View Full Version : SoMfeedback, battle feedback, WoC bsb idea

26-07-2011, 21:06
Here's a curious thought, Exalted hero, BSB, book secrets plus optional extras, stick him on a fulcrum and you've got yourself a nice BSB hub around a key objective on the field, pretty hard to kill with the ward, give him charmed shield maybe even third eye, fury would be excellent as it specfies 4++ againt wounds caused by spells in addition to MR2, so 2+ against magic missiles and 4+ normal magic wounds, might save his bacon.

On another note I played 2400+600 against vamps last night, holy hell what fun, I've not giggled like that playing warhammer in a very long time.

Turn one I used black tongue, his wizard miscasts and allows me to cast one of my spells, so naturally I unbound his dragon at which point he rolls a six and it becomes maddened and berserk in the centre of his battle line.

He then used ribaulds retroactive illusion to move a building right in front of my massive warrior unit shortly before killing my shadow wizard preventing me from moving it back.

My prince cast magma storm killing a unit of 27 skellies, then demolished Mannfred with a fireball barrage, miscasted and then turned 6 wizards into frogs all of which failed their first recovery rolls -.-'

I summoned a level 4 shadow wizard just to move the building (with him on it) and then steed of shadowed himself to the nearest fulcrum.

On a non-magic note my bound giant charged an unridden manticore, lost 3 wounds, yell and bawled and ran it down, that waas hilarious.

All in all it was immensly fun even though rank and file feels utterly redundant, it was all monsters and wizards, but they happen to be my wo favourite things in warhammer so it's all fun.

My thoughts overall are that SoM isn't a game to be taken seriously, which is a breath of fresh air for my bunch as we're all a load of competitive sods. The windcatcher prism on a 40 man warrior unit sounds fun, but when they never make combat it feels wasted, after seeing what fun miscasts ca provide I may take the weighted dice and turn 1's to 6's just to see wizards blow up and monsters go mental. The whole thing feels ridiculous, from the 250 point magic items to the insane things one can do with spells (not just the uber spells everyone keeps talking about) and the excuse to take units that wouldn't ordinarily fit in what is, for me, a competitive environment, oh and the monsters are excellent fun!

I've also made 8 scrolls, one for each lore of magic, which are the objectives for my clubs summer campaign, it's a simple premise as even the least complex of campaigns tends to have people scratching their heads like trolls and wandering off (that's not to say their lacking in the intelligence department, but sometimes doing "group projects" feels like herding cats). The idea being until all the scrolls have been claimed, each game will have an objective in the form of one scroll, once they have all been claimed winners recieve any and all scrolls their opponent had, by the end of the summer whoever holds the most scrolls is the winner, hurrah!!

So there's my 2 cents on SoM and my first experience, have a nice day =]