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26-07-2011, 00:19
It says under "bound monsters and your army" that bound monster characters can never join units.

Can the normal non monster characters still join units, like the truthsayer or does the monster title refer to anything in the stom book?

26-07-2011, 00:23
I can't remember where specifically but yes there is a paragraph in the book about even though they are not actually monsters(like the truthsayer or dark emissary), they still follow the not joining units bit.

26-07-2011, 00:24
Monster refers to any of the units bought with scrolls of binding (see last paragraph of page 84).

26-07-2011, 02:27
As decker says, "bound monster" refers to all the Scrolls of Binding (that is, every single unit in the SoM book).

26-07-2011, 03:10
This certainly makes the heroes much less useful, seeing as the other option is to take units and heroes from the undead/demon armies.

The vampire with forbidden lore or tzeenztch herald with full lore seem somewhat more appealling. Though estetically less appealling to me as I just don't see vampires in my lizardmen army.

26-07-2011, 03:20
In fairness the characters are all wizards, so just stick them on Fulcrums and you're set.

26-07-2011, 06:49
Yea sure, but being on a fullcrum doesn't make you invulnerable.

26-07-2011, 07:11
No, but it protects you pretty well, and personally I wouldn't spend tons of points on protection for one wizard when I could just buy more wizards with those points instead.

26-07-2011, 07:13
Putting an ethereal vampire lord on a fulcrum almost does.

26-07-2011, 07:14
Putting an ethereal vampire lord on a fulcrum almost does.
Seeing as how the main source of damage in SoM is magic I don't think that idea holds much water...

26-07-2011, 07:32
Only a few of the monsters flying around in SoM have magical attacks, and fulcrum still gives that 3+ ward save. Cutting the amount of threats on the field by half (magic+monsters->magic) is IMO quite water proof.

26-07-2011, 15:51
In my experience monsters have a decently hard time getting wizards off of fulcrums thanks to the lack of stomps and the addition of the 3+ ward save. The easiest and most reliable way in my games have been to either just cast Magical duel to toss them off, or chuck a Fireball barrage their way, and Ethereal offers no protection against that.

26-07-2011, 17:26
An ethereal slann with a plaque of protection is hard to shift even with duel...

26-07-2011, 17:38
I don't see how that in any way makes him any more resilient to Magical duel.
The hit once he drops off, sure, but that's not really the main reason you're casting Duel.

26-07-2011, 18:17
Level 4 magic user so no bonus for being higher level and Ld 9 so you need L10 to gain an advantage.

26-07-2011, 22:06
That +1 is decent, but sooner or later he's falling down when being bombarded by Magical duels.

27-07-2011, 22:18
Putting an ethereal vampire lord on a fulcrum almost does.

Not to magic missiles (say Viletide)