View Full Version : VC vs Ogres! need a little advice.

26-07-2011, 21:54
I've got a game against Ogres this saturday and tbh I've never played against them and i've never read the codex. Im thinking of leaving my GG at home this time since their kb might render useless against the bigger models, maybe have 2 units of 30 ghouls each for the poison attacks. Just the main strat would be to raise spam and outnumber his "probably" small army and win by CR. As I said i've never played against them so anyone have some solid advice?

26-07-2011, 21:56
Trust me, you'll want the grave guard, but for the great weapons (with improved WS and +1 to hit banner).

Ghouls will also be fantastic, but don't skimp out and make them too small.

Ethereal can also ruin his day in a hurray.

26-07-2011, 22:01
There might be only a few of them, but unless you can protect your units with helm of commandment (lord), they will get through (at least if he plays big units of ogres, 6+). Ghouls are good, wraiths are good, if your GG have great weapons they should work as well (s6 gets pass their toughness nicely). Make sure to have vanhel's dance with you, and be prepared to spend your magic phases dispelling his numerous buffs. Fighting ironguts with 3 +1T spells and few +1str spells and regeneration is hard.

vampire lord, tooled for combat but with master of black arts
necromancer or two for vanhel's (a power stone won't be a waste)
BSB as usual
lots of ghouls
lots of wraiths

could work.

26-07-2011, 22:02
Its only a 2000 point game so I prolly wont go over 30 ghouls/unit, ok GG are in! But is there something from the ogres I should be really worried about, shooting, magic, cc?

26-07-2011, 22:03
Ogres are tough but have very little armour (Iron guts and man eaters have 5+ saves at most from memory).Ghouls and their poisoned attacks are best way to go for your core and GG for specials - ogres hit hard and like to mince expensive armoured troops like VC cavalry.
It is not recommende to mix it up with their characters in regards to your own. Ogre characters are hard to take down and hit like elephants on steroids. Even tanked up its risky for a VC lord to go head to head with a well equipped Tyrant or Bruiser so avoid them if you can.
Ogres are still a bit nerfed until they get a new book but a canny opponant can catch you off guard, watch out for a big unit with the stubborn crown , it'll cost you a lot of troops to bring it down.