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26-07-2011, 20:51
Hey folks, i have a question :D

Does everyone have a 'base' for their army? I.e. certain units (with a fixed number or not) that you ALWAYS take with every list.

Reason I ask is because just about every army list I seem to make has the same base of infantry. What I take alongside them changes but the base always stays the same, whatever I do it intenionally or not I dont know :wtf:

26-07-2011, 20:56
Indeed as a tournament player in a competetive invironment I tend to take the best things I can think of.

As a lizardmen player imo these are the slann, chameleon skinks and salamanders.

I max them and build from there.

bert n ernie
26-07-2011, 23:01
Some armies have little choice but to do this, as their core choices are limited.
Personally I'm just not that keen on buying all the models required to have a huge variety of choice in my lists, even though this has occasionally meant that I'm permanently hampered by less optimal choices.

plague docter
26-07-2011, 23:51
I tend to have to largish blocks of NG (40+) with command, two fanatics and nets, a Unit of NG bowmen with 2 Fanatics and a largish unit of Black Orcs, then il will build off that, two night goblin shamans with staff of sneaky stealing, Itty Ring and SoS if I'm going up against a magic heavy army, savages and squig herds for VC and other fear creatures, ect.


The Low King
27-07-2011, 00:30

then work from there

27-07-2011, 00:44
I tend to look at what I'm allowed under tournament restrictions. For example, ETC comp 'limits' me to just 20 shades... so I start off with 20 shades. That, and a Cauldron of Blood, which is pretty much the first thing to go into a list.

So on and so forth.

27-07-2011, 02:02
Yeah I'm completely the same. As WoC it's:

Some sort of level 4
40 Marauders
20+ Warriors

Then I swap and change between trolls, ogres, knights, warshrines, spawns, giants etc
Other characters get changed every game, sometimes i take 2 lvl 2s, sometimes a BSB and throgg, sometimes a juggernaut mounted hero, but always a LVL4 lord (usually a daemon prince).

This actually gets really frustrating, though since SoM came out I've taken to using much more varied lists.

27-07-2011, 02:53
I certainly do.
It's somewhat limimted by what models I have, but it is as follows

Great Bray Shaman
Wargor BSB with Beast Banner kit out.
30 Gors with AHW
24+ Bestigors

Usually the Bestigors are at 30 as well, but if points are tight I may drop them to 24. 2 Tuskgor chariots usually make the mix as well, but aren't must haves.

27-07-2011, 12:08
Wooo glad im not the only one in this :)

Col. Dash
27-07-2011, 13:11
Yup with my gobbos anyway, minimum 2x50 spear NG, 100 NG archers with a spider banner BSB. Then I start adding other stuff.

plague docter
27-07-2011, 13:13
Yup with my gobbos anyway, minimum 2x50 spear NG, 100 NG archers with a spider banner BSB. Then I start adding other stuff.

See i cant do that due to only having 80NG with spears and 20 NG with bows.


27-07-2011, 14:14
Most of my lists are pretty similiar. As long as something is working, I have a hard time changing it unless we are going goofy. That being said I'm trying a couple new and very different (for me) lists this weekend, so we'll see how that goes.