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27-07-2011, 11:38
Hello all

There seems to be a lack of SoM reports on here so I thought I could encourage you all by posting my first.

My opponent was a regular player down the local GW that I have played quite a lot now so both of our armies were familiar to each other.

I played him last week using lore of fire but it wasnt really fair on him as both his mages were blasted by turn 3 by fireball barrage. I agreed to swap to lore of life instead.


Arch lector w aomi, vhs, dawnstone & great weapon(w greatswords)
lvl 4 life wizard w seal of destruction (regrowth, dwellers, awakening, shield of thorns)
lvl 2 Death wizard w rod of power(soulblight, bjuna)
BSB w razor standard & plate(w halberdiers)
2x Warrior priest w heavy armour, shield & great weapon(1 w swords, 1 w halberdiers)
40 swordsmen w FC
30 Halberdiers w FC
10 Handgunners
29 Greatswords w FC
2x Mortar
1x Cannon
Fire Dragon
Windcatcher prism (arch lector had this)
Great eagle

High elves (bit sketchy)

lvl 4 Shadow mage(ethereal)
Lvl 2 High mage(scroll)
BSB w flaming banner
50 Sea guard w spears, bows & shields
20 White lions
20 Swordmasters


Fulcrums were set up 1 per quarter pretty much 26-28" away from each other. My lvl 4 was far left opposite his level 4, my level 2 far right opposite his lvl 2.
He deployed his sea guard in front of the lvl 4s fulcrum and his white lions and swordmasters in front of his lvl 2. I put my halberdiers in front of the lvl 2 and swordsmen to the left of it. My greatswords deployed in a forest in front of the lvl 4. It turned out to be a venom thicket(dangerous terrain tests for me, hooray...). My handgunners were to the right of them. The cannon & mortar deployed to the far left and my other mortar far right. Dragon deployed 6" from the lvl 4 fulcrum guarding his master :)

He got first turn

High Elves Turn 1

He moved his sea guard forward a bit. His manticore failed frenzy test and failed charged my halberds. This made him shuffle forward 4". His Chimera flew to the flank of my greatswords(breath weapon incoming :S) and he moved his swordsmasters & white lions up a bit.

Magic he got a few dice, I got more though(+4 dispel dice is sickening!). He miasmad my greatswords and then tried pit of shades,I seal of destructioned it and it went away for the game. His unbind monster caused my dragon to frenzy. I shut down everything else. Saved 1 dice in the rod.

Shooting he killed 8 Greatswords with the breath and 1 more with bows. I promptly failed my LD9 panic and ran. Dangerous terrain killed a couple more.

Empire Turn 1

So not a great start, my elite combat unit of doom running away. I started by failing my frenzy test on my dragon(ld 8 w rerolls...) so my dragon charge the chimera in the flank. The halberdiers ran towards the forest in front of them(turned out to be normal). The swords shuffled forwards. Greatswords rallied and turned back around. Eagle flew behind a building to try to take out the lvl 2 mage.

Magic I got lots of dice and Death in acendancy. I failed pretty much all the spells I attempted except shield of thorns on the dragon which did a wound to the chimera. I saved 3 power dice in the rod

Shooting I got a direct hit on his white lions but managed 4 out of 20 wounds...hooray..it killed all 4 though. The other mortar missed the sea guard and scattered onto the mage who didnt get hurt(damn ethereal!). The cannon missed his Manticore and my handgunners did a wound to it.

Combat was one sided afair with my dragon eating the Chimera before he got to attack, nom nom nom.

High elves turn 2
He declared a charge with his manticore who landed in the woods, failed his difficult terrain and died(epic flail). His swords and lions both managed to get in with my halberds though(gulp!). Sea guard shuffled forward some more.

Magic he got Shadow in acendancy. I still had more dispel dice with the addition of the rod of power(this thing is awesome in storm!). He managed to fluff spells and I dispelled alot so I dont think anything got cast. I grabbed 3 more dice for the rod.

