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28-07-2011, 00:18
are they worth their points or not worth taking?

i'm contemplating sticking a unit of them(with mounted vampire) in my Empire army with Storm of Magic but i may change this for something better, if they're not worth taking

Jolly Puggles
28-07-2011, 00:29
Bloodknights are a very heavy hitting unit, certainly. Three S:7 attacks on the charge each and a 2+ armour save is very tasty, not to mention a beast of a ride. However, for the points you pay, you're only getting a 1 Wound model. Anything that bypasses or marginalises armour saves will cut through them like a chainsaw through soft cheese. This makes them vulnerable and a heavy point-sink if it goes pear-shaped. To a certain kind of opponent that makes them a target. Personally I would avoid them, but they can be a game winner.

28-07-2011, 01:12
so something of a glasshammer when they get around anything that bypasses armour but otherwise they're prettymuch monsterous beasts in combat overall?

i know the one wound is pretty weak, but from most people i've talked to, they seem to shred face on just about anything they touch, this might just be local crap-talk from the vamp guys at my LGS though, so i'm still not sure

28-07-2011, 01:36
You will lose more games fielding them than you will win.

They have a lovely stat line, but very much one hit wonders. In 7th they were great, as they would wipe out the enemy front rank, usually take no casualties in return and break the enemy through combat res and fear. They are still effective units but just to much of a risk and draw away points from GG/ghoul units that can win you the game.

With most armies fielding hordes and steadfast, are you really going to throw your uber VAMPIRE knights at unit they can't break and watch them crumble due to loss of combat??? no thanks.

28-07-2011, 01:36
I love em'. Like earlier stated, avoid high strength units and you wreck shop. You'll tear up anything S4 or lower. I like the flaming banner on them, then going Abomb or treeman hunting. Also, if you can get the drop on other heavy cave, you'll blow through them like they aren't there.

28-07-2011, 01:49
They are fun but aren't the best choice. They are something that is a reasonable choice in a VC list (of which there aren't many). The other big problem they have is you really start dumping points into them to protect them. Banners, Characters, etc. Which in turn focuses your opponents attention on them. Though that is generally the only way you see them played these days is a huge bus of them with characters to give 4+ ward against all ranged attacks, some mr, bsb w/ draken, another vamp or v lord w/ blood drinker.

Looking for the "cheapest" effective build? 5 BK's;Std, Strigos, Vamp; DK, Blood Drinker. It still isn't very cheap. And I can think of better ways to spend those points. Especially in an Empire army.

28-07-2011, 07:59
take a unit of 4 with a musician and the fire banner and go monster/heavy cav hunting.
if you bought a box of them use the champion as a hero lvl vamp. whatever you don don't charge gw infantry unless you can kill them all on the charge

28-07-2011, 08:37
Agree with everything so far. However, I play Vampire Counts on the regular basis. However, I won't talk about how I use them in a Vampire Counts army when what you are really looking for is what to use in a SoM Empire Army. Your pact with the Vampires is a nice choice, but beware losing the Vampire that holds them. Vampires have an impressive stat line, period. Even the hero, 100 point cost, is a better combatant than anything the Empire can offer. Depending on what points your playing, here is free advice. Its better to tool up a Vampire hero up to 200 points and make him able to do the job, then spend 205 and have no protection and less tools for a better stat line. So that said, just go with your wonderful hero. UNLESS - you just want to bring an awesome Lord, to handle your Fulcrums. In 2000 points Id play a Vampire (hero), Amulet of Preservation, Infinite Hatred, Summon Ghouls, Charmed Shield - and then spend all the points you can in GHOULS =] Unfortunately, the before mentioned build is just to make him last. Dont throw him and his unit against a unit of tree kin or something like Ogres-:chrome:Ouch. If you want to Hold a fulcrum - Vampire Lord LV3, Forbidden Lore, Master of the Black Arts, Flayed Hauberk. That build is basic, plenty of points to play with and experiment with.

28-07-2011, 08:53
I swear by BKs. They can break most units from the front, and clean up on a flank. A beast vampire with blood drinker works wonders with them.

01-08-2011, 22:49
They can be great, but glass hammer seems appropriate. As stated earlier, any warmachine or spell that let's them ignore the armor is several dead Blood Knights. They will also suffer badly against certain spells that reduce their toughness, so watch the magic phase.

I would probably spend the points elsewhere, but if you try it, tell us how it went.

