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25-07-2011, 11:48
Mage, lv2, seerstaff, lore of life

20 LSG, full command

14 SM, full command, sword of foebane (wound multi wound creatures on 2+ always)

12 WL, champion, standard

2 GE

Had to take LSG instead of Spears to get the core points over 250.

Don't know much about OK except for high T and W so any suggestions are welcome!

Abbot Fury
26-07-2011, 03:13
Nice. I'll save this and try it

26-07-2011, 14:32
Suggestion... Lore of Shadow instead of Life. I play Ogres and I've played against HE a good deal. Pit of Shades is devastating if someone brings a large unit of Ogres. Mindrazor makes your LSG deadly against Ogres.

Typically at 1k you will see an Ogre army have a General, 2 solid Ogre Blocks, and a scattering of Gnoblars. I have seen 1 bigger unit, fewer Gnoblars, and a Scraplauncher. If they take a scraplauncher your Swordmasters are in trouble. 5" template, S3 for all of it as the Hole doesn't give a higher strength hit, but it has Killing Blow. It's a Chariot and Move and Fire so it can hide and swoop out. Great Eagles are not all that great at killing it either.

On rare occasions you will find someone who will simply take 3 Bulls, as many Ironguts as they can with the Runemaw banner, and a unit of Gnoblars. Any characters they take will go in the Ironguts and it will pretty much roll over any single unit you have so the key will be magic/shooting it before it engages and trying to hit it with everything at once.

26-07-2011, 14:55
Thanks for the tips, I'll definetly check out shadow magic. I haven't played whfb since 5th ed. and I'm not to familiar with the current rules but I try to read on the forums and ofc. 8th ed. rulebook.

I'll try to check if he has a scraplauncher model and try to come up with a way to destroy it if he has one. Maybe the eagles can engage it on turn 2 and keep it occupied until all my units are in combat? I'll have to run some simulations on 2eagles vs scraplauncher...

The eagles I intend to use to slow/redirect his major block until I can clean up around it and then either avoid it entirely or possibly get a 2 or 3-way charge on it.

If the LSG where charged by his general and either a block of bulls or ironguts, do you think they would stand the first round so that the SM and WL could fold in? It's a little harder to simulate due to characters, magic items and challanges.

26-07-2011, 15:22
LSG? Depending on what he hits it with. Any significant Ogre unit will eat them alive. The army I tend to use at 1K has a Tyrant with Armour of Fortune and a GW, 2x 4 Bulls with Musician, Light Armor and IronFist, 6 IGs with Musician and the Rune Maw banner, 24 Gnoblar Fighters.

Tyrant goes into the IGs so we will assume that is the unit that hits the LSG.

First your Stand and Shoot reaction. 10 shooting with BS 4 we will say 13" range since 2d6+6" average will be 13". So 5+ with modifiers to hit, 3.333333 and 5+ to wound 1.11111 then a 5+ AS so .74 wounds. No Ogres die yet.

Impact hits, S7 for the Tyrant and S5 for the IGs. All wounding on 2+ and no AS so, 2 dead there.

18 LSG with champ is 19 attacks. Tyrant will be on one side forcing you to aim at least 1 file of attacks at him. 3 allocated to him so 4+ to hit and 6+ to wound. 1.5 then reroll so 2.25 hits and .375 wounds on him then AS of 5+ and WS of 5+ brings it to .166666.

16 attacks on IGs. 3+ to hit, 5+ to wound. 14.111111111 hits. 4.703703 wounds then 5+ AS 3.13 wounds. So 1 Dead Ogre. 3 wounds total on the unit.

Tyrant attacks 3+ to hit and 2+ to wound with his 5 attacks he will be doing 2.7777777 wounds with no saves. IGs get 15 attacks 4+ and 2+ so... 6.25 wounds no saves. Meaning 9 dead from that, 11 with the Impacts and we haven't done Stomps yet. 1 S5 and 2 S4. The S5 is 2+ and the S4 3+ for .8333333333 and 1.3333333 wounds no saves again so 2 more dead. Total of 13 dead LSG vrs 3 wounds. Banners cancel, Ogres have Charge for another +1 and a rank so are 15 vrs 3 and you have fewer ranks which means no Steadfast and -12 to your Ld test. So.... does that answer your question?

26-07-2011, 15:29
Haha thats insane! So avoid them like the plauge for the entire game unless I manage to thin them out some how?

26-07-2011, 15:55
Pretty Much. You could accept the charge with the White Lions and hope a few remain till the Sword Masters can charge in to help.

12 WLs with Champ will do.....
Impact hits are S7 and S5 so again no AS and wound on 2+. So 2 wounds there. Now you have 10. Only 2 will be "forced" to attack the 5 wound Tyrant.
2 at 4+ and then 3+ means 1 wound and he still has the 5+ WS so .666666 wounds.
9 Attacks at IGs then 3+/2+ so 8 hits and 6.666666 wounds no saves.

Tyrant strikes back, 3+/2+ no saves for a total of 2.777777 wounds. IGs get 12 attacks 4+/2+ for 4 wounds. Then we hit Stomps, 1 S5 and 2 S4 so .833333333 then 1.333333 6+ AS means 1.111111 so 1.944444444 wounds. Totaling 8 dead meaning you have 2 left. Assuming you can get some Sword Masters in to help you could be ok.

Basically no single unit can stand up to a front charge from the Tyrant+IG. Avoid them, go after my 2x2 Bull units and/or block the big unit with Eagles and shoot/magic them as much as you can then joint charge.

It's worse if your opponent bring just one HUGE block of IG, but it is easier to tie up with Eagles and avoid.