View Full Version : 1000 pts Emperor's Children in 30 days

06-04-2006, 22:15
So, I have to do my Emperor's Children in 30 days for some GW store contest for 1000pts in 30 days. Here's what I have done so far... :(

Sorceror Lieutenant. Nothing special.

Some troops assembled.

I better get working. :( I'll update this often over the month as work progresses.

06-04-2006, 22:44
What's the planned colourscheme? More black, more pink, or maybe some purples?

06-04-2006, 23:32
The general black and pink/purple, but some bright greens and yellows added in.

On the blank areas, I'll paint a few subtle swirls and faces in the pink to make them stand out.

Full list of things I need to paint is:
6 Chosen + Rhino
12 Noisemarines
6 Daemonettes
6 Havocs

06-04-2006, 23:35
The colour sceme sounds brilliant I hope it works and looks as good as it sounds.

...Epoch with no stabbing or gyrating avatar, say it aint so.
*fondly remembers the piercing av*