Shooting his arrows did 2 wounds to the dragon.....

Combat he all but wiped out my halberdiers before I got a chance to strike back. I killed about 4 Swordmasters and 3 White lions but ran and he cut me down. Swords reformed and his lions overran towards the fulcrum.

Empire turn 2

Charged my dragon into the sea guard and his stand and shoot did a wound to it. My greatswords moved a bit right. Swords reformed to face his Swordmasters. Eagle flew behind the fulcrum his lvl 2 was on.

Magic I failed to do much, life wizard tried to do regrowth on dragon but got dispelled, then rolled a double 1 when attempting Gardeners warcry. Death mage cast soulblight on Swordmasters and choking foe on Lions(not realising that stubborn meant he didnt have -3 to leadership). His test killed 1 white lion, i got a power dice and stored it.

Shooting was the worst I have ever had, both my mortars misfired and died. And my cannon hit 3 Swordmasters and I rolled a triple 1 to wound. Handgunners missed everything.

Combat was a disaster. Sea guard caused 4 wounds on the dragon so I had 4 3+ to make. 3 wounds left on the dragon. I failed 3 saves and the dragon died...

All in all a pretty awful turn!

High elves turn 3

So not looking good for me at the moment. His Swordmasters charged the Swordsmen and his white lions charge the level 2 on his fulcrum.

Magic was pants for him again. I dispelled everything he attempted except miasma on the greatswords and he got rid of choking foe. I stored 2 dice

Shooting he did a wound to my lvl 4 with flaming arrows.

Combat he killed 5 swordsmen and did a wound to the priest. I all but wiped him out in return. He ran, I reformed to face the white lions.
White lions beat up my mage and did a wound, he failed his ld and ran(but not off the board).

Empire turn 3

Swords charged his white lions. I rallied my death mage. My handgunners moved out of the way of the greatswords who shuffled forward. Eagle charged the lvl 2 on fulcrum.

Magic I got life in acendancy. I got shield of thorns on my swordsmen. Soulblight on the White lions and then dwellers below on his Sea guard which killed 23. They passed the panic. I tried regrowth on 3 dice and got a triple 1....I did soulfire on his white lions and killed 6! and shield of thorns killed another 3. I stored 2 more dice

Shooting my cannon killed a couple of sea guard.

Combat my eagle did nothing. My swords lost a couple to the 1 remaining white lion and slew him in return. They reformed to face forward.

High elves turn 4

No movement(except the swordmasters running away more never to return)

Magic he got 20 power dice to my 18 dispel dice. He caused the first miscast of the game and lost 1 dice. The fulcrum miscast caused all the mages to turn into frogs. Ribbit. He did however before this managed to cast unbind monster on my eagle and...give it frenzy! And also miasma on the greatswords.

Shooting, he tried to shoot my now reptilian looking lvl 4 but I saved all the wounds with the 3+ ward.

Empire turn 4

I moved my greatswords forward more. My frog wizard bounced forward 2" towards his fulcrum. My swordsmen ran full speed ahead to the lvl 2 fulcrum.

Magic my lvl 4 turned back and so did his. both our lvl 2s remained slimey.

Shooting my cannon killed 1 more sea guard.

Eagle vs frog in combat shouldve meant I smushed him but apparantly the great eagle is a pacifist and caused no wounds...to a frog....

High elves turn 5

No movement to speak of so straight to magic. His lvl 2 turned back and he got shadow acendancy. He moved his fulcrum which he was standing on 24" to the left and then did a magical duel with the lvl 4. He won so my mage was knocked off his perch but not wounded. Rest of magic was fruitless for him except again miasma on the greatswords!

Shooting did a couple of kills on the Greatswords.

Empire turn 5

Swordsmen moved up. My Greatswords attempted a charge(they were movement 1 so i figured I would go further with a failed charge) he killed a couple of greatswords and I moved 5" My death mage jumped back on the fulcrum.