01-08-2011, 23:57
i'm leaning most likely towards going with something else, i still have to think of what i wanna go with now, those Terrorgheists are looking mighty appealing but i'm still unsure on what choices i want to go with yet, any advice from my fellow Warseerites on what would compliment an Empire army best

02-08-2011, 00:14
I'd say go for them. A smallish unit with Strigoi Banner will still rip face, and you can keep them alive with a nearby Vampire casting Invocation on them. Or go all out and have them with a Vampire Lord with Blood Drinker and a Drakenhof BSB and watch them become practically unkillable.

03-08-2011, 21:22
The problem with Bloodknights is infantry can kill them fairly fast, especially S4/5 Infantry with Hatred (so Gors) in as fast as one round of combat.

There are enough hexes/augments out there there nullify the unit's abilities. Soulblight will knock them down to S4 for example and since their enemy will likely be testing on Steadfast the Bloodknights will just die.

In the flank is where they shine as you'll only have so many models attacking you back.

04-08-2011, 04:37
They are really good if you build your army around them, which is what I have done for over a year now (most recently went 3-2 in a no-comp tourny with them). When I say build the army around them, that means spare no expense and put what would normally go elsewhere in the unit. The way I run my Blood Knights is that I have the block of Blood Knights and supporting characters, and the rest of my army. I had good success running them largely autonomously from each other as the Blood Knights will cut through anything pretty much and the rest of the army can support itself. I ran had the following build at 2500:

Blood Knights x8 w/ Musician and Royal Standard of Strigos
Vampire Lord w/ Blood Drinker, Dread Knight, Forbidden Lore (Light)
Vampire w/ BSB, Dread Knight, The Drakenhof Banner

Let me tell you, I have never faced a unit that could stand up to a charging unit of Blood Knights with all the Light buffs on them. They just hit too hard. I actually like having them 6 wide, so 9-10 knights is a better choice, however I wanted the rest of my army to stand up on its own so I didn't go all out. I highly recommend not putting your general in there as your opponent has to choose between going after the general or gunning for the Blood Knights. Putting the general in there just makes the choice easy for them, something you never want a gunline to have.

The biggest threats to me have been all Khorne daemons, gun lines (flaming cannons FTL), and armies with serious amounts of tiny units that are fast enough to redirect the Blood Knights away from where you want to go. Having the lord with Forbidden Lore (Vampires) is also a strong choice because vanhel's is amazing to have on them, often allowing you to get past redirectors into the units they are protecting. Being able to summon spirit hosts to support the BKs is also very handy. In the last two GTs I have taken my VC to I lost to Khorne Daemons (I didn't play it great and it is a tough matchup for us), Dwarves (I really think I could have won but I made a huge gamble in my game strategy and it blew up in my face on turn 6), Empire (the gunline was too much and my general failed her los at a crucial time, taking a cannonball to the face), and Bretonians (it was a quirky scenario based on objectives and I was told I had to go first because he prayed, something I would never have chosen willingly as a long-time 40k player which allowed him to win on the last turn).

I have never tried just small units of them. I don't think you will get the most out of them that way, but I know of people who play that way and it works for them. For storm of magic, I really don't think you can expect what you are hoping for by taking them. Load up on ghouls for tough front line troops that you can keep raising or build as nasty of a vampire lord and a vampire as you can take to put on fulcroms. A pair of combat vampires will go a long way to shoring up any weakness your mages might bring to the table far more than a small unit of blood knights.

04-08-2011, 19:49
yeah, i'm thinking since most likely i will be using mostly mages as heroes for my Empire side of the force, i'm leaning towards combat-monster vampires, 2 of them, maybe 3-4 if i can somehow pull it off, all of them with Forbidden Lore(Beasts) to give them Savage Beast to really make them blenders in combat, probably make them all flying since you cant put them into your main army's unit :( so i can have them fly in and start shredding, have them fun as flankers, stuff like that

assuming this is a decent plan?

04-08-2011, 20:07
I've noticed they rock when you tone them down. 4 man full command, with bsb and stragoi banner and flaming banner. They are few enough points where if are focused on, that means the rest of your army is ignored to do damage. Another trick I've leared is pair them with a unit of dogs and a nike von carstin and the batman cape. Put nike on the side where he would be most likely flanked to make sure he gets hit my max 3 people. This can be a screening unit that takes out redirectors and protects from some fire. If they ignore them, use them as a flank force to remove stead fast from what your blood knights are hitting. I took out dwarf long beards with this combined charge.