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24-07-2011, 18:35
I really hope this is the right forum for posting one's own fluff, if not, I'm terribly sorry.

Hi Warseer, I've been a lurker for some time now and haven't really posted much, but now I finally made something that I would like to share with you all :).

I have written an army list for my High Elves in-character, so to speak, and formulated it as a letter. I think I stole the idea from someone in the Tactics forum and thought it was a great way to fluff out my army.
I am not a native english speaker, so there may be sentences that don't make sense.
Comments and criticisms warmly welcomed, I like written my own fluff and I am here to learn :)

24-07-2011, 18:40
Dear cousin,

In your last letter you requested that I send you a list of the regiments and units that make up the Expedition Force. I know that many in the court of the High Prince think ill of Lord Wavecrest’s ambitious “visions of conquest”, but I will not be swayed by such words from you. We are merely setting out to reclaim that which is rightfully ours by conquest of old.
With that out of the way, I did indeed long for you to stand by my side upon the ship prow as we neared the coast of Araby. Every warrior, from the Spear Companies to the White Lions, was brimming with excitement for the landing we were soon to make.
But cousin, oh dear cousin, it was when we had made landfall and set up the perimeter and the whole of the Warcamp that my heart truly sang with pride. Scores of tents, all in the chosen colours of the Expedition, but with dozens of different banners and heraldries stretched out before me. It was not the size of the Army that stirred me, for we have both served in greater Hosts, but the number of different regiments. Sea guard from Lothern set up their barracks on the outmost of the perimeter, while knights of Ellyrian gathered their horses behind them alongside the chariots of Tiranoc. The tents of the White Lions lay side by side with the barracks of the Swordmasters. To see such variety within a single army, that is inspiring indeed.
But I drift, you asked for the regimental list and you shall find it enclosed. If it pleases you, I would be delighted by any news you might have of our trading operations in Lothern, as well as news from the court of Tor Achre (if you can spare me from the poison of the Aldrenars, that is). Send my regards to your family.

Your cousin, Lyneth Lionmantle, Prince of Chrace

The Araby Colony Force
The Council of War:

Arcahil Wavecrest, Prince of Eataine and leader of the 1st half of the Coalition (Eataine, Saphery, Tiranoc and Nagarythe Forces).

Lyneth Lionmantle, Prince of Chrace and leader of the 2nd half of the Coalition (The Chracian Forces).

Korhil, Captain of the White Lions
With the blessing of the Seafarer, Captain Korhil has been dispatched to act as spokesman for the Phoenix King and personal bodyguard of the Princes.

The Belnodon Brothers
The Belnodon family was quick to send their support to a colony force set to Araby as the family owned more than a few estates on the coast of Araby in elder times. The brothers Talren, Aldrohir, Prynéan and Selhan have been sent, accompanied by a substantial bodyguard of Swordmasters, to reclaim their former territory.

Melthoron, Dragon Mage of Caledor
As a distant Caledorian relative of the Belnodon Family, Melthoron joined the Expedition to represent the interests of Caledor, and to satisfy his incredible lust for adventure.

The Nobility:

Aeramiel Wavecrest, son of Arcahil and Bearer of his Standard.

Emeril Wavecrest, second son of Arcahil and Captain of the Dawnlight Company.

Zerean Goldmane, son of Prince Tyneth Goldmane(Cousin of Prince Lyneth) and bearer of the Lionmantle Standard.

Ryneth Goldmane, son of Herald Goldmane and Captain of the Tor Achre 21st Bow and Spear Companies.
As an aside, your grandson is continuing to prove himself, although he harbours some distrust against certain other nobles. But he is well liked and performs his duty with perfection.

Cernien Miststrider, mysterious Mage from the Shadowlands, accompanied by Locien’s Wanderers.

Kyranor Fleetmane, Horsemaster of Ellyrion and leader of the combined units of Ellyrion and Tiranoc.

The Chracian Host:

Tor Achre 21st Spear Company
Dubbed Bloodsworn after their beloved Sentinel was slain during a Norse raid on Tor Achre.

Tor Achre 21st Bow Company
Nicknamed the Ravenfeather Guard for their frequent worship of Morai Heg.

Thanmons Honour Guard
White Lions led the Guardian Thanmon.

Annulii’s Wrath
White Lion Chariot of Chrace.

The Elite Regiments:

Galgolils Silverblades
Swordmasters of Hoeth in service of the Belnodon family.

Locien’s Wanderers
Shadow Warriors led by the Shadow-walker Locien. They joined the Expedition alongside Mage Miststrider for reasons they did not state to anyone but Lord Wavecrest, but overhearing the soldiers’ gossiping of them, the name Anar has been mentioned more than once.

Sun Lances of Caranion
Silver Helms of Ellyrion led by High Helm Caranion.

Belan’s Reavers
Reaver Knights from Ellyrion led by Harbinger Belan.

Sariour’s Justice
Chariot of Tiranoc.

The Fleet:

Dawnlight Company
A Sea Guard Company with accompanying ships and Eagle Claws from the personal fleet of Prince Arcahil, led by Sea Master Haemin.

Bloodwyrm 12th Sea Guard Company
To show his favour of the Expedition, King Finubar has sent this Company of Sea Guard with accompanying ships and Eagle Claws to help carry the Expedition to its destination