gor unit to make them a real threat.

I suggest Harpies and single or 2x1 trains of Razorgors. You essentially have one fighty unit, a steadfast unit and a killy monster. Need more support.