Magic I cast dwellers below on the lvl 4 and he got eaten. Then I cast storm of renewal getting 5 Greatwords back.

Combat my eagle finally did a wound to the lvl 2 but he passed the ld test.

High elves turn 6

He did some magic. My storm of renewal gave him 8 Sea Guard. not much happened. Shooting killed 8(yes 8) greatswords.

Empire turn 6
Swords charged fulcrum, Greatswords charged the sea guard. Stand and shoot killed all but 2 Greatswords and I obviously failed panic and ran. My lvl 4 jumped on the fulcrum giving me 2-1 in terms of fulcrums. Not wanting to risk my mages self destructing I decided to throw all my dice at soulfire. which was safely dispelled. My storm of renewal gave him another 7 sea guard!

Combat I yet again failed to cause a wound.

The game ended with me 2 fulcrums to the high elves 1.


It was a closer game this time(last time I had killed everything by turn 3!).
I made a mistake with the halberdiers getting double charged and my greatswords had a REALLY bad day in the office!

We both had our moments of bad luck(especially my turn 2!) but it was pretty even right until the end.

On a final note. ROD OF POWER IS AWESOME!!!! all those extra dispel/power dice is really handy in storm of magic and i will definately take it in future games.

27-07-2011, 12:50
Nice Report. Thanks for doing it. I thought if you fail a dangerous terrain test you take a wound not die outright. Did the Manticore only have a single wound left?


27-07-2011, 13:04
Nah, it had 3 but you take D6 if you fail and your a monster iirc. We did look at the BRB at the time to confirm it. It was very unfortunate for him!

27-07-2011, 16:04
Nice to see Monsters duking it out and magic not nuking everything in sight, but I guess your rod o power helped with that.
Still not a fan of storm o magic though.
It would be nice in regular games if mages did get into magic duels.

27-07-2011, 18:15
Yeah, as an empire player I find it annoying since my mage lord is Ld 8. So in a magic duel he usually loses.

But then the magic duel actually won me the game above as he did it and occupied my fulcrum making him in range for a low level dwellers.

Gabacho Mk.II
28-07-2011, 07:26
Nice to see Monsters duking it out and magic not nuking everything in sight, but I guess your rod o power helped with that.
Still not a fan of storm o magic though.
It would be nice in regular games if mages did get into magic duels.

You pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. Well done. :)

And add to that BOTH of the High Elf monsters were dead by the middle of Round 2, and a Dragon flying around spitting/slicing death.... not a good match vs. High Elves.

28-07-2011, 10:12
you forget my dragon got killed before it could even strike against an elf. Sure it ate a chimera but that was expected.

29-07-2011, 16:30
I thought stubborn just meant it couldn't take modifiers to its leadership for losing combat? So basically against all the armies Doom and Darkness would be useful against (gobbos, skaven, ect) theyre always gonna be steadfast and therefore useless?

29-07-2011, 21:55
nah apparantly if they have the Stubborn special rule on their profile then they dont take modifiers. Steadfast etc only counts stubborn in combat i believe.

01-08-2011, 12:35
Nah, it had 3 but you take D6 if you fail and your a monster iirc. We did look at the BRB at the time to confirm it. It was very unfortunate for him!
You must have misread the rulebook there - chariots take D6 wounds, but everything else only takes a single wound (p. 117).

nah apparantly if they have the Stubborn special rule on their profile then they dont take modifiers. Steadfast etc only counts stubborn in combat i believe.
Other way round - Stubborn units count as always being Steadfast in combat, regardless of ranks. So it has no effect outside of combat, and the unit should take Ld modifiers.

Certainly interesting seing a Storm of Magic report - looks like quite a giggle.

01-08-2011, 13:18
hmmm that is strange, pretty sure we double checked it. Oh well. It wouldve died to my halberdiers anyways :P

Storm of Magic is indeed a good laugh. Games take a while to play because it requires so much more thought to what you do. Especially in the magic phase where you have 900million spells to choose from!