View Full Version : SoM pact for my 2250 Brets help needed

29-07-2011, 19:01
More for coolness than actual effectiveness... I don't have a VC book or any book except SoM atm so there might be some issues with point costs... Reason for this is that I'm abroad and just got the SoM ;)

Necromancer @155pts
Raise Dead and Invocation of Nehek
Scepter of Noirot
Corpse Cart.

20 Zombies @80pts

2 Cairn Wraiths with Banshee @175

Now I need a Vampire for 152,5pts... My original plan was to give him ethereal and MR to babysit Fulcrums but then I remebered he can't take items when Ethereal so now I don't know :( Any suggestions?

Chaos Undecided
29-07-2011, 19:19
You've noted down your zombie cost incorrectly but I do wonder what you see a unit of zombies adding to your force, you seem to plan on the necro summoning a huge horde of them but being such poor fighters not sure what you expect them to achieve?

Just a suggestion but you could take a Vampire with Ghoulkin and summon ghouls with a unit of 29 ghouls plus your 2 Wraiths plus Banshee within the same pact limit and have a unit that better compliments your army imo.

29-07-2011, 19:29
Oh right the zombies are 80pts I wrote it down right on paperbut for some reason typed 40 when posting the list xD Still the same amount of points for the Vamp though. I picked zombies because I don't like Ghouls(the models, rules... Everything) Zombies are cool ;)

Nope don't want Ghouls ;)

I'm not sure if I want her magey or just kinda tanky so that she can hold Fulcrums :S

Would Beguile be a good idea? What with the only one model can assault the fulcrum rule?

29-07-2011, 19:50
Now that I think about it Zombies could make a decent block to hold things up for my knights, I don't really care about Zombir casualties if it gets me a flank and Brets don't crumble :3

I was thinking maybe ehm what's it called... nightshroud? The ASL armour? Avatar of death(GW) and Beguile? Sound decent?

Also the thougHt of the Corpse Cart rolling up the... Eternity stairs? Is someyhing that make me giggle a lot xD

Von Wibble
30-07-2011, 10:16
Avatar of Death, Beguile and Nightshroud together comes to 65 points, but you are only allowed 50 so that won't work.

With not being able to join a unit, any role other than holding a home fulcrum seems suicidal, so I think ethereal is a decent shout. You could just boost your magic instead as an alternative, eg Forbidden Lore + Black Periapt.

30-07-2011, 18:59
Aren't vampiric powers taken from a separet allowance?

30-07-2011, 22:47
Aren't vampiric powers taken from a separet allowance?

Yeah. 50pts magic items, 50pts vampiric powers. Double on both for vampire lords.

Von Wibble
31-07-2011, 11:27
Aren't vampiric powers taken from a separet allowance?

Yes, but you only have 152 points to spend according to the OP, and a vampire comes to 100 naked. So you actualy have a total of 50 anyway.