View Full Version : 2000 points empire vs high elves

27-07-2011, 14:30

first of all if it's the wrong place, feel free to move it :-S

I have a game sunday against my mate's high elves.

I was wondering wich units/magic items/magic lore I should use against him?

I can't give any details about his army as he has everything, but I can give my own (painted) units.

General on barded steed
General on foot
Priest on foot
Luthor Huss

20 spearmen
20 swordsmen
10 archers
8 knights with lances
8 knights with lances (hopefully finished by then)
10 handgunners with Hochland long rifle

10 greatswords
5 pistoliers with repeater pistol

helllaster volley gun
steam tank

BUT... i have a new unpainted cockatrice that I really wanna use as a general on griffon or as Karl Franz on Deathclaw.

So, what can you advise me? :